Everything that you need to know about Soru soru no mi.

Soru soru no mi One can converse with and influence other people’s souls using the Paramecia Devil Fruit, Soru Soru no Mi. It was handed to Charlotte Linlin by Carmel, even though he had previously used the ability. To demonstrate the fruit’s ability to manipulate spirits, Big Mom summoned and drew forth the hearts of people who were terrified to confront it.

The fruit is proof of its prowess. Although they look ghostly, they are made of a light pink substance that may be felt. Like smoke, this substance emerges from the victim’s body. Once it has ringed the target’s body, the user can capture the soul by reaching out and pulling it out. Here we will discuss your sort no mi.

Everything to know about our sort no mi:

If the user wants to take decades or just a few seconds out of someone’s life at a time, they can do it with this technology, which effectively steals their entire lives. If the user can take years from the victim’s remaining lifespan to steal their whole lifespan, they can end the victim’s life. Following are facts about soru sort no mi.


The fruit was able to manifest Carmel’s soul and develop relationships. She compressed the flames that erupted at Elbaf due to Linlin’s wrath on Pandora, which convinced the inhabitants that she had summoned the sun god. When she performed a display in Elbaf with Marines, she appeared to use her associates to manipulate the weather to make it look like she stopped the rain and the sun was shining on her during the presentation to deceive the giants and gain their faith.


Using the palm of her hand, Carmel may materialize a piece of her soul and then infuse it into an object or animal, transforming it into a homie. Initially, it was discovered that she was using this technique to create Pandora from the raging blazes of Elbaf. “Geburtstag” is the German translation of the English term “birthday.”

Charlotte Linlin, author of the following statement:

Big Mom has taxed Totto Land’s people, requiring them to either give up a portion of their soul every three months or leave the land. Her Incarnations take these soul fragments and spread them over Totto Land, where they settle into random objects or animals and become homies. Each of her previous incarnations has returned in various guises. Due to her strength as one of the Four Emperors, few individuals can meet her without showing dread.

Sort your no mi’s powers:

Thus, she frequently employs her skills to kill individuals by taking away vast amounts of their lives. As a result of her awareness of how few individuals can face her without displaying any signs of fear, she acts in this manner. The Yomi Yomi no Mi’s powers do not affect these homies, as they are far more powerful than normal ones. The Yomi Yomi no Mi is a threat to Big Mom’s sanity. Therefore she has created three separate homies out of bits of her powerful soul.


There are large, humanoid blobs known as black Incarnations. The residents of Totto Land are obligated to pay a month’s worth of their lives every two years to the Totto Land tax collectors. Using a technique known as Soul Pocus, they may harvest the souls of others. They’re made from Big Mom’s own incredibly potent soul fragments. Because of their high intelligence, they can converse with people and understand basic commands. Masaya Takatsuka lends her voice to the characters in the Japanese version.


When a soul fragment is implanted into an object, it becomes a homie with the power to speak and move. It makes the thing appear anthropomorphic and gives it new life. Everything from plants and minerals to architecture, furniture, cuisine, and even air and light can be called “homie.” Almost anything can be used to create a buddy. A home can only be generated from the remains of a living human or a decomposed organism.


Whenever Big Mom adds shards of her powerful soul to an object, she produces a unique buddy. Unlike regular Homies, these homes are far more powerful and immune to the Yomi Yomi no Mi. Big Mom is always accompanied by three loyal companions: a fiery ball of lightning, an angry thundercloud, and an armored helmet that can transform into a sword. After some time, she came up with a brand new thundercloud special friend to replace Zeus because she thought he was a bust.

Magic of the Spirit:

It’s as if she’s speaking directly to the soul’s attachment to life itself, demanding that the person either give in to her demands or give her their lifespan. She says, “Life or X, X or Life,” where X is whatever Big Mom wants. She demands that the person follow her orders or lose their lives. Big Mom can steal any quantity of a person’s remaining lifespan, including their entire lifespan, causing them to die instantly.

Techniques based on friendship:

Her left hand is charged with electricity and slammed down on her opponent, blasting them with her superhuman power and a strong bolt of lightning. The Zeus Slam is the name given to this technique. Vinsmoke Judge was the first target, and it was powerful enough to take him out in a single strike. Some subtitles refer to this as Thunder Bolt.

Tenman Daijizai Tenjin:

In response to a demand from Big Mom, Zeus is instructed to unleash lightning bolts from the heavens in every direction. Lightning storms deluge the area surrounding her as a result of her actions. Lightning can sense and respond to its environment, allowing it to escape or hit adversaries hiding from it. The Worst Generation utilized this weapon on Onigashima’s rooftop. Tenjin, often called “Ten-man Daijizai Tenjin,” is the Shinto god of thunder. Viz Manga calls him “God of Lightning Tenjin.”

The Flames of Heaven:

A gigantic explosion loaded with flames occurs when Big Mom hurls Prometheus towards her opponent or uses it as an augmentation to her blow. Even if a person is wearing a fireproof suit like a Raid Suit, the flames are strong enough to injure them. After using it against the Sanji Retrieval Team in Sweet City, she named it. Means “fire” in German. FUNimation labels this “Heavenly Fire.”


While Linlin is reminiscing about her past, she goes on a binge eating spree, which causes Mother Caramel and all her other friends to “disappear.” Because of this, the only thing that makes sense regarding Big Mom’s abilities is that she consumed mother caramel. She relied primarily on cannibalism to steal the Soru Soru no Mi Devil Fruit from Mother Caramel and use it for herself.


What does the Soru Soru no Mi does?

Originally from Paramecia, the Devil Fruit known as the Soru Soru no Mi enables its wielder to communicate with and manipulate the souls of others freely.

Is there a devil fruit growing in Big Mom’s garden?

Paramecia devil fruit is called Soru Soru no Mi. Big Mom will decide. Using demon fruit, she may steal the souls of her enemies. It imbues weapons with her essence. She had three guns.