Everything you need to know about wonder egg priority frill in detail!

Wonder egg priority frill does not appear to be capable of generating empathy healthily. The video game Wonder Egg Priority calls Frill by her Japanese name, Furious. She is an artificial human being that Acca and Ura-Acca crafted in their laboratory. Acca and Ura-Acca created her. Here we will discuss more wonder egg priority frill in detail.


Frill from wonder egg priority frill is a young lady who has bright orange hair that is so long that it falls below her hips; in addition, she wears a dark hairband. She has orange eyebrows that match the colour of her hair, and her eyes are green. Frill’s signature look consists of a white dress tied with a black ribbon at the bottom of her neckline. She is almost often seen without shoes on.


Frill was created by Acca and Ura-Acca with the intention of including characteristics that a father would look for in his daughter. The frill is intentionally designed to be happy and astute, displaying an intelligence that is noticeably higher than that of the typical fourteen-year-old. She also possesses a sense of humour, as seen by the fact that she can frequently laugh at the ridiculous antics of others or her own. Acca and Ura-Acca purposefully gave her the ability to display certain unfavourable feelings, such as selfishness, when they created her.

They also gave her the ability to have errors in her construction.  Wonder egg priority frill acts like she is having fun when she is around Acca and Ura-Acca since she considers the three of them to be a family. These preprogrammed characteristics not only direct Frill’s behaviour but also serve to place some bounds on it. On the other hand, the true nature of Frill turns out to be far more nefarious.

It is demonstrated that she becomes easily jealous whenever somebody threatens to take attention away from her or act superior to her in any manner, and she eventually comes to loathe the people who threaten to do either of these things. She does not place much importance on individuals who are not her two creators.  Her obsessive and jealous temperament comes to a head when Acca and Ura-Acca shift their focus away from her, which drives her to resort to murder as a solution.

Wonder egg priority frill’s lack of empathy is brought into full view, as she displays very little sorrow, if any at all, for the actions that she has taken.  Following this, her designers began referring to her as a monster and stopped treating her as if she were a human being. Frill appears to be perplexed by this, as she continues to look for compassion from her creators despite the disdain in which they hold her.

Artificial human from the ground up:

Acca and Ura-Acca created Frill, an artificial human from the ground up. The two drew up several potential designs before settling on a final one, which means that the appearance she has now is the culmination of design decisions made by her two creators at various points during the process. Her artificial intelligence was programmed with the ability to mimic human feelings and convey those feelings.

For her to more closely resemble a genuine person, the Accas preprogrammed her with various flaws. Frill was designed to be a groundbreaking new entity for their firm, but they also wanted her to function as a daughter, so they gave her a fixed age of fourteen for her entire existence. Frill emerged from her egg in a pod and was given a choice to give herself a name; she decided to go by the wonder egg priority frill.

Wonder egg priority frill, Acca, and Ura-Acca shared a home together, functioning in many ways like a traditional family unit. After work one day, Acca and Ura-Acca went to a party that was hosted by the company where they worked, and there, they ran across a coworker named Azusa Hoshina. They were able to get along well with one another and finally became relatively close. Acca developed romantic feelings for her, and she eventually moved in with him and his family. Frill, who was incapable of fully comprehending the situation, developed feelings of jealousy toward Azusa.

Frill mentioned her wanting to have friends while Acca and Azusa were having their wedding ceremony. She refuses Ura-assistance Acca’s in making them because she is concerned that he would make them look more attractive than she can. The results of Frill’s work would be Hyphen, Dot, and Kirara. It was later discovered that Acca and Azusa were planning to start a family of their own.

Frill reached her breaking point due to her preprogrammed jealousy, her inability to learn empathy, and her need for affection from her two creators. All of these factors contributed to her failure to develop empathy. Frill killed Azusa by electrocuting her by throwing a hair dryer into the bathtub while she was in it.

Azusa was rushed to the hospital, but unfortunately, even though they were able to save the baby, Azusa did not survive her time there. Out of anger, Acca beat Frill and locked her up in a room accessible through a locked door in their basement. Himari, Azusa’s child, grew up normally during the subsequent fourteen years and eventually took Frill’s position as a member of the Acca family. Himari was given the name Himari. On the day when she turned fourteen, it appeared that Himari had taken her own life.

Ura-Acca explodes into a fit of wrath and confronts Frill, accusing her of being responsible for the death of Himari. Frill avoids answering Ura’s questions about Acca and even asks him why he would care about a girl who was not his own daughter. Ura-Acca continues to press Frill for an answer. Ura-Acca decides to end Frill’s existence by consuming her physical form.

Even though Frill was burned up, her effect may still be seen and felt. Acca and Ura-Acca are under the impression that Frill is encouraging young women to take their own lives by playing on the misery they already feel. Despite being one of the most formidable adversaries in the Egg World, her motivations are yet unknown. Hyphen and Dot assist her by working against the females and eliminating their Pomanders. So far, they have eliminated Momoe’s Pomander Panic and Rika’s Pomander Mannen.

Representation of her chosen name, Frill:

The katakana representation of her chosen name, Frill, is “a strip of collected material affixed to anything as adornment” or “an unneeded supplementary feature or embellishment”, both definitions of the word “frill. Jellyfish are depicted in several different ways throughout Frill’s introduction. Her name may refer to the frills of a jellyfish, which are capable of producing venom and killing their victims.