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Wonder egg priority rika Kawai serves as a key protagonist in the game Wonder Egg Priority. Even when surrounded by people she has just met for the first time, she is the kind of young lady who does not hold back from letting others know how she truly feels. In this article, we will discuss more wonder egg priority rika.


Wonder egg priority rika’s hair is coloured blonde, and a single pinstripe runs through it. Her brows and roots are brown, which leads one to believe that her hair is also brown. She pairs her light blue pants with a bright red jacket that has patches and sleeves in a dark purple colour. Her black sneakers and belt look great with her all-black outfit, including a black shirt that she wears under her jacket. Rika accessorizes her look with a black necklace as well.


Rika initially reveals an unlikeable and abrupt part of her personality, but as the story progresses, she transforms into a person who is extroverted and compelling among the other three protagonists. On the surface, she also appears humorous and lighthearted. She wears a confident and brazen mask in public, and the more profound sentiments of guilt; self-hatred, regret, and grief that she experiences are only shown when she is alone.

Sometimes, if someone asks a question that Ai does not want to answer, she will just ignore them, as seen in Ai’s first encounter with Rika and later when Ai asks Rika about her scars. Rika has a reputation for being rather harsh and impolite at times, but she is generally conscious of this trait and employs it as a shield to cover her profound feelings of self-loathing and despair.

Rika’s mother is someone she detests, and because her father abandoned the family when Rika was little, she is forced to live with her. She believes that if she could locate her biological father, it would make her happier. This is because she does not view her mother as a good parent figure. Rika’s mother is depicted frequently consuming alcohol anytime she is shown on film, which is hardly the most positive example for her young daughter.

When wonder egg priority rika asked her mother about her father, her mother responded that she did not know exactly who the father was. However, Rika believes that her mother does know who the father is and is lying because she wants to keep Rika from experiencing any happiness in her life.  Rika despises her mother because she “makes her feel like a mistake and wasn’t supposed to be born.”This is the reason why Rika hates her mother.

Rika has a condescending attitude toward her mother and is frequently heard ridiculing and berating her. Rika claims that her mother views her as a “tragic heroine with a persecution complex” and that Rika’s mother is a “pathetic” parent who has given in to drinking in self-pity. Rika also claims that her mother looks down on Rika’s mother because Rika’s mother has given in to drinking in self-pity.

Rika’s mother has a severe drinking problem because her daughter despises her, and she is powerless to change her daughter’s opinion of her. If she informed Rika who the father was—if she knew—she’d be disappointed when she met him because Rika’s father left the family and doesn’t want anything to do with her.  If she told Rika who the father is, then Rika would be let down when she met him in real life.

Several guys have taken advantage of her, and one of them is responsible for her becoming pregnant with Rika, who afterwards abandoned her. The realization that Rika, along with everyone else in her life, will eventually give up on her also contributes to her depression. She has no one to talk to, bringing her to the edge of hopelessness.

Rika can only recall the sound of her father’s voice because he left so soon after she was born. She cannot remember her father’s face. The only thing that Rika can recall her father saying is, “A lovely girl doesn’t need a wallet because someone else will always pay for her.”

She bases her entire existence on this single goal: to preserve her relationship with her father. As a result, she has a minimal, surface-level perspective on life. She frequently tells herself this to reassure herself that she is happy with herself and her life. Chiemi was called fat, ugly, and sweaty even after she passed away; however, after Chiemi passed away, she used this as a justification for her impulsive and harmful actions.

She is quick to pass judgment on others and utter scathing remarks about them based solely on how they present themselves. Chiemi was called fat, ugly, and sweaty even after she passed away. She has a habit of saying things she doesn’t mean to conceal how she feels, and despite her harsh demeanour, she is, at her core, a kind person.

When Rika first meets Ai, she brazenly begs her for money to spend on eggs, and she refers to Chiemi as a “wallet” that she has lost. Chiemi is currently missing. On the other hand, this is demonstrated not to be the case. She is arrogant and judgmental, lacks boundaries, and gives off the impression that she has a superiority complex; however, after concluding that her father is the weak link in the family, she becomes more compassionate.

Rika seems to have issues with her mental health, and she has admitted to engaging in self-inflicted harm until relatively recently, despite the fact that she claims to have ceased doing so now. Despite everything that has taken place, she continues to struggle against her suicidal tendencies and tries to enjoy her life.

Past of wonder egg priority rika:

Rika was a junior idol in the past, and she was a member of a group known as All-Out Kiss, which was an underground idol group. Rika became acquainted with a young lady named Chiemi while still a group member. Chiemi attended every handshake event the organization hosted and was willing to pay significant sums of money to be at the front of the line for Rika on multiple occasions.

Chiemi had been selling all of the items she had stolen to afford All-Out Kiss’ activities, which Rika realized when she saw Chiemi shoplifting one day and realized that Chiemi had been selling all of the products that she had taken. In addition, she would use the other income she had acquired from her thievery to purchase items for Rika.

Chiemi was shocked by wonder egg priority rika’s harsh words, saying, “She didn’t want to be seen with a “fatty” anyway.” Rika was disgusted that her fan could do such a thing, and she did not want to receive any more of her money, so she told Chiemi that she would never befriend a fan. Rika was also upset that her fan could do such a thing. After that, she warned Chiemi to “never come back” to the group’s activities.

Wonder egg priority rika did not mean for anything negative to occur, and she did not believe that Chiemi would take the sentiments expressed in these words to heart. After that, Rika found out via another fan that Chiemi had passed away, most likely due to self-harm. Rika discovered that Chiemi had starved herself to death because of her harsh comments when she attended her funeral.

After Chiemi passed away, Rika blamed herself for what had occurred and began to self-harm by cutting herself as a manifestation of her shame and self-loathing. It is strongly hinted that this event was the catalyst for Rika to give up her career as an idol, even though she claims she left the group because the other members were “too ugly.” Rika is attempting to hide the truth behind it.

Rika frequently scowls at the statue of Chiemi, remarking that the statue’s “palms are so oily” and that the statue appears to be “ugly and obese.” She once questioned whether or not it was immoral to bring someone back to life after they had committed suicide. She goes so far as to remind Ai, Momoe, and Neiru that they should not put their lives in danger to save someone else when they were in no way responsible for the situation.

Despite this, wonder egg priority rika is shown to bear complete responsibility for Chiemi’s passing, and it is revealed that this is an older, more naive and shallow side of her that is attempting to rationalize her actions while remaining in a state of denial. Rika now fights for the rights of the Egg People so that Chiemi won’t have to.

Abilities of wonder egg priority rika:


Rika carries two blades, each resembling a cross between a pair of scissors and a box cutter (likely related to her harm issues). Both blades can be used generally as swords, but due to their crooked and angled design, they can also be employed as solid boomerangs. When the two blades intersect, they have the potential to operate as a shield.


Rika wields a pomander. The egg will eventually hatch into a reptilian creature that resembles a tortoise. She has decided to call this Mannen.


  • The name Rika is represented in katakana Rika surname Kawai is a Japanese word that can also mean “well, mine shaft, or pit.”
  • Whenever she introduces herself, she frequently uses her surname as a pun on the word “kawaii,” which translates to “cute.”