Top and common wonder egg priority characters Trans!

Wonder egg priority characters Trans that was dispensed from a vending machine. Ai Ooto manages to escape reality and enter a new dimension, where she discovers a statue composed of her deceased loved one. Someone close to her has passed on through suicide and is preserving a record of their life in the next world. Ai Ooto discovers that different people who have committed suicide to emerge from the mysterious egg, and then they are forced to confront their phobias. In this way, Ooto endeavors to learn the truth about how a person she cared about passed away. Let’s find out which wonder egg priority characters Trans is associated with your zodiac sign so we can better serve you.

List of wonder egg priority characters Trans:

Following is the list of wonder egg priority characters Trans

Momoe Sawaki:

Aries people give off a strange and unsettling vibe. Because they are people who are highly gregarious and full of life, everyone is drawn to them. Arieses are quite likable. Observe an Aries if you don’t believe me. You will involuntarily have the urge to open yourself to them, and they will never let you down after doing so. Momoe Sawaki possesses the qualities of a typical Aries: courteous, brave, and wise.

In every way imaginable, she captivates the attention of many individuals. How could you possibly believe that you are as popular as Aries? Therefore, if you were born under the sign of Aries, you would be Momoe Sawaki is common from wonder egg priority characters Trans.

Neiru Aonuma:

When it comes to accomplishing a certain goal, Taureans put in a lot of effort. They put everything they have into something that they are good at. This zodiac sign is incredibly motivated and willing to do anything to protect what’s vital to them. Taureans are known for their patience and their reluctance to trust others quickly. Neiru is an easygoing young lady who is pleasant to everyone she meets and always remains motivated.

She is the president of a very large firm, yet she has difficulty putting her trust in other people. Consequently, given all of these characteristics, she must be a Taurus! If you are a Taurus, you are the reliable Neiru Aonuma!


Geminis are lively, yet they can also be quiet and polite. On the other hand, we’re going to talk about the Zen side of Geminis! Individuals born under this zodiac sign have difficulty opening up to others. It is difficult to win their trust, as well. In addition, you will notice that they exude an air of mystique.

Conversely, Misaki Tanabe possesses a very calm demeanor and a gentle way of speaking. She takes precautions to ensure that her sharp tongue does not cause harm to other people. She is a very pleasant person. If you’re a Gemini, it makes you the calm and collected Misaki Tanabe.

Ai Ohto:

People who are born under the Cancer zodiac are naturally curious. They are impatient and will try their best to locate an explanation. I promise to god that this is the case. On the other side, they have a tremendous amount of care and concern for the people they love, and they are prepared to forego anything to ensure their safety.

Ai Ooto is the type of person from wonder egg priority character Trans that enjoys her own company and prefers to avoid large gatherings of people since she is an introvert. She is highly loyal to her close friends. She has a strong aversion to those who are cruel to her friends or play jokes on them. If you have the Cancer zodiac sign, this makes you the guardian of Ai Ohto!

Shuichiro Sawaki:

People with the Leo sun sign are known for their boundless enthusiasm, energy, and efforts since I haven’t done it! They simply have a lot of charisma and attract people to themselves like magnets. They can attract almost anything. In a similar vein, Shuichiro is kind and full of vitality. He has a deep appreciation for the arts and is well knowledgeable about their aesthetics. As a teacher, he relishes engaging in conversation with his pupils. Therefore, if you have a Leo sun sign, you embody the ardent Sensei Shuichiro Sawaki.


Those who are born to lead and have limitless potential Virgos are famous for their ability to guide others in the correct direction, as well as their natural leadership qualities. They strive for excellence and have high standards. People born under these zodiac signs do not avoid making errors and gain wisdom. And just like that, ACCA is now a leader in the world of eggs because he is in charge of Ai Ohto and the other eggs! He has an easygoing demeanor. The ACCA engages in casual conversation with everyone. If you are a Virgo, then… You are in the driver’s seat at ACCA.

Rika Kawai:

There are primarily two different kinds of Libra. There are Libras who are only concerned with the approval of others, and there are Libras who “do not care about anything.” On the other hand, we’re going to chat about those laid-back Libras. They are not concerned with the viewpoints of others and are ready to take action to go closer to achieving their objectives. Similarly, if we talk about Rika Kawai, to begin with, she has a pretty kawaii appearance.

Second, at first, she comes out as rude and unlikeable, but as time goes on, she develops a pleasant demeanor and becomes someone who enjoys spending time with other people. Therefore, if you were born under the sign of the Libra, you would be Rika Kawai!


Sagittarians are quite the chill individuals, too, from wonder egg priority characters Trans. They don’t worry about anything and follow their whims. And to summarize, no one can truly prevent individuals from engaging in an activity they enjoy. They prefer to roam free and loathe being confined to a small space. Ura-ACCA has a few ambiguous points, but for the most part, they maintain their carefree attitude and reckless lifestyle. You only get one shot at life. If this is the case, then you, Sagittarius, are the irresponsible Ura-ACCA.

Koito Nagase:

People born under the Aquarius zodiac are often delicate, calm, and peaceful. They are not comfortable in large groups and tend to keep to themselves. They give a great deal of consideration to the opinions and judgments of others. Koito Nagase is a tranquil young lady. She can look for the positive in any circumstance. Because she knows what it’s like to be bullied. Even though she was bullied in school, she is brave and kind to everyone. If you’re an Aquarius, that makes you the cool and collected Koito.