List of Wonder egg priority characters MBTI for 2023!

Wonder egg priority characters MBTI: This was merely a brief and concise list of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Priority Characters. I get a kick out of discussing the Wonder egg priority characters’ MBTI, and as promised, here is a comprehensive list of the MBTI for the Wonder Egg Priority cast. We know the degree to which every character in this anime is relatable.

Ai Ohto, the protagonist of the Wonder Egg priority series, abruptly quit going to school after the suicide of her best friend, Koito. The events that led to her decision are depicted in the series. One night, she was awakened by a mysterious voice that directed her to an unknown location, where she discovered a gachapon machine, also known as a machine that produces ‘Wonder Eggs. Here we will give you all information about Wonder egg priority characters MBTI.

List of Wonder egg priority characters MBTI:

This document offers a list of all of the Wonder egg priority characters MBTI, along with descriptions of their respective personalities


Ura-Acca can be found alongside Acca at all times; however, in contrast to Acca, this figure takes life a little less seriously and is a chiller. Additionally, Ura-Acca communicates with the protagonists and guides them using conversational language.

Kotobuko Awano:

An organization known as Japan Plati was responsible for the creation of Awano. This organization produced humans through genetic combination to generate offspring with extraordinarily high intelligence and other characteristics. Because she possesses such a unique genetic makeup, the government is highly interested in studying her DNA and intends to conduct experiments on her body once she passes away.


Diplomats are generous, yet they can also be incredibly bold when the occasion demands it. Because their dominant introverted intuition is so strong, they are dreamers and creators continually looking for ways to distil knowledge and get to the heart of the meaning of everything. The INFJ, ENFJ, INFP, and ENFP personality types are all represented within The Diplomats. Below is a list of the Wonder egg priority characters‘ MBTI priority positions.

Miwa Miwa is a character that is very cautious and timid. She had a particularly troubled background, which is not even proper to discuss at this time and place.

Yae Yoshida

You had the power to see ghosts, which is why she was terrified of the world around her. Her surroundings were full of spirits. After she disclosed this information, several others speculated that she might suffer from psychological problems, which led to her being admitted to a psychiatric facility. This gave her a great deal of anxiety, to the point where she considered ending her life by taking her own life.

Kaoru Kurita:

It turns out that Kaoru is a male (yes, you heard it right). However, when he was born, he was given a title intended for a girl, resulting in a great deal of unnecessary anxiety. In addition, he had a very troubled past, as he had been raped and tortured. He feels a strong pull toward Momoe in particular.


Himari is a very bubbly and upbeat young lady who enjoys making other people laugh and laughing herself. In addition to being exceptionally bright, she exudes an upbeat and optimistic attitude.


Sentinels are solemn people who take the rules very seriously and make it a point to adhere to them religiously because of their high regard for them. They claim that if you follow the laws and regulations, your life will become significantly less complicated and burdensome, which is entirely accurate. In addition to this, when it comes to making decisions, they use reasoning and are typically workaholics. They are also highly capable of effectively leading and commanding a group of people. Wonder egg priority characters MBTI ISTJ, ISFJ, ESFJ, and ESTJ are all represented in the Sentinels.

The Ohto entails:

Tae has a highly nurturing demeanour and a deep love for her daughter. She is a diligent worker who never fails to accomplish the housework required of her daily. She has a lot of affection for Ai and experiences a sense of relief whenever she can talk to new people and make new acquaintances.

Kurumi Saijo:

Kurumi’s disposition is quite outgoing, and her words carry a sense of authority thanks to this trait. Even though she tends to approach most things in her life with a somewhat snarky attitude, she has proven to be incredibly helpful in various settings.

Minami Suzuhara:

Because Minami is an introvert, she is pretty timid and bashful. She also almost always yields to the wishes of others. Throughout the entirety of the series, his gym coach is very abusive toward her, and she has to put up with it. She didn’t have much faith in herself and believed she was helpless and weak. She didn’t have much confidence in herself.


Miko is often always seen in the company of Mako, although in contrast to her, she possesses hair that is noticeably longer. Both Miko and Mako had a great deal of respect for Yu-Yu and enjoyed going to the tournaments.

Azusa Hoshina:

She used to work at Japan Plati, but due to the relationship between Acca and Azusa, an artificial human girl named Frill, whose purpose is to mimic human emotions and behaviour developed unhealthy levels of jealousy and ended up killing her.


As its name suggests, explorers are passionate about discovering new places and strive to experience life to the fullest. They always love to do new things and are pretty creative. Unlike other personality types, this person adores recognition and is highly famous. They are also highly upbeat and have a constructive attitude on the challenges that life throws at them. ISFP, ESTP, ISTP, and ESFP are the four personality types that comprise the Explorer group.


Chiemi was an avid follower of Rika’s handshake competitions throughout their series. Because she looked up to Rika so much, the things she said significantly impacted how she felt about herself.


You will nearly always find Mako in the company of Miko, and it might come as a surprise to find out that the two of them dress identically and have the same colour hair. Mako and Miko are best friends.  Mako and Miko are inseparable. She is a devoted follower of Yu-Yu and adores going to the events they host. She has a bright and passionate demeanour.


Ayaka is among the most courageous characters in the Wonder Egg priority series. Because of how he dresses and his decisions, we can deduce that she is one of the ENFP archetype’s most typical characters. Because of her high level of aggression, she does not require the assistance of Neiru to defeat her wonder killer.


A frill is an artificial person that Acca and Ura-Acca fabricated in their lab. She is not a human. Hence her intelligence is not comparable to that of humans. wonder egg priority characters mbti: She is endowed with all the characteristics of a typical human being, such as a sense of humour and feelings. However, given that she is an artificial entity, she cannot be compared to humans in every way and possesses her own deficiencies.