How loud is the exhaust from a Tomei?

Tomei exhaust: As a Japanese race car tuner, Tomei exhaust first opened for business in 1968. The Japanese automobile industry, motorsports, and culture have risen to prominence in the previous four decades, making the country a global leader. It’s safe to say that Tomei exhaust products have been used in practically every type of racing. Because of Tomei’s exhaust racing history, their engineers and researchers have firsthand experience with the tremendous demands an engine must withstand in competition.


It weighs 14.1 pounds.

Null for Piping Coatings

Fitting of a Flex Joint: No.

OD of piping: 60 millimeters

Titanium is used for piping.

The answer is no.

Yes, there is a silencer included.

TITANIUM is the tip material.


Engineered from Titanium

Size of the main pipe: 80mm

One millimeter thick

152m is the diameter of the silencer.

A 115-millimeter-wide outlet

Weight: 4.85 kg

Assembled with 3 parts

Wool made of glass:

The silencer was constructed with long fiber wool strands. Over a longer period and under both high and low pressure, this type has proven more durable than typical fiberglass materials.


This product was designed with minimal bends and curves in mind. All the springs, clamps, bands, and bolts needed to install this product on your vehicle are included. As a result, you can enjoy your vehicle with us and know that the quality is there to stay.

The laser-engraved “EXTREME Ti” emblem on the muffler tip side is a sure sign of high quality and performance. Their goods have been meticulously researched and engineered to attain maximum efficiency. Because even the tiniest of deviations can result in catastrophic engine failure, all Tomei exhaust items are manufactured to extremely tight specifications. All Tomei exhaust engine components are machined to improve airflow and ensure a proper seal and fit.


It can be accomplished with the best materials and is affordable to everyone. Because Tomei’s products are made from only the best materials, they can withstand the extreme levels of stress and heat that custom-built engines are subjected to on both the street and the track. Tomei exhaust is a perfectionist to the core.


The dry race exhaust sound of a Titanium exhaust will enthrall you. Titanium is a lightweight, strong, and durable metal sourcing. Our raw materials enable us to increase quality while also dramatically keeping the pricing competitive. With complete control over the raw materials and manufacturing process, we can make high-quality items reasonably priced.

Assembled in sections:

Conventional flanges are replaced with springs and clamps in the middle part. The “TOMEI” brand reintroduced its newest technology into the industry after receiving positive feedback from the world of motorsports. Visitors worldwide can trust TOMEI for dependable service, and the company will continue to grow and improve in the years to come.

Assembled springs:

Vibrations can cause cracks, but the spring’s elasticity makes it less likely. The clamp bands and slits on the pipe end, in addition to the springs, ensure a solid connection between each portion.


The silencer casing is constructed with exhaust efficiency in mind, with a 1mm wall thickness. We imprint our company logo on each piece to give them their distinctive appearance before polishing and heat-treating them. All of our silencers are made using long fiberglass wool. Compared to short fiberglass wool, long fibers are far more resistant to wear, especially when subjected to lengthy periods of high temperature and pressure.

Perforated Tube:

A perforation ratio of 32.6% is achieved using an inner tube made entirely of titanium and measuring 1mm in thickness. The perforations are spaced 5mm apart. The unique racing sound is made possible by titanium’s dual role as a weight-saving and long-lasting material.


While typically pressed flanges are more lightweight, our titanium flanges are more resistant to cracking and warping since they are cut to an 8mm thickness. In addition, the opening’s diameter is left unchanged from the original to guarantee a tight seal.

Titanium materials:

All-new manufacturing processes, starting with raw materials and ending with the end product, have allowed us to lower our production costs and provide this premium-grade Titanium to you at an incredible price. TOMEI’s success in many motorsports categories continued to rise after that day. During this time, TOMEI had established itself as a leader in motorsports technology, performance, and dependability by developing its products.


To achieve ultra-lightweight, we made the pipe as thin as possible without sacrificing strength. Through “TOMEI POWERED INC,” we look forward to serving your needs and passions as we continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in motorsports.


Because of its high heat and corrosion resistance, this muffler can withstand even the most punishing driving conditions for an extended period. As far back as 1968, Mr. Seiichi Suzuki founded TOMEI as a racing-car-tuning facility.


It is the principle behind creating our product, which was made to provide users with both enjoyment and results. Since our Titanium material was produced using fresh, cutting-edge techniques, we’ve saved money that we can then pass on to you. At this price, you can’t top the quality. Upon opening the box, you’ll find everything you need to get started using the product right away.


As a company, Tomei’s mission is “to make a fantastic product for ultimate driving pleasure.” New Titanium exhaust systems are the focus of our most recent product development efforts this time around. Clubman racing series has grown in popularity in recent years, and more people are taking their vehicles to track events to have fun in them. We’ve chosen to create a better offering because bolt-on exhaust systems already on the market have power limitations.


How loud is the exhaust from a Tomei?

Tomei exhaust data showed a 104db measurement at 5250rpm. Even though it’s rather audible, the exhaust note is rich and satisfying, far superior to fart cans.

Is Tomei a Japanese brand?

Tomei exhaust Co. Ltd. (Yokohama, Japan) is an importer, wholesaler, and retailer of boutique wines expertly sourced with the Japanese market in mind.

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