Where do fill up balloons with helium for free, and does it cost to fill a balloon with helium at Walmart?

Where do fill up balloons with helium for free? You may have to buy the balloons from the store first before they will inflate them for you for free or at all. Before we can figure out where to acquire free helium to fill balloons, we need to know what helium is and what it does. Let’s start with that. An inert gas, helium has no taste, flavor, or color.

It doesn’t have a smell or taste either. It is the second most common and lightest element in the cosmos that we can witness. When we look at our universe, we see that helium-4 is the primary form of helium. Here we will discuss where do fill up balloons with helium for free?

From what source does the universe’s helium come?

Helium is the second most abundant element in the cosmos, but you won’t find it in the air. Because it is so light, this particular gas can quickly rise into space. Unbelievably, the helium on our planet is trapped beneath the surface with natural gas. A small amount of helium is a byproduct of the natural gas industry, but there are only a few places on Earth where it can be economically extracted.

List where do fill up balloons with helium for free:

Helium was discovered for the first time during a solar eclipse in 1868 when an unknown yellow spectral line signature was spotted in sunlight.  The following is a list of some of the most well-known retailers from where do fill up balloons with helium for free:

The Party City:

You can assume that if there is a Party City in your city, it will provide helium services. Party City is a great place to get helium for your balloons because they also carry nearly everything else you could need for a celebration. Balloons of all shapes and sizes are included in this category. Party City’s helium services are available through several different means. One of the most common approaches is to buy helium-filled balloons at the time of purchase. Daily, Party City inflates a few helium-filled balloons.

The Dollar Tree Company:

Another place where you can have helium-filled is at Dollar Tree. Dollar Tree, like Party City, offers a range of ways for customers to use its products and services. Buying pre-filled balloons straight from the company is a good alternative for first-time buyers. Dollar Tree does include a party section, but the selection isn’t quite as wide as Party City’s offerings. There are a few balloons scattered throughout this area of the gathering. Some of these balloons are inflated to their total capacity from time to time.


Festive and fun-filled balloons are available at different times of the year. It is necessary to utilize helium because these balloons are delivered deflated. Even though Target does not provide helium filling services, customers can purchase the equipment to fill their balloons. Target has a decent party area in its stores. Foil and latex balloons are available in a wide range of forms and colors to match a variety of party themes. Each Christmas season, the business re-decorates its balloon displays with new designs.

The Dollar Tree:

Helium tanks with a capacity of 8.9 cubic feet can be obtained from them for about $35. If you don’t have access to a Dollar Tree, you may be able to find a Dollar General nearby. Because the same company owns Dollar Tree and Dollar General, you can expect the same level of customer service. Dollar General carries helium-filled balloons as well. Right in front of you, they’re available for purchase. As an option, they also offer helium-filling services for customers who buy their balloons from Dollar General.


If you find one, it’s likely to be one of the more prominent Supercenter retail locations. Helium services are very likely to be available if you live in an area where a Walmart Supercenter exists. Walmart also carries a wide selection of balloons, which may be used for any occasion. A section of the store dedicated to celebrations offers a wide selection of balloons in various designs. Rather than waiting for helium delivery, you can purchase an already-inflated balloon from the vendor.


Along with a significant pharmacy, a first aid department, and food, CVS also has an area dedicated to party supplies. There is a limited selection of balloons in the store’s party section. In addition to selling balloons, CVS also offers helium services. CVS has expanded into the party supplies business to diversify its product line. A one-stop store for all your needs is what they’re aiming for. Despite this, not all CVS sites have made the same strides as other CVS locations regarding technological advancements.


Kroger owns grocery stores throughout the country, even if they don’t have the name “Kroger.” Regarding vegetables and other commodities, Kroger is well-known for its ability to deliver consistently excellent quality. Balloons filled with helium can also be ordered from Kroger. One of the advantages of having your balloon inflated at Kroger is that they will accept balloons from anywhere. Kroger may still inflate your balloon, like Walmart, even if you bought it elsewhere. Kroger provides a helium charge service, which is why this is the case.


Meijer is the primary supermarket for many individuals in the Midwest states where the shop is located. As a bonus, Meijer has an extensive party supply section where you can find just about anything you need for a party. Given that Meijer sells balloons, you would question if they also provide helium filling services. Meijer offers many unique options not offered by other supermarkets, including the ability to fill balloons. Meijer allows you to order a large number of balloons over the phone.


Another large retailer of helium for balloons is the regional grocery chain Publix, with headquarters in the Southeast the United States. Inflating balloons come with a fee at Publix, as it does anywhere. Even if you bought the balloon from Publix, you would still have to pay a little cost to get it inflated. Customers may fill as many balloons as they like at Publix, which is fantastic. Publix is the place to go if you need to fill 200 balloons for a special occasion.


Where do fill up balloons with helium for free? There are a lot of different locations where balloons can get their supply of helium refilled. The best place to get balloons is at a store specializing in party supplies since not only will you find the most varieties there but also pay the lowest prices. Alternately, if you are in a region with no party supply stores, you should be able to find helium services in any grocery or pharmacy store that also sells party goods.


Is the helium scarcity going to last forever?

Helium is a scarce resource on Earth, despite its abundance elsewhere in the universe. It’s not the end of the world, even when there’s a helium shortage in 2019.

Where do fill up balloons with helium for free?

Where do fill up balloons with helium for free? Our helium tanks are available in small and large sizes for use at parties and other occasions if you prefer to fill your balloons. Our helium tanks can be ordered online, picked up in-store, or picked up in-store.