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Smart square hmh contains the Avantas Predictive Model. Predictive scheduling software can anticipate healthcare staffing needs 120 days in advance. So that you may improve you’re scheduling and staffing plans sooner and more efficiently. When calculating these projections each week, staffing matrices specific to each unit or service area are used as input.  In this article, we shall go into detail regarding Smart square hmh.

Helpful scheduling resources for the healthcare industry:

There isn’t always a standard method when scheduling shifts throughout the different departments and divisions that make up a hospital or health system. Regarding effective time management, some people use cyclic schedules, while others combine them with other tactics, such as self-scheduling or being available on call at all times. Others still mix cyclic programs with both of these approaches. Whatever it is that you have in mind to accomplish, Smart Square is up to the task.

It’s all about saving time:

Tools for scheduling and staffing help managers produce better and more evenly distributed schedules in a manner that is more time and labor effective. These technologies also contribute to the identification of possible problems that may appear in the not-too-distant future. Regarding scheduling and staffing, our customers save their managers at least fifty percent of the time they would have otherwise spent! Discover additional information about the accomplishments of a customer here.


Smart Square shows the ratio of the number of employees to the total quantity of work to be completed across the entire organization on a single screen. Drill down from the system view to the hospital or facility, department, and unit/clinic levels to target areas of excess or need and make changes to solve them. You can see everything.

Business intelligence sources abound:

Smart Square provides access to timely and actionable information. In this way, managers are empowered to spot the earliest signs of negative trends and make the required corrections.  A unified data source, or what we might call a suitable version of the truth, is available to the entire leadership team.

What Is its Purpose, and How Is It Applied?

Medical professionals may be wondering what Smart Square Mercy is and how it functions. With this software, authorized medical workers can access detailed patient information from anywhere in the world. Mercy allows you to keep track of a patient’s current status and schedule. Adding customers to your list of emergency workers is another way to use this feature. On desktop computers, laptops, and even smartphones and tablets, intelligent square mercy can be used.

Patients and Employees:

Smart square hmh allows healthcare providers to log in and manage patient records securely and efficiently. The software’s protected user interface can be utilized for patients, employees, and supervisors. Patients and staff members can use the software to book shifts and update personal information. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved, including the patients. To learn more about the app, look at the following resources.

A User-friendly Interface:

Mercy Smart Square’s user-friendly interface is one of its most notable features. It aids doctors in the management of patient appointments and procedures. Using this tool, you can track individual member performance, add and remove clients, delegate work to your staff, and more. You can still access the system even if you’re using a tablet or a laptop. Users can access the program through the Firefox or Internet Explorer web browser.

Those who work in medicine:

Using Smart Square Mercy, medical staff can also access patient records. The software allows you to quickly and easily retrieve all of your patient’s data with only a few mouse clicks. Using the technology does not put your company at risk, and browsing is entirely secure. Everyone on the team can easily use it. As a result, you may rest assured that your practice will run well. Professionals in the medical area will find this curriculum to be an excellent choice.

A Complete Scheduling Solution:

All your appointments can be scheduled using Mercy Smart Square, an online platform. You can use it to schedule personnel and patients on your Smartphone. Mercy makes it simple to keep track of the data related to your patients. Besides that, it contains features that aid medical practitioners in keeping track of patient data. You can also set up appointments for yourself in advance using the internet. A map could help you improve your practice.

Coordinating and managing patient information is a snap with the innovative square Mercy program. This tool can post messages and appointments to the hospital’s bulletin board. Aside from scheduling and obtaining urgent appointments, Mercy allows nurses to manage their schedules. In addition, it can be customized to meet the needs of your company’s employees.

Review your staffing levels and vacancies:

To successfully execute employee scheduling, you’ll need to know precisely how many people are available at any given time. Looking at their working hours, you may know when your staff is most effective. You should also find out if your team prefers when scheduled if given the option. Employees can use a specialized scheduling tool to apply for open shifts or select their usual work schedule from a list of available options.

Make your schedule public to avoid surprises.

Predictive scheduling laws also force you to plan forward. For example, you must advise your staff seven to 14 days before the shifts they can expect to work. Even when circumstances change, establishing plans in advance is a good idea. Use a scheduling program to keep this information current and accessible. No need to print, post, or email personnel schedules, lowering the danger of someone missing it. Square notifies employees via email and the Square Team app when new or changed shift schedules are released.

Make sure your employees’ schedules align:

It can be tempting to copy the schedule from the previous week when creating a calendar for the staff. Assuming that nothing has changed, however, is a false assumption. It’s essential to keep an eye on your calendar to ensure it appropriately reflects the current state of your employment and the needs of your employees. A single place can handle your team’s scheduling and payment needs. The new Shift Scheduling features in Square Staff Management might help alleviate the stress of managing your team.


As part of the Smart square hmh mercy program, users can not only save and organize patient data, but they can also manage the work schedules of their employees. You can simultaneously take care of appointments and shifts to make things even more convenient. Hospitals find the application invaluable because of its ability to perform these functions. In addition, it may be easily integrated into existing hospital systems without causing disruptions.


How to use Smart square hmh?

Using Smart Square, you can plan, schedule, staff, deploy, and report on your whole workforce with no human intervention. Healthcare professionals for healthcare professionals created it. ‘

What is Smart square hmh?

A four-state region encompassing Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma have used Avantas’ Smart Square scheduling software in 16 of Mercy’s 30 hospitals. Mercy is the United States’ eighth-largest Catholic health care provider.