An Explanation of the Wonder Egg Priority System and wonder egg priority manga!

Wonder egg priority manga episode that will conclude the series and disclose the “real” finale. The show will last for one hour. On Tuesday, June 29th, it had its debut on Japanese television, and it is now available for viewing on several other websites, including Funimation. In this piece, we will present you with information that is both exhaustive and specific with regard to the wonder egg priority manga.

First twelve episodes of the show:

The first twenty-five minutes of the special are devoted to a review of everything that went down in the first twelve episodes of the show. In it, Acca and Ura-history Acca, as well as the experiences the girls had while gathering eggs, are summed up for the reader. At the end of the review, we see what we saw in episode 12 when Ai fought her final battle and protected her alternate self in her dream.

Following her defeat at the hands of Frill’s monster Kirara, Ai’s alternate self decides to give up her blue eye so that Ai can complete the task. Because they have completed their tasks, she, Momo Sawaki, and Rika Kawai have decided to stop gathering eggs. Even though Ai successfully revives her friend Koito, Koito does not appear to have any recollection of Ai at all.

Ai finds out that Chiemi, who used to be Rika’s number one fan but has since switched to being a fan of another idol named Makorin, has also forgotten who Rika is. Haruka, a friend of Momo Sawaki’s who used to be in love with her but has now lost those feelings and is now dating a male senior in the school, has also moved on.

Why did everyone who was friends with Ai, Rika, and Momo lose their memories? This is because removing eggs from a nest does not bring the creature back to life; instead, it produces a copy of the creature that does not age and does not perish. It is likely that the original versions of their companions are still there someplace in the dream world, similar to how Ai’s alternative self, who committed suicide, was located in the dream world.

What took place with Neiru?

Neiru also succeeded in completing her task, resulting in her twin sister Airu, younger than Neiru, being brought back to life. At first, Ai mistook Airu for Neiru. Kotobuki Awano is brought back to life and has no recollection of her death. Neiru, on the other hand, has yet to return from the dream realm, unlike the other heroines. When Kotobuki plays a film for the girls depicting Neiru’s most recent dream, we learn the reason why.

The fact that Neiru Aonuma was manufactured in a laboratory is something that we previously knew thanks to wonder egg priority manga. Throughout the series, she demonstrates care for behaving in a more “human” manner, similar to the individuals around her. Frill takes advantage of this fact and appears to Neiru in her most recent dream. Using her powers of manipulation, Frill convinces Neiru to remain in the dream world so that she can teach her how to be human.

Neiru is currently disoriented and wandering in the dream world. Rika decides that she will not put her life in danger for an artificial intelligence if she discovers that her companion is one. Ai, too, doesn’t do anything right away; instead, she moves to a different school and progressively becomes more distant from her wonder egg priority manga buddies.

Then, on a particular day, Ai gives in to her impulses and dashes off to Acca and Ura-Acca in search of additional eggs. Ai has decided to fight even though she is aware that her odds of success are low and that she still wants to try to save Neiru.

What really took place in Koito?

Wonder egg priority manga does not respond satisfactorily to all of the game’s inquiries. Following the event, she went to the edge of the rooftop at her school and announced that she would jump. Mr Sawaki attempted to save her, but she continued to scream that he had raped her, and she eventually committed herself.

It is never made apparent whether or not this claim is real; based on what we have seen in the program, Mr Sawaki does not appear to be the type of man who would assault his pupil, but Koito also does not appear to be the type of girl who would lie about such a thing. Ultimately, we cannot determine whether Mr Sawaki was at least partially responsible for her passing. Another question that hasn’t been answered is: what link does Frill have with the suicides of teenage girls? How exactly does she bring about their demise?

There is a notion that suggests she gained an advantage by clandestinely accessing the studies of her founders while they still trusted her and using the material to her advantage. By meddling with Acca and Ura-job, Acca’s Frill most likely seeks the attention of Acca and Ura-Acca, who have abandoned her. She wants to be the only one significant to them, and in order to achieve this goal, she is determined to eliminate anyone and everyone who stands in her way. This might be because she had an unusual upbringing or because there were some flaws in her original design.


The conclusion of the wonder egg priority manga one-hour special provides some of the answers we were looking for but also leaves other significant riddles unresolved. Because it is a unique piece of work, the only way for us to get these answers is if there is a sequel or another special episode. There has been no continuation announcement yet; however, stay tuned for any possible updates.