Best Wonder egg priority characters step by step guide.

Wonder egg priority characters are short anime series that manage to handle several complex topics all at once. It addresses problems that people face in their lives and gives us a glimpse into the thought processes of individuals who feel that they have no other option but to take their own lives. It takes on a far more thrilling tone due to the seamless integration of these elements with a science fiction point of view, action, and adrenaline. In addition, there are tender moments of connection between the ladies, their dogs, and the people surrounding them, which also give us feelings. Here we will discuss wonder egg priority characters.

Best wonder egg priority characters:

Following are different wonder egg priority characters.

Seeno Evils:

Dozens of little creatures form a horde as they pursue their prey. In Ai’s case of bullying, this is mentioned in the first episode. When she was bullied because of her heterochromia, everyone acted like it didn’t even occur to them. These are the least dangerous of the Egg people’s enemies, although they are well-dressed and carry blades capable of doing considerable damage.


Some ‘Seeno Evils’ become ‘Haters,’ the next stage. Anger, envy, and other negative emotions are the root causes of these. Egg people are no longer the target of the haters’ wrath; instead, they target their defenders like Ai. They can severely damage protectors. These wounds substantially impact their ability to function after awakening, even though they are immortal in the Egg World. Because they lack the strength to wield a weapon, they strike by biting.


In contrast to the more formal Acca, Ura-Acca is a more casual and open forum. They and the Egg World are all he has to say to Ai. He has long, unkempt pink hair and green glasses. Indifference appears to be veiled in his demeanor. He seems unconcerned with the protagonists’ motivations as long as they stay on track with his goals. In the same way that his brother’s personality remains shrouded in obscurity, there is something about Ura-Acca that allows him to make razor-sharp points when the occasion demands it.


Acca is the complete opposite of his brother.

I think of him as an advisor to the protagonists. He’s very professional, polite, and respectful. He sometimes tries to help them navigate the Egg World and offers advice. Anyone but his twin brother ‘Ura-Acca,’ he is nearly always seen speaking with Keigo in his voice while conversing. To match his formal demeanor, he’s dressed in a suit with a bow tie. He indeed possesses the traits that make up his innately human nature.


After their failure with Frill, the Acca brothers were relieved to see Himari enter the picture. Good people who appear as a ray of light are tragically killed off at a young age like hers. There is a significant belief that Frill was the one who killed her, even though she sliced her wrist in a suicide attempt. Himari was often depicted as having a cheery disposition and a smile. In the series, she stands out as one of the most wholesome and endearing characters.

Kotobuki Awano:

Kotobuki, Neeru’s best friend and fellow genius, was a complete lunatic. She was both curious and irresponsible at the same time. She experimented with a coma because she was fascinated by death and wanted to know more about it. A vegetative condition was maintained for her. The first time she appeared in Neiru’s universe as an egg person, she was peaceful and curious about her appearance. This one is best from wonder egg priority characters.


Chiemi adored Rika. She was a frequent participant in Rika’s handshake get-togethers.

Rika appeared to be treating her like a virtual wallet. It didn’t bother Chiemi as long as she could spend time with the junior idols. Rika insulted her one day, calling her a “fatty” and threatening her with never having another chance to see her. She may have starved to death due to the trauma caused by this experience.


In high school, she was a typical student. Momoe regarded her as a close friend. She took her clothes off one day and told Momoe how she felt. Momoe resisted her approach out of fear. After that, Haruka died. She wore a jovial expression on her face most of the time. Initially, she was the only one who was brought back to life. Upon her reawakening, she ran to Momoe and attempted to hug her.

Nagase Koito:

Because of Koito, Ai has ended up in the Egg World. Ai’s best friend, Koito, is well-known for being a kind and understanding individual who never teased or bullied Ai because of her heterochromia. Because of her, Ai could continue attending school despite the harassment. Because she spent so much time with Ai, Koito was also targeted by bullies. Ai stopped going to school soon after Koito hurled herself over the school rooftop.

Shuichiro Sawaki:

Ai’s school has a counselor named Shuichiro Sawaki. Young and attractive, he possesses the qualities of kindness, patience, and understanding. He is the art club advisor and Koito and Ai’s homeroom instructor. He is also an uncle of Momoe. Sensei Sawaki sees Ai daily after the death of her best friend to see how she is doing. He wants Ai to return to school and advises her to have more faith in her abilities.


Acca and Ura-Acca built it as artificial intelligence. She is crafted to be the ideal daughter a father might hope for in every way. She appears upbeat and joyful. Even though ill is supposed to be 14, her IQ is far above that of a typical 14-year-old. She’s made to be selfish, pull pranks, and generally show how much she cares for their father. That’s not the only thing she believes. But when Frill’s self-centeredness evolves into deadly jealousy when Acca marries, everything goes wrong.

Neeru Aonuma:

She’s logical, yet she has trouble expressing her feelings and doesn’t enjoy it either. Due to her younger sister’s backstabber, while Kotobuki was unconscious, often depended solely on herself and refused to seek aid. However, Neeru appears to have it all together and is determined as the genius president of Japan Plati, even though she’s only eighteen years old. After that, the series finally uncovers all of Neiru’s secrets. Neeru is a formidable silent warrior with a sharp mind.

Momoe Sawaki:

Momoe is another character in the series which goes above and beyond to help others. Despite her slender frame and short hair, she has a soft spot for little things. Because of her male appearance, she is highly self-conscious and frequently irritated. When Momoe believes that she or someone she cares about is being wrongfully blamed or accused, she takes action to protect themselves and others they care about.

Kawai Rika:

She is unafraid to voice what she feels, regardless of who hears it. Rika has a hard time being honest or even asking for help because of all of this. She hides her actual sentiments of remorse, shame, and loneliness behind an outward show of recklessness and confidence. Rika is also prone to self-injury. Junior idol Rika worked with All-Out Kiss as a member of the group’s junior wing.

Ai Ohio:

The story’s main character, Ai, is endearing and endearingly likable. Despite the abuse she has endured because of her heterochromia, she is a strong young woman who will do anything to defend the people she cares about. Even in the middle of a battle, she frequently checks in with her companions to see how they’re doing in their Egg Worlds. She is dependable. During the series, Ai develops meaningful relationships with her Egg people and gains wisdom from each of them.


What are the best wonder egg priority characters?

Momoe began dressing more masculine and adopting the Japanese masculine pronoun, “Boku,” sometime after Haruka died and before she saw Wonder egg priority characters. Despite using this pronoun, she still wants to be recognized as a female.

Do any male characters in Wonder Egg Priority appear in the show?

The mannequins Acca and Ura-Acca explain to Neiru in Wonder Egg Priority’s fourth episode why there are no boys in the egg world. Feminist comments are made during this discussion.