Wonder egg priority girl: Ai of Wonder Egg Priority to Lena!

Wonder egg priority girl: Kudos for best ship, best score, and the best show will soon be voted on and handed out, but before that happens, here is a look at who is in them. It should come as no surprise that competition is fierce for the title of Best Girl. This list excludes characters such as Nezuko from “Demon Slayer” and Uraraka from “My Hero Academia” to provide a greater variety.

As a result, the characters from the anime series that debuted in 2021 are the only ones to be featured on this list of wonder egg priority girls. These wonder egg priority girls shone as newcomers on the stage, and everyone deserves honour in her own right for her contributions. Here we will discuss more wonder egg priority girls.

List of wonder egg priority girl characters:

Following is the list of wonder egg priority girl characters.


One can’t help but root for Vivy as she performs in Vivy: Fluorite Eye’s Song since she is an AI working to preserve humanity from extinction. Vivy was initially designed as an autonomous AI to entertain guests at a theme park. After learning from another AI that a conflict between them and humans would break out a century later, Vivy decided to take on more responsibility and try to avert this impending catastrophe.

Because she is an artificial intelligence with constraints, Vivy is only sometimes easy to understand. But she is also intuitive and makes her own decisions so long as they fall under the umbrella of making people happy. How human, then, is she? Vivy’s narrative is one of the never-ending battles, but she has a good heart and only wants to “always make everyone happy with my singing.” Given her willingness to do what needed to be done regardless of the repercussions, this pretended girl has the makings of one of the Best Girls.


Considering Biwa’s life had been so challenging for her, she had every right to be cold and emotionless as a result of her experiences. She had created a tough exterior, but she was unable to keep it when she was around the people who were important to her, despite the fact that she was aware that doing so would cause her to experience emotional distress. Heike, a young girl of the Taira clan, was eager to see everything the Genpei War had in store for them because she knew it would bring them infinite sorrow.

With her precognitive powers and a burning resentment toward the Taira clan for her father’s death, Biwa set out to infiltrate the clan using her musical talents and subsequently record their demise, even though doing so felt like a betrayal. Though Biwa did nothing to alter her fate, she nevertheless felt its repercussions. Biwa’s real fondness for members of the Taira clan shed light on the kind of child she may have always been: bright, sensitive, curious, and never afraid to speak out for herself and those she cared about.

Ai Ohio:

After Ai Ohto’s best friend committed suicide, she retreated into herself. However, she was later granted the opportunity to see fantastic parallel worlds where she may revive her friend. In these alternate realities, she played the role of Wonder Egg Priority’s hero, rescuing the girls trapped inside from the clutches of the metaphorical monsters that drove them to suicide. After Ai successfully rescued the girls and connected with other people on the same quest, she began to believe in herself and her talents.

Ai is still reticent about intimate issues like love and sex, but she has a huge heart and is always prepared to listen. She is extremely loyal to those she cares about and is in a perpetual stage of development as she gains confidence and self-awareness. She undergoes so much personal development during Wonder Egg Priority that she is finally ready to be Best Girl. She even gets an excellent new weapon to show for it.

Hayase Nagatoro:

Naoto Hachioji need not have worried; Hayase Nagatoro may not always behave in his best interest, but she never intended any damage to come to either him or their relationship. Naoto in Don’t Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro! He revealed he liked having Hayase’s attention once her games began, although their first contacts were difficult and resulted in some tears.

Over time, however, it became clear that while Naoto was naturally sensitive, Hayase was only an immature teen who had never learned the finer points of flirtation. Hayase may be a trickster, but only on her own territory; whenever a trick got out of hand or was started by one of her plotting pals, she was just as ashamed.

Yoko Hori:

As confident as she portrayed herself, Kyouko Hori previously thought she had a lot to hide in the popular romantic anime Horimiya. To maintain her impeccable image at school, she had to conceal details about her troubled family life and lack of ability to handle household chores. Kyouko finally felt ready to let down her guard when Izumi Miyamura entered her life, with all his flaws and who admitted to appreciating this other side of her.

Once Kyouko lets down her guard, she becomes pretty opinionated and even demanding. People that care about her still see her for who she is, even if the rest of the student population finds her less likeable. She makes new friends because she opens up to them more. It’s because she’s relieved of the burden of acting as the Best Girl that she becomes one.

Mr. Milizé, Vladilena

In the Mecha War Drama 86 Eighty-Six, Lena is a responsible adult who deserves her position. Equally important, she is open to feedback and is prepared to grow due to her own experiences and the advice of others. Lena is a true overachiever who also ignores societal conventions that she considers pointless, such as being separated from the members of her squads and suggesting that she prioritize marriage over the current fight.

However, Lena still needs to learn when it’s best to keep her mouth shut since her sheltered upbringing hasn’t equipped her to know when to let things be. She may have once been naive, but her record of success in battle with Shinei Nouzen belies that label.

Momoe Sawaki:

Momoe Sawaki’s story of coming to terms with her gender and sexuality struck a chord with viewers, helping pave the way for other gender-nonconforming characters such as Ryuji Ayukawa from Blue Period and Lily Hoshikawa from Zombie Land Saga. Despite the fact that she was not the lead in Wonder Egg Priority, Momoe Sawaki’s story of coming to terms with her gender and sexuality struck a chord with viewers.

Even though she had been devastated after being mistaken for a guy and then abandoned on a date despite dressing as pretty as possible, Momoe’s identity and place in the hearts of viewers were solidified when she rescued a transgender boy within the world of the egg and received a kiss from him. Wonder egg priority girl: The fact that she was a girl was revealed despite the fact that she had been making an effort to conceal the fact by dressing as femininely as possible. She is the Best Girl of this year in a way that cannot be denied and is distinctive at the same time.