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Rusty taco fenton’s original restaurant chain with a Mexican theme, Rusty Taco, will once again be called Rusty Taco, the company said on Tuesday. Rusty and Denise Fenton were always individuals who loved to eat before they started the Rusty Taco business. On the weekends, they would watch cooking shows on PBS to come up with new recipes to test in their in-house kitchen.

Rusty and Denise grew closer due to their mutual love of food adventures, which they documented using the cameras on their cell phones and then shared with their loved ones and friends back home. Although not all meals are equal, according to Denise and Rusty, Mexican cuisine was their favorite. In this article, we will discuss rusty taco.

Rusty Taco’s extraordinary growth:

Rusty Taco serves street-style tacos with fresh ingredients for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There’s also a beer and margarita bar and a selection of chips, guacamole, and queso. However, The margaritas are made with fresh lime juice and tequila, inspired by a trip to Mexico. As an Inspire Brands subsidiary, Rusty Taco has the freedom to expand without sacrificing its uniqueness or the excellent quality of its food. Rusty Taco’s extraordinary growth is the driving force behind Denise’s partnership with Rusty Taco.

Who is the president of rusty taco?

The small chain currently has 27 sites in six states, including two in Omaha. About a year ago, Steve Stender, the company’s president and owner of the Omaha and Lincoln locations, went looking for an empty lot in the heart of downtown. He got to work right away on the renovations. Having worked in the hospitality sector for over 30 years, Stender brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

Founder of rusty taco:

Rusty Fenton, the company’s founder, envisioned one day serving authentic street tacos in a bustling atmosphere. The Rusty Taco in the Midwest will be the first to have a fully working indoor bar. People who don’t want to feel like they’re in a bar will appreciate the open concept and the many levels and layouts. “Margaritaville” owner Stender hoped that the friendly and welcoming atmosphere of the establishment would inspire patrons to return.

Taco’s goal to become a household:

Rusty Taco, a Texan taco and margarita restaurant chain, is now the least popular item in the Inspire Brands portfolio. To achieve its national expansion goals, the 36-location company has already signed many multi-unit franchise agreements in the New Year. As a result of these acquisitions, the business will be able to open new outlets in the states of Utah, Nevada, Virginia, and Texas. Access to the leadership and resources of the second-largest foodservice company in the world gives the chain a substantial competitive edge.

Specific core markets:

A Sonic owner, for example, could be the perpetrator. There isn’t much room for expansion in their respective areas, so cooperating with Rusty Taco allows them to diversify their business with a newer, more niche brand. It is essential for our current franchisees to focus on specific core markets, according to Mauri. With Inspire’s help, we identify many franchisees across various markets. While walking down the street, Rusty came across two women selling tacos for a small fee. He was hooked after just one bite of that fish ceviche taco.

Digital reward program at rusty taco:

By introducing fresh LTOs and tacos, Mauri claims that the eatery is constantly upgrading its food options. Rusty Taco started selling nachos in 2019; however, the buffalo chicken nachos are only available for a short period. Mauri stated that the company’s expansion would focus on developing digital and off-premises innovations. There will be a mobile pickup window at the first Rusty Taco location by the end of the year. A new digital reward program created the year before will see even more expansion next year.

Inspired by authentic thoughts and feelings:

Rusty Fenton, his wife Denise, and his business partner Steve Dunn built the first Rusty Taco shop in Dallas, Texas, in 2010. Our firm was founded in 2010. Our name is derived from our founders. However, the story begins a long time before then. Rusty’s many pleasures in life included both eating and traveling, and one of those obsessions frequently led to the other. After a day of fishing in Acapulco, Mexico, he and his wife, Denise, were heading to their hotel in the city.

Nothing fancy here. It’s all about the Authentic Taste:

The Fenton family frequently stopped at a neighboring gas station to eat tacos while traveling in the back of the Suburban, and this was not unusual. Rusty’s friends and family had known for some time that he had aspirations to open a simple taco shop in the area. He wanted the cost to be as low as possible so that everyone could take part and enjoy themselves. The setting also had to be warm and inviting, as was expected. Everything would have been perfect if you paired it with a refreshing margarita.

Location of rusty taco:

Let us fast-forward a few years. They lived in a little house in Dallas, Texas, near the intersection of Greenville Avenue and University Boulevard with Denise and their two children. While strolling about their neighborhood, a building they came upon didn’t have much curb appeal, but the architecture was something they admired. Things like, “Wouldn’t it be a great restaurant?” would come out of his mouth. Eventually, after many years of passing by and wondering, the derelict gas station would be transformed into the first Rusty Taco.

The day’s rusty taco:

Our daily inspiration comes from Rusty’s “little taco stand,” where he makes everything from scratch, by hand, and not only for food and drink. He thought it should be a place where everyone felt at ease. Our warm tortilla chips and frosty margaritas are made with love here. A disused gas station was converted into the first office space. After a long battle with renal cancer, Rusty Fenton passed away in 2013.


Rusty Fenton and his wife Denise founded the first Rusty Taco restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1962. The chain’s headquarters are in the United States. Inspire Brands is the parent company of Rusty Taco. Tacos, burritos, nachos, and desserts are just a few of the many Mexican-inspired dishes available at these establishments. By 2022, there will be 37 eateries spread over nine states. Rusty Fenton started Rusty Taco in 2010 with the help of his wife Denise and business partner Steve Dunn.


Do you know if Taco Cabana is a publicly-traded company?

By 1992, Taco Cabana had opened 17 locations nationwide after its first public offering. Two Pesos Restaurants declared bankruptcy in January 1993, and Taco Cabana bought their assets for 940,000 shares of stock worth $22 million.

Rusty Taco currently employs who as its CEO?

According to a report that first appeared in Nation’s Restaurant News, Brendan Mauri has been named president of Rusty Taco by Inspire Brands. Inspire Brands Inc. president Brendan Mauri has been appointed.

Who came up with the moniker “Rusty Taco”?

Rusty Fenton opened the first Rusty Taco restaurant in Dallas, Texas, in 2010. In the year 2010, we got started. There is a long arc to the story that takes place in the distant past. With his love of adventure and food, Rusty often did both simultaneously.