The party at kitty and studs-the Party at Kitty and Stud aka O Garanhao Italiano!

The party at kitty and studs was produced in the United States and directed by Morton Lewis. The United States of America served as the setting for the film’s production. Over his two days of hard labor, Stallone was compensated with a total sum of $200 for his efforts. After some time has elapsed, Stud sends out invitations to a party by way of a note that he posts on a bulletin board. After everyone has arrived, Kitty and Stud have a group sex session in their apartment.

During this session, Stud delivers his services to each woman in the group. It was done to cut down the length of the movie. Here we will discuss the party at kitty and studs.

The plot of the party at kitty and studs:

The film’s primary focus is the party at kitty and studs, a young woman living in New York City with her boyfriend, Stud. Even though Stud is crude and crude, Kitty can’t get enough of how he performs sexually; this is the primary reason for their attraction. They will occasionally engage in less severe forms of sadomasochism, the most common of which involves Stud giving Kitty a belt whipping.

The cast of the party at kitty and studs:

The celebration will take place at cats and studs, and Sylvester Stallone has announced that he will dress in character for the event. Henrietta Holm is well-known for bringing the most energy and excitement to the cats and studs parties. Jodi Van Prang as Jodi.

Frank Micelli:

Frank Micelli, also known simply as Frank, is the person that brings all of the energy and excitement to the kittens and studs party. Janet Banzet does not receive any credit for her Girl in Park performance at Kitty and Studs party.


According to Stallone, the movie was financed by “a group of wealthy lawyers who are very, very solid.” The actor claimed in an interview that he had done the film for Playboy. He had stated that he had been in this situation after evicting his apartment. He said that he had spent the night in a bus station even though it was the dead of winter in the city.

Stallone’s own words can be found:

“It was either do that movie or rob someone.” Instead of resorting to more extreme methods, I looked for work for two days, put aside two hundred dollars, and then used that money to buy my way out of the bus station. In addition to this, the actor described the film as being “horrendous.” He claimed that “by today’s standards, the movie would almost qualify for a PG rating.” he investigated an original print and discovered that there was no evidence of hardcore scenes.


Advertisements for the film published in contemporary newspapers give the impression that it was screened in adult theaters in at least four states across the United States between 1970 and 1972. “It was either do that movie or rob, someone, because I was at the end—at the absolute end—of my rope,” Sylvester Stallone is quoted as saying. The so-called “Sylvester Stallone porno movie” has been transformed into a relatively insignificant urban legend over several years.

Individuals are the owners of the party:

Stallone has stated that after Rocky became successful, the owners of dd sold him rights to the film to prevent it from being re-released for approximately US$100,000; however, the actor “wouldn’t buy it for two bucks.” Even though several people, including Sylvester Stallone himself, have asserted that dd was not made available to the general public until after he had succeeded with Rocky, this is the case.

Rocky success:

it is the most notable instance in which the integrity of this version has been called into question.

Encourage the publication:

The advertising for the release gave the idea that the original movie featured extremely pornographic imagery but that the content had now been toned down into a more family-friendly version of the film. However, the integrity of this version has been called into question on multiple occasions, most notably by the trade journal AVN; Sylvester Stallone had the following to say in response to the news “Forget about seeing a movie for that much money! I, myself, intend to be there!”

Home media:

Ventura Distribution was the first company in the United States to distribute the film on DVD in July 2004. Cinema Epoch was the second company in October 2007, operating under temporary licenses purchased from Bryanston Distributing Company. However, The movie was distributed in the United States. At the time, Bryanston owned all rights to the title globally, and they granted temporary overseas licenses.

DVD in what is ostensible:

In 2007, the film was made available on DVD in a version that was rumored to be more sexually explicit and featured the leading actor engaging in actual sexual penetrations.  On the other hand, it was discovered that Stallone did not appear in any of the intense scenes included in that movie version. These scenes were taken from “The Party at Kitty and Stud’s,” directed by Roger Colmont.

Protracted bargaining:

Bryanston and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer called off their lengthy negotiations in June of 2009 regarding the sale of all rights to the film because they could not agree to the terms of the financial transaction. It was since they could not agree to the terms of the financial transaction. After all three of the women have come to Stud’s house for the party,

Worldwide rights:

In November of 2010, the film’s worldwide rights and the original 35 mm negatives were sold for $412,000 at an auction held on eBay. Scenes from the hard-core film “White Fire,” directed by Roger Colmont and released in 1976, were included in the German translation of the movie and distributed on DVD by Another World Entertainment under license in 2008. Also, they enjoy their entire sex life. They also have an active and fulfilling sexual life.


The party at kitty and studs is engaging in a romantic relationship. They have a vigorous sex life, consisting of fellatio and light S&M, mainly Stud belt-whipping Kitty. He will perform sexual acts on each one of them in turn. The first episode of Sly & the Guys is out, and boy does it ever come through with the goods! We talk about the pornographic film “The Party at Kitty and Stud’s,” which came out in the 1970s and was renamed “The Italian Stallion” following its first release.


What about ticket sales?

Could you tell me about the ticket sales for the party held at the kitty and studs? The place gives the film’s full title in many contemporaneous newspaper listings.

What about re-released?

When the film was re-released, it was given the title Italian Stallion, and the cost to distribute it to cinemas was increased to $10,000 for each night it was shown.