Snuffy face reveal Snuffy Real Name, Age, Height, Boyfriend, Twitter, And Other Details!

Snuffy face reveal has his dedicated following. She was well-known for her Pokemon card streaming and Tiktok broadcasts, which were popular among her followers. This post will cover Snuffy’s face, true name, height, boyfriend, and more. Continue reading this article until the end to learn more about the Snuffy Face revelation.

It’s no secret that Snuffy is a well-known Twitch streamer and video blogger most known for her TikTok and Pokémon Card broadcasts. Her high-pitched laugh and sense of humor helped Snuffy garner 166k Twitch followers in only a few short months. She also has a YouTube channel with over 70k followers; therefore, her net worth on the internet must be rather substantial. Let’s talk about the snuffy face reveal a little further.


Known for her high-pitched voice, mischief, and cursed sense of humor, Snuffy is a self-described gremlin. You can’t help but fall in love with her because of her ability to effortlessly go from the sweet and the menacing without ever missing a beat. She’s always there for her buddies, but when things are calm, a snuffy face reveal’s distinctive brand of havoc is sure to get everyone in trouble.


Snuffy has appeared in many videos throughout her stint on YouTube. She has brown hair, a raccoon mask, amber eyes, and sharp fangs like a raccoon girl. In addition to the black leather choker, a black and orange unzipped sweatshirt, and black knee-high socks, she wears platform Converse shoes. Pale pink and pale blue were her signature colors as a long-haired catgirl.

A witch’s outfit:

BlueBirdHay created a Witch costume for her that had shoulder-length hair, which she debuted in October 2020. Since then, Snuffy’s hair has been shorter in every incarnation of the character. In December 2020, she debuted a new winter dress and recolor created by BlueBirdHay, which included a large fluffy tail and a blue and white color scheme. Since then, Snuffy has always had a fluffy tail on his doodles.


Snuffy initially appeared as a pink catgirl on Twitch. Snuffy subsequently changed her name to snuffy face reveal and disclosed that she had been a raccoon her whole life.

The net worth of Snuffy:

Snuffy has a steady source of income, as shown by her net worth. She uses internet shopping to promote her products. Snuffy uses her videos, broadcasts, and channels to spread the word about various companies. Currently, Snuffy has a net worth of $113K. Because she uses a variety of methods to get money. Snuffy face reveal’s partner and relationship are not mentioned here. Such information remains a closely guarded secret.

Snuffy October:

Twitch star snuffy face reveal is known for her adorable Racoon girl alias. Her Twitch profile states that she enjoys a wide variety of video games. Generally speaking, she can be found watching Pokemon Trading Card Game and the Netflix series We Were Here. In addition, she enjoys chatting with her followers, as she often streams Just Chatting. In addition, the woman has her line of unique merchandise. The post box is the place to go to see it.

Face-to-Face Reveal by Snuffy October:

No, the Twitch celebrity Snuffy has not yet revealed her face to the broader world. Yet, their snuffy face reveal has not indicated that she intends to make her facial features more widely known. Even though a slew of videos have been published on YouTube with the title Snuffy’s face to expose, none of them have revealed her true story.

Fandom Snuffy:

Regarding her real-life meeting, Vtuber Snuffy has yet to reveal her true identity. According to Virtual YouTuber, a pink cat lady named Fandom Snuffy is expected to make her Twitch debut on April 20, 2020. SnuffyOwO was Snuffy’s first name, but it was subsequently changed to Snuffy.

October Snuffy, an Outdated Concept:

Because we don’t know exactly when the snuffy face reveal was born, we can’t keep track of how old she is. We can’t even speculate on her age or peak since she hasn’t established her actual human look on her own. However, based on the tone of her voice, she seems to be in her early twenties. Only the first thirty days of her life and the day of her birth are visible on the internet. On the 24th of February, Snuffy Vtuber gets honored with birthday greetings.

Snuffy by his real name:

Snuffy had also refused to divulge her true identity. Video game character Snuffy also streams on Twitch. Fans like her sharp wit and smart repartee. Nothing about Snuffy was revealed to Snuffy on social media. Our best guess is that she can swiftly recognize her face and the name she goes by. She’s a big fan of social media, particularly Twitter and Instagram. Only a few months after joining Twitter in 2020, she had amassed over 87K followers.

Snuffy’s current age is unknown:

This time around, it’s impossible to determine her exact birth date or age. However, she is under the age of twenty. There are no records of her birth date or month on the Internet. On February 24, she began receiving wishes at that time.

Snuffy’s height:

Snuffy face reveal has appeared countless times throughout her time streaming. She’s a raccoon girl with shoulder-length brown hair, a raccoon mask, amber eyes, and sharp fangs. Besides her black leather choker, she’s also wearing an orange and black sweatshirt, knee-high socks, and her black platform Converse shoes. Initially, she was a pink, long-haired catgirl with a pink and blue pastel goth feel; then, she changed her appearance.

The length of one’s hair at the shoulders:

BlueBirdHay designed her witch costume with shoulder-length hair for Halloween 2020, which she displayed on the red carpet. There have been other incarnations of Snuffy since that time, all with shorter hair. In December 2020, BlueBirdHay’s design, which included a long fluffy tail and a color shift to blue and white, emerged. Since then, Snuffy has always appeared with a fluffy tail.

Husband with a Snuffle:

Snuffy hasn’t spoken anything about her romantic connection with anybody in particular. She has many friends, but no one knows anything about her personal life. Many other VTubers, such as Shine, Nyanners, and Projekt Melody, are close friends of Snuffy’s, such as Ironmouse, Silverdale, and Bunny GIF. Snuffy’s Wednesday-night Pokémon Card opening Livestream includes her adorable kitten Kimchi. the snuffy face reveals she refers to her VTuber friends as “waifu.” It’s been revealed that Veibae is considering proposing Snuffy.


Snuffy is recognized for her high-pitched voice, chuckle, and ability to see things’ funny side. She has 166k Twitch fans and over 70k Youtube subscribers. Snuffy’s fans are still in the dark about who she is. She didn’t provide any indications about whether or not she planned to show her face to the public. Snuffy face reveal videos have sprung up everywhere, but none have revealed who she is.


When was Snuffy’s face first seen?

Snuffy’s fans are still in the dark about who she is. She didn’t even imply that she would show her face to the public.

For what He’s best known?

She was well-known for her Pokemon card streaming and Tiktok broadcasts, which were popular among her followers. Snuffy’s many talents are her chuckle, high-pitched voice, and sense of humor.

How old is Snuffy, and what is his height?

Even if her actual age isn’t known, she may be younger than 20. The public has yet to learn the exact height of Snuffy.

Have an estimated number of fans Snuffy’s Twitch account?

She has 166k Twitch fans and over 70k Youtube subscribers.