Soft and wet stand step by step guide.

Soft and wet stand the establishment’s proprietors known as Soft & Wet. With Soft & Wet, Josuke can make soap bubbles that can wash away qualities from various objects. When Josuke discovers the connection between soap bubbles and Spin, he gains control of Soft & Wet: Go Beyond, an invisible soap bubble. With the help of spinning lines, the invisible bubbles can pass through any object and erode it when they touch it.

The humanoid soft and wet stand looks like a robot. He’s white with a purple anchor on his chest that spreads upwards and outwards from the centre. He had small round eyes, no lips, and a purple line running through the middle of his oval face. In this article, we will discuss soft and wet stands.

Infrequent Appearances:

His ears are long and pointed. The soft and wet stand was completely different before the first chapter was released. Despite its lack of long ears, it possessed a nose. Soft & Wet is Josefumi Kujo’s stand throughout the portion’s flashbacks. Except for the black on the tops of his shoulder pads, his appearance as Josefumi’s Stand is virtually identical.

Abilities and Powers:

Soap bubbles can be released from Josuke’s Stand and utilised in various ways by Soft & Wet’s basic form. When using Plunder, Josuke can take the attributes of various items and store them in the bubbles around them. For example, he can take someone’s “eyesight” and return it whenever he wishes. Also, he can build a protective bubble around himself and another person using Soft & Wet’s bubbles.

Spinning lines in soft and wet stand:

“Spinning lines” spinning so quickly seem spherical in some of the soap bubbles Josuke creates later in the novel. Because they “do not exist in this world,” these bubbles cannot be seen with the naked eye. Using Spin, Josuke can combine it with these invisible bubbles to blast them out of his fingers. These invisible bubbles may damage anything they touch. They can also avoid Wonder of U’s calamity ability because they have a different physical plane.

What should I do now?

Josuke can exert control over a soap bubble that arises from his birthmark using a software program called Soft & Wet Go Beyond. Because it is made up of spinning lines that are travelling at such a high speed that they appear spherical, this bubble is one of a kind. By manipulating his fingertips, Josuke can release a single bubble moving in a unidirectional rotation.

Presence of the bubble:

It is not meant for the sad events in Wonder of U to impact this bubble because, in the “real world,” it “does not exist.” compromised.

Creation of bombs:

Because of the hybrid nature of Soft & Wet’s bubbles, they maintain some of the bubble-generation powers that Killer Queen possessed. It is demonstrated that these bubbles are powerful enough to cause damage when Josuke uses one of them to break Tamaki Damo’s sunglasses while they are close to each other. In addition, it seems as though Josuke can exert some degree of influence over the path taken by any small items that are contained within his bubbles.

Josuke’s fighting technique:

Phex Brothers have noticed that Josuke’s fighting technique is strikingly similar to that of the late Kira, particularly in Josuke’s ability to inflict damage on opponents by bursting bubbles implanted beneath their skin. Phex Brothers have also noticed that Josuke’s fighting technique is strikingly similar to that of the late Kira.

Creating Bubbles:

Bubbles with stars embedded in them are created by Soft & Wet and must come into contact with their target to be effective. Josuke, however, can direct the bubbles in the exact direction they need to go. Tiny wires pulsating at ultra-high rates form the bubbles, giving them their sphere-like appearance. Josuke frequently exploits the qualities of his bubbles to his advantage.

Yotsuba Yagiyama:

He can hoist others in a gigantic bubble and carry them aloft with the help of the buoyancy of the bubble, like Yotsuyu Yagiyama, by using the bubbles’ lifting power. Josuke has also used gigantic bubbles to shield himself and his comrades from harm’s way.

Plunder Bubble:

The ability to “steal something from and take it for itself” is the defining feature of the Soft & Wet character and is utilized in conjunction with the bubbles. Therefore, Josuke can take qualities or characteristics from both inanimate objects and living beings. The attributes above appear to be other tiny items originating from a larger object.

The Initial Bomb Shock:

As was said earlier, after Soft & Wet’s bubbles undergo equivalent exchange with Yoshikage Kira, they transform into a hybrid consisting of their bubbles and those of Killer Queen’s bubbles. The power of Killer Queen to generate bubbles is carried over into these fused bubbles in some respects. When Josuke uses one to shatter Tamaki Damo’s sunglasses, these bubbles can burst with sufficient force to cause damage even when used at close range.

Go Beyond with Soft and Wet:

Josuke’s bubble and its attributes consist of nothing more than a line that rotates at a high rate, giving the impression that it is a bubble. Because it is so close to the point where there is no longer any visible distinction between the background and the foreground, this line is practically invisible. It was shown that he was generating these bubbles from the star birthmark on the left side of his shoulder.


At first, he was unable to exercise any control over them; nevertheless, as time progressed, he eventually became capable of making them whenever he desired and also obtained entire command over them. Currently, he can produce them anytime he desires. It is also indicated that the bubbles carry a remnant of the spin; nevertheless, the link between Josuke’s spin and the spin in Part 7 is not yet clear to the reader.


How rare is it for Stand waking to be gentle and wet?

Using an Arrow on Stainless has a 7% chance of producing soft and wet. If it’s shiny, there’s a one-in-a-million chance of getting it. Trading is another option to get a soft and wet stand that is sparkling.

What is the significance of Josuke’s use of the terms soft and wet?

The bubble that appears to be Josuke’s is nothing more than a fast-spinning line that gives the illusion of a floating object.