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Social rebel is it legit? In this article, you’ll learn whether or not social rebel is a legitimate site that pays its members for completing tasks. In exchange for signing up, Social Rebel promises to give you $50 and the opportunity to make hundreds of dollars with minimal effort. It pays a lot more for your time than most other reward websites. Social Rebel’s website promotes itself as a place to participate in paid surveys and app tests in exchange for cash. This company is a hoax; I’m sorry to say. In this article, I’ll explain if social rebel is legit, how the platform functions, how you’re supposed to get paid, and why it’s not a real opportunity.

What is a social rebel and social rebel is it legit?

Available in 140 countries, is a get-paid-to website. A $50 sign-up incentive is offered, and the platform boasts that users can earn $500 in a few days. The signup process takes less than a minute, and the platform provides multiple revenue streams. It functions like any other rewards site, except the payouts are guaranteed to be ridiculously high.

To what end does Social Rebel exist?

The first steps are as follows:

The site boasts about how much money you can make, but you have to labor a lot before you get paid, and they always have an excuse for not paying you. The initial step in using Social Rebel is creating an account on their website (Socialrebel. co). During registration, you will be asked to supply information about yourself.

Second Stage: Homework Completion

The following tasks will be available to you once you’ve been accepted:

Program for Making Referrals:

The dashboard of the site is where you will find your referral link. Like building a downline in affiliate marketing, you may encourage people to join by sharing your unique referral link. If someone signs up after clicking on your affiliate link, you’ll receive $2 per click and $20 per signup, respectively. The referral program is the critical source of the ever-increasing membership, according to Social Rebel reviews that are publicly available.

Commercially Viable Feedback Mechanisms:

In the website’s Offer Center, you’ll find a list of all the surveys you can participate in. Social Rebel offers many surveys and often updates the list, making it more likely that members can participate in a study without competing with other members. If you fit a specific demographic profile based on your age, geography, or gender, you may be eligible to take part in the surveys. Participating in a survey is not always possible without first providing personal information such as your name, age, gender, phone number, and physical address.

Download and Setup:

You can make money when you use your iOS or Android device to access deals and download apps. To use the apps, you must sign up for an account and upload your information.

Messages on Social Media:

You can click the Social Pay option on the website to get a copy of the caption to share on your social media profiles. The link to the post must be shared on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, and YouTube to be eligible for payout.

The Third Step Is to Get Your Money:

According to the Social Rebel website, members can request payments via PayPal, Bitcoin, Venmo, or Cash App. No minimum withdrawal requirement exists, so you can get your money whenever you choose. After you’ve finished the missions, your Social Rebel account will be credited with the reward money. However, you should know that all the money in your account is fictitious and cannot be withdrawn.

Can You Trust Social Rebel?

You should know that Social Rebel is not a legitimate loyalty program. Users are duped into signing up with the promise of huge payouts upon joining. But there’s no way to withdraw your money, so it’s pointless to even bother with this scam.

For starters, you have to do a lot of various offers before you can pay out. This involves receiving 15 clicks on your links, inviting five friends, and making $220 in offer commissions.

To put it another way, the $50 sign-up incentive and the money you get from the first few offers entirely don’t belong to you; they’re just locked away in your Social Rebel account. In addition, the absence of any online proof of payment from Social Rebel is a huge red flag.

Social Dissidents: Legit Paid Sites to Use Instead:

It’s a shame that I have to tell you that Social Rebel is a fraud. But you’re hoping to make some extra cash by doing things like watching movies, checking out applications, filling out surveys, and playing games. In that case, there are plenty of legitimate sites out there that genuinely offer these chances.

Consider these financially rewarding options as an alternative to Social Rebel!


Swagbucks is a well-reviewed, get-paid website that will genuinely pay you for accomplishing online tasks. Activities such as playing games, viewing videos, and surfing the web count. You can get paid to your PayPal account or a gift card for merchants like Amazon and Walmart.

Instant Payouts:

You can get paid via QuickRewards to read emails, play games, and fill out surveys. You can still cash out your earnings if you only have a single cent in your account. You get compensated via PayPal.


Playing games, reading emails, and filling out surveys are all ways to earn money with InboxDollars. Payment is delivered to your PayPal account.


TimeBucks is a legitimate platform that compensates users for completing chores and surveys. If you’re looking for a fair way to make money online, this site is preferable to the fraud platform SocialRebel because it offers the potential for earnings of more than $10. To cash out your TimeBucks profits, you must first accumulate ten dollars.


The only thing SurveyTime does is questionnaires. It’s a legitimate GPT website where you can earn as much as $4 per hour by taking surveys. You can get paid right away for completing surveys on SurveyTime, unlike with TimeBucks.


Playing online games and downloading apps are only two examples of the additional activities available on ySense, making it similar to TimeBucks. You could make close to $10 daily, depending on the general tasks. Compared to TimeBucks, the minimum payout is lower at $5.05. Try TimeBucks if you’d instead get paid sooner.


Qmee is a website that compensates you for performing simple online activities, including playing games, conducting web searches, and completing surveys. You can withdraw any amount from your account at any time. Paypal is used for financial transactions.

Does Social Rebel Work?

Sadly, all of the reviews of the Social Rebel app agree that it is a fraud. Considering all the benefits promised by Social Rebel, it’s little surprise that it has yet to make several internet users into millionaires with its generous payouts. There needs to be evidence in the business plan that the high rewards can be maintained indefinitely.


Social Rebel is outright fraud. I was reminded of sites like FlashRewards when using this one; it appears you may make hundreds of dollars quickly, but it’s challenging, if possible, to withdraw any of your earnings. There are, in the end, far superior methods of making money online. Try out other passive income strategies, incentive applications, or genuine GPT sites.


Can We Assume That Social Rebel Is Not A Scam?

Social Rebel is indeed a fraud. Many people have complained that they have tried without success to withdraw their funds. The site boasts about how much money you can make, but you have to labor a lot before you get paid, and they always have an excuse for not paying you.

Does it pay to be a Social Rebel and social rebel is it legit?

Social Rebel never compensates users. This causes most platform frustration. Before withdrawing income, the site will warn you you’ve been idle and need more chores. If you do these things, the site will again say you have yet to be active or need more time to confirm your account before paying you.

Is There Any Verification of Funding for Social Rebels?

Considering that Social Rebel’s website is the only verifiable proof of the company’s financial viability, you should rely on something other than it. Even after being shut down, the scammers behind changed the name of their site.