Breed of Dog called a Sarabi Mastiff | Sarabi dog for sale

Sarabi dog for sale price is the topic of discussion. The Sarabi Mastiff is a large dog breed with many different names. Therefore This guard dog originated in Azerbaijan, located in northern Iran. The Sarabi mastiff is the most powerful of Iran’s native dog breeds. Due to its larger size and mass, the Sarabi mastiff is an excellent investment. The top lips of these mastiffs hang low, the eyes are almond-shaped, and the thick tail is long and shaped like a j. This article is about Sarabi dog for sale and the cost price of Sarabi dog for sale.

The Sarabi Mastiff’s Furry Coat

The primary function of these ancient canines is to defend livestock, such as sheep, against predators. When you first lay eyes on a Sarabi mastiff, you may be intimidated by the dog’s imposing size and bulk. The Persian dog, however, is a gentleman, a free spirit, and a loyal protector of their human family. Therefore The black and brown coloring of the Sarabi mastiff’s coat is appropriate for a dog of its temperament and size. The canines’ skin is a barrier against the elements throughout all seasons. Logically, a clean, well-groomed dog would take special care of its fur.

Recipes for Sarabi Mastiffs Breed and Sarabi dog for sale:

The diet of the Sarabi mastiff dog breed is universally relevant. In addition, most dogs are allowed to consume meat, vegetables, and even rare fish, but you should still consult your vet before deciding what to put in your dog’s dish. Depending on their preferences, people who own the same breed of dog may feed it commercial or organic food. The Sarabi mastiff is undeniably wonderful with children, but what about Utonagan Dog Breeds? The dog’s resemblance to wolves puts many people off, although the animal is popular as a pet overall.

Is the Sarabi Mastiff Good with Kids?

The Sarabi mastiff is a loyal cattle dog, courteous to adults, and good with kids, although they may be aggressive with strangers. Sarabi is healthier and larger than other breeds, with enormous heads making them seem distinctive and bold, and their groomed coat is smooth and colorful, protecting them from the cold and other elements. They are extremely protective of their adoptive families and wary of strangers.

How Big Can a Sarabi Mastiff Get?

Male Sarabi mastiffs stand at 32 to 35 inches (81 to 89 cm) in height, while females are shorter at 28 to 32 inches (71 to 81 cm) (71 to 81cm). Their canine breed’s typical weight is also proportional to their stature, suggesting they are both physically and mentally robust. Male Sarabi weighs about 143–198 lbs (65 to 90kg). Men may weigh up to 220 pounds (100 kilograms), while women can weigh between 114 and 68 kg (250 and 150 lb) (50 to 70kg).

Can You Find a Buyer for a Sarabi Mastiff?

Most individuals will stick with their preferences and attempt to keep costs as low as possible when choosing a dog. Dog owners tend to have a deep, abiding affection for their canine friends. However, the guardian livestock of the Sarabi breed is ideal if you run a company selling food for pets. The Sarabi mastiff is an autonomous and protective dog that would never assault customers, making him an excellent choice for anybody looking to own a dog for either personal or public protection.

Can You Describe the Sarabi Mastiff?

Besides its native name, the Sarabi mastiff is also known as the Persian mastiff, the Iranian mastiff, the shepherd dog, and the dog used in stage combat. The Sarabi is a strong guard dog breed known for its calm demeanor, independence, and self-sufficiency. They are a noble breed devoted to their master and the ideal guard dog for a household with young children. Even though most dogs aren’t natural swimmers, they can be taught to swim.

The majority of Sarabi Mastiffs are imported from which country?

The Sarabi mastiff is a livestock guardian dog indigenous to East Azerbaijan in northern Iran. The United States is first on the list because it is the largest imported dog market. China is in second place, while Japan comes in at number four. The Sarabi mastiff is often used in the field of security. The third-highest number of dog-owning nations includes even Russia.


The Sarabi mastiff is a popular choice for home protection. These canines are one-of-a-kind in their talent and loyalty to their owners. The price of a Sarabi mastiff would range from $500 to $100. Dogs of this size and strength tend to be rather pricey since they are naturally timid around strangers. The price of Sarabi dog for sale price is too much.


Just how powerful is the Sarabi dog?

With its massive build, skull, and deadly biting force, this dog breed is among the most formidable in the canine kingdom.

Can you tell me the origin of Sarabi dogs?

As a county, Sarab may be found in Iran’s East Azerbaijan province. Sarab is the county seat.