Underworld movies in order step by step guide.

Underworld movies in order: Underworld movies to the experience of a ferocious battle between vampires and werewolves in these high-quality heart-pounding films from the Underworld. There is a touching tale of a vampire named Selene, who falls in love with a local named Micheal, and how their love for one another puts them in the middle of a vampire-versus-Lycan war.

Many scenes include Kate Beckinsale as an elite vampire assassin, “Death Dealer” Selene, who hunts down the Lycans for killing her family and accuses them of it. Beckinsale narrates most of the movie, which she does well. Here we will discuss underworld movies in order.

What Order Should I Watch the Underworld Films in?

The following is a detailed walkthrough that will help you arrange the underworld movies in the correct chronological order. The chronological order or the release date order presented here can be followed to watch all of the underworld movies in order in their proper sequence. To provide you with a choice between two methods to protect the Underworld flicks, each of which may be adapted to suit your individual preferences.


Selene, a vampire who was left an orphan after a vicious attack by Lycans, now works for the vampire clan as a Death Dealer pursuing Lycans in Underworld. Selene fights Lucian, and a harsh Lycan commander is determined to end the vampire bloodline to protect Michael Corvin, an excellent mortal doctor. Michael Corvin, played by Michael Sheen, is particularly interested in the Lycans.

Underworld Awakening:

After the events of Underworld Evolution, Underworld: Awakening is a video game that was released in 2012. She returns from her 12-year coma to discover that she is the mother of Michael’s baby. The two must work together to protect Eve from Marcus and his legion of vampires and Lycans. You’ll need to see the prior films in the series before you can appreciate Underworld. You may discover how she evades capture and how her species is saved for the first time.

Michael Corvin:

He was the one who killed his wife and daughter, so she left the vampire clan to pursue her feelings for a human called Michael Corvin. If you’re a big fan of the Underworld films and want to get the whole experience, watch them all in the order, they were released and followed the timeline provided. Eager to get my hands on a copy of Underworld, a series in which leather-clad vampires fight werewolves with BDSM whips, to proclaim that the Underworld series kicks full ass.

Evolution in the Underworld:

Aristocratic Death Dealers and barbaric Lycans are pitted against each other in Underworld: Evolution, the second episode in the series. To protect the Corvinus lineage’s future from the dark truths of its past, Selene and Michael fight together in the film. Adventure, intrigue, and forbidden love drive them to the conflict that will stop all hostilities. The immortals, on the other hand, must finally face their retribution.

Underworld Rise of Lycans:

As a precursor to the 2003 film, the Underworld: Rise of the Lycans film is a third installment in the narrative. The film’s primary focus is on the characters’ backstories and the circumstances that led to the battle between vampires and Lycans. Vampire King Viktor has terrorized the Lycans for millennia, enslaving and torturing them. Young Lycan Lucian organizes his people to take on Viktor and his Death Dealer army.

He leads the werewolves in a final struggle to free themselves from their captors or die trying to do so, with the help of Sonja, whom he’s been seeing in secret for a long time now. Underworld star Kate Beckinsale makes an appearance at the end of this latest film in the series.

Vampire and Lycan clans:

Upon discovering the Vampire and Lycan clans’ existence in Underworld: Awakening, the fourth episode in the Underworld series, a war to eliminate both races is subsequently sparked. Selene, a vampire warrior, leads the fight against humankind in the series. Michael and Selene defeated Elder Marcus in the film, but humanity enslaved and imprisoned the vampire warrior. Selene realizes Michael is dead, but she gave birth to his daughter Eve after a decade. Even Selene, rejected by all but one vampire, seems impotent against a genetically strengthened Lycan.

Deadly Conflicts in the Underworld:

With the completion of Underworld Blood Wars, the Underworld series has finally arrived at its pinnacle moment. Following the occurrences of the last part, the Vampire death dealer Selene is still engaged in combat with both the Lycan clan and the Vampire gang that had previously escaped from her. Since the beginning of time, vampires and werewolves have been waging a deadly war of attrition against one another. David and his father, Thomas, are the only ones who can stop her from being caught in the middle of this conflict.

Where Should I Start Underworld?

If you watch the Underworld movies in the order they take place in the story; you will be introduced to Selene, a powerful vampire-warrior who defies her instructions, and Michael Corvin, a human who becomes embroiled in the struggle. The battle between the Vampire and Lycan clans, which conflict to destroy both races, is shown in the Underworld film series.

Where Can I Stream The Entire Underworld Series?

I’m looking for a good mystery to read. Based on the Marvel Comics heroine of the same name, Selene and other characters caught up in a war between vampires and werewolves embark on an epic journey. However, where can I find the order of the Underworld films, or how to view them in order? On Amazon Prime, you can view Underworld flicks by renting or purchasing them, but you may also be able to rent and buy them on Vudu.


Vampires and werewolves are eternal foes in the Underworld franchise, which depicts the never-ending struggle between the two. The two are central to every film about the criminal underground. Selene and Michael are shown to be in love amid the conflict. That’s all there is to it! It’s finally possible to view the Underworld episodes in the exact order and take in all of the thrilling experiences. The underworld movies in order began in 2003 and have now grown into a popular fantasy action series with five films released in 2016.


How many movies about the Underworld are there?

There are five films in the Underworld series, a dark fantasy action horror series about a vampire assassin caught in the heart of a personal conflict between vampires and werewolves.

Does it matter if you watch Underworld movies in order sequentially or not?

The series Underworld includes prequels, flashbacks, and recollections. You won’t grasp what’s happening until you’ve seen the preceding movie. The Underworld films should be watched in order.

Do you know how to watch Underworld movies in order?

Underworld movies in order: Release order and chronological order are the two ways to watch underworld movies. Of course, you’re free to choose between the two. If you want a good story, the best way to see all the underworld movies is to watch them chronologically.