Sun breathing demon slayer- All Sun Breathing Techniques, Explained!

Sun breathing demon slayer battles are unlike anything else you’ll see in modern anime, thanks to the stylized gore and unique aesthetics. It is simple to comprehend how sun-breathing demon slayer has overtaken One Piece in terms of sales to become one of the more successful manga series ever made. A wide range of breath control techniques is on display in this show. Each is a work of art in its own right. Despite this, there is one particular approach in this area that anime fans are unfamiliar with. A method known as the “Sun Breathing” technique, the Hinokami Kagura technique, is awe-inspiring. In this article, we will discuss sun breathing demon slayer.

Best sun breathing demon slayer:

It’s not too late to learn more about the astonishing assortment of movements that Sun Breathing includes for those who can’t wait to learn more. However, the nuances of this approach have not yet been explored to their full potential by the anime and movie viewers. Breathing Styles are swordsmanship techniques that are taught and practiced by members of the Demon Slayer Corps. Following are the best sun breathing demon slayer.

Radiance of Good Will:

With this modification, Sun Breathing’s destructive power is boosted even farther than it already is, making it even more lethal than it already is. The primary goal of Beneficial Radiance is to achieve that. The swordsman will perform a full 360-degree rotation around himself to perform this maneuver. This blow can annihilate an adversary because of its enormous power.

Bone and Skin Burning in the Sun in summertime:

Like the Raging Sun’s, this Sun Breathing move can be used offensively or defensively similarly. This strike had a much greater devastating power because of how it was carried out. This method, in contrast to the Raging Sun method, allows the user to perform a circular slash that covers the entire space around them. So the Burning Bones, Summer Sun playstyle is suited for initiating and successfully defending against attack.

Sun Breathing techniques:

Sun breathing demon slayer techniques recognized for flare and flamboyance include the Setting Sun Transformation. During this technique, you must perform a backflip to gain momentum. An explosive slash follows, building on the momentum from the attack that came before it. It is possible to decapitate and dismember opponents of a lower level with relative ease if this method is used correctly.


To his great dismay, Tanjiro discovered in the heat of battle with Rui that his Water Breathing abilities were woefully inadequate against such an overwhelming foe. Thus, Tanjiro accidentally used a sun-breathing demon slayer for the first time, which gave him the advantage over Rui in their fight. Tanjiro’s standing as a powerful Demon Slayer who had a chance of earning the talents necessary to vanquish Muzan for good was established during this critical event.


Sun Breathing’s most powerful slash has the least number of moving pieces on our list, yet it can potentially wipe out an opponent. While fighting Rui, Tanjiro discovers the Sun Breathing method for the first time by accident. The Sun Breathing arc begins with this occurrence. Tanjiro’s Dancing Flash is a variation on this move.

Second Clear Blue Sky:

Clear Blue Sky was Tanjiro’s second successful Mugen Train movement. As the user turns their body, they unleash a tremendous strike covering the entire area. Because they got to see this motion in action, the audience had a terrific time at the event. These new Sun Breathing techniques have piqued many fans’ interest, who can’t wait to learn more.

Third-Form Roaring Sun:

Currently, the anime has not yet adopted any of the moves that will be discussed in the following paragraphs. For the sake of not seeing any spoilers, any anime fans reading this should turn away from the screen. Raging Sun is a simple yet effective attack that involves slashing across the horizontal plane twice with great force. This move has a lot of utility because it can be used offensively and defensively in different situations. The anime audience will go wild when it finally appears in the show.

Solar Heat Haze:

In my opinion, this is the most brilliant way to use Sun Breathing right now. It’s a sword slash, although it’s hard to see because of the haze. In contrast, this is where the Solar Heat Haze’s destructive power is on full display.” Foes are fooled into thinking the blade hasn’t cut them because of the haze surrounding the blade’s edge. They must wait until it has already hit them to evade the blow.

Sunflower Thrust:

Within the scope of this compilation are already several essential strategies. In the grand scheme, the Sunflower Thrust is of little consequence. While this method may not be as effective as others, it should not be overlooked. Using the point of your sword, you impale your opponents with a powerful stabbing strike when you use the Sunflower Thrust.

Halo Head for Dragon Dance:

For me, one of the most beautiful versions of the Dragon Sun Halo Head Dance is included in this collection. The movement’s long and renowned history should be enough to convince anyone of its great power. Like the Constant Flux method, this one launches a single, continuous stroke. One stroke can wipe out an entire army of enemies, thanks to the dragon form and the encircling flames it releases.

A Fire-Spinning Wheel:

Various breathing techniques, such as the Demon Slayer, can be used with the attacks. The Sun Breathing method, on the other hand, uses a unique Fire Wheel methodology that sets it apart from the rest. Using the Fire Wheel method, the user must do a flanking jump behind their opponent.

However, It distinguishes the Fire Wheel attack from others. The other episodes are more straightforward and don’t necessitate any complicated footwork. It’s time to put this assault at the top of tense action manga.

Rainbow Imitation:

It’s no surprise that both the Solar Heat Haze and the Fake Rainbow rely on deception, and the Fake Rainbow is no exception. While Solar Heat Haze uses the sword as a source of bewilderment, this method relies on the user’s body to do the same thing. There are a lot of spins and footwork involved in Fake Rainbow, which causes the user to leave behind afterimages in the aftermath of their actions. In the vast majority of your adversaries’ attempts to strike these afterimages, they will be surprised.

Flame Dancing:

Some readers may believe that the depiction of the Flame Dance is not stunning enough after reading about these significant attacks. However, don’t underestimate the value of conciseness. The sheer ferocity of this onslaught makes it challenging to defend against. A forceful vertical slash and an equally potent horizontal slash are used in the Flame Dance. If used correctly, it is feasible to bring about the demise of most foes.


Sun breathing demon slayer is that lacks an official name by which to be identified. Instead, it is a combination of all twelve forms that are part of this approach, applied sequentially to maximize their potential. Tanjiro devised this strategy specifically to defeat Muzan. It was only logical that Tanjiro would use this fearsome method to deal with Muzan’s twelve hearts that could be moved about his body at once.


Is it possible for Tanjiro to perfect the art of solar inhalation?

Sun breathing demon slayer: After using his Water Breathing talent initially, Tanjiro realizes that the Sun Breathing ability is better suited to his personality and skills.

When it comes to Tanjiro, the sun-breathing demon slayer seems to work wonders?

Tanjiro’s “Water Breathing” prevails. In the highlands, Sakonji taught him about Sun Breathing. Tanjiro starts using Water Breathing, but he finds Sun Breathing more useful.