Vorhees funeral home in Ridgefield Park!

Vorhees funeral home has a long history of providing its customers the best possible service and care. As a result, the business is now more known around town. We carry on this tradition to ensure that each family is treated with respect and individual attention by their chosen course of action and established standards. Because of our convenient location and availability around the clock, we can meet your present and future needs seven days a week. The great majority of insurance companies allow us to form Medicaid trusts. Let’s discuss Vorhees funeral home.

Who is the owner of Vorhees funeral home?

Privately owned and operated, the Vorhees-Ingwersen Funeral Home is staffed by experienced experts seven days a week. Our goal is to provide an environment welcoming to families of all sizes and religious backgrounds. On-site parking and accessibility to individuals with disabilities allow various funeral and memorial service alternatives and many different memorial service types to be accommodated.

History of Vorhees funeral home:

It was in 1943 when Earl J. Vorhees started the Vorhees Funeral Home. They bought the funeral home in 1968, along with the rest of their family, under the leadership of Donald and Loretta Vorhees. A few years after graduating from the American Academy of Mortuary Science, Donald worked at Vorhees Funeral Home before acquiring the business in 2005. The Vorhees-Ingwersen Funeral Home was renamed in 2008 to reflect the business’s involvement in the acquisition.

Services for the dead:

Family and friends are invited to join in a viewing following the funeral service at a church or other place of worship. It’s up to you whether or not to open the casket at any of these events; in most circumstances, the casket will be present at both. Internment or a crypt in a mausoleum is an alternative possibility for disposing of remains. Families and religious traditions affect a person’s burial place. There are several considerations, including whether to embalm, the type of casket, the burial location, and the headstone inscription.

Cemeteries of Various Types:

Traditional cemeteries typically feature headstones and other raised monuments, so they rise vertically above the ground. These monuments are typically made of marble or granite and are erected in this manner. There are an infinite number of design options available for headstones, and these options range from the most basic to the most intricate and ornate.

Grassy cemetery:

To respect those who have passed away, horizontal plaques are typically placed on top of each grave in a lawn cemetery. They are referred to be grass cemeteries for some reason. Even while the appearance and wording of memorial plaques are, for the most part, predefined, families are nevertheless welcome to have input into both the appearance and wording of the plaques in question.


Mausoleums are freestanding constructions developed to encircle and preserve an area used for internment or the burial chamber as a tribute to the remembrance of a deceased person or persons. Mausoleums are used as a memorial to the remembrance of a deceased person or persons. There are two ways to look at this: either a mausoleum is a tomb, or a tomb is contained inside a mausoleum. Both of these interpretations are correct.


In many cases, only cremated remains are allowed to be buried within the walls of the columbarium. Cremated ashes can be kept at home or scattered in places that are meaningful to the deceased’s family, but a columbarium is a site where mourners can visit and pay their respects. You can save money on the cost of burial property because the walls of the coffin storage facility are small and don’t take up much space.

Eco cemetery:

A natural cemetery, eco cemetery, or green cemetery is a type of cemetery that is specifically intended for ecological burial techniques. One form of the cemetery is referred to as a “graveyard.” Even though natural burials can be performed in any cemetery, they are most frequently performed in a woodland setting in nature. Environmental concern is one of the primary motivations for choosing a natural funeral. It is common practice to replace headstones with more natural-looking memorials such as trees or shrubs that can be found nearby.

For what reason is a website so important?

As human beings, we all have a strong desire to be remembered and to be remembered. To remember and commemorate people who have passed away, a cemetery with a permanent memorial provides a focal spot. Every society has memorialized the dead throughout history. According to psychologists, commemorating a person or event through a funeral, memorial ceremony, or permanent demoralization helps survivors cope with their loss and recover. A permanent resting place for ashes may help people remember the dead.

What Makes Givnish Funeral Homes a Superior Choice?

The staff at Givnish Funeral Home is well-versed in serving families from all walks of life at this time of grief. Grieving for a family member who has passed away is one of the most important things you can do following their death. We’re here to help you reach that objective. Let our experienced funeral planners handle the difficult task of organizing your loved one’s funeral. For those who wish to celebrate their lives, the Givnish Funeral House is the ideal location.

Why are “opening and closing” so expensive?

A cemetery’s opening and closing fees might include a wide range of services, from one to more than fifty. Grave opening and closing fees typically include administration and permanent record-keeping determining ownership, getting permission, and filling out other paperwork that may be required, as well as opening and closing a grave. Installation and removal of gravestones are also included in these fees. The location of the place is essential.


The Vorhees funeral home has a distinguished history of providing the highest service and care. As a result of this, the establishment has gained notoriety. As a result, we continue this tradition by ensuring that each family is treated with the utmost respect and individualized attention, following their preferences and expectations. A wide selection of funeral and memorial service plans can be accommodated at our facility, which has on-site parking and is accessible to individuals with disabilities.


For how long after a person’s death do they need to be laid to rest?

Legal rights and authorizations, contacting family and friends, arranging the burial site, and religious traditions will affect the timing. Health laws may limit decision timelines. Funeral homes might know more.

If someone has passed away, must they be embalmed to be buried?

No. An open casket viewing and a significant amount of time between death and burial are two factors that may affect a person’s decision to embalm a deceased person’s body, as well as other factors.

What other options do you have besides burying the body?

Some cemeteries offer grass crypts and mausoleums as well as earth burials. Most cemeteries offer cremation burial choices.

Cremated ashes can be interred in an urn or columbarium niche.