Round1 Bowling & Amusement – Entertainment in Philadelphia!

Round1 Bowling & amusement is a great place to bring the whole family for fun. Bowling, karaoke, tournament-sized billiards, and unusual arcade games are available! Unending entertainment, food, and drink are all on offer in Round 1. For almost a year, my child and I had been anticipating the start of Round 1. Fun for the whole family may be had in the first round. There is always something going on, whether it’s bowling, arcade games, karaoke, or billiards. Discuss round1 bowling & amusement.

Bowling and karaoke:

At round1 bowling & amusement, you may enjoy anything from bowling and karaoke to arcade games and ping pong to food. For the simple reason that we love Dave & Buster’s in Providence as well as this similar food/fun/arcade combo in Taunton, I thought it would be a good fit.IT is the first eastward leg of Round 1. It’s safe to say they got a great deal on the lease because of Taunton’s proximity to two D&B locations.


Round1 Bowling & amusement arcade will be the focus of my review; despite empty lanes, there was a two-hour wait for bowling, and I have no idea where the snack bar (or adult bar) is. Individuals are free to bring their alcoholic drinks inside the establishment. Security personnel at the front entrance and additional signage are things the management should consider.

Benefits to playing in an arcade:

There are a lot of claw games at Round 1’s arcade. These may be found within the mall, next to the Round 1 entrance. They’re in the same building as the gift shop and the queue for gaming cards. Despite their high prices, hardly one plays them. The most straightforward prize is shown graphically in each claw game.

Per credit, it costs:

It paid $1 for a “red” round1 bowling and entertainment card and $50 for 260 credits, or 19 cents a credit, to play. Round 1 game often has four, six, or eight credits. Each game costs anywhere from 75 cents to $1.50, depending on the retailer. At least it wasn’t bad, but it might have been better. I joined a six-person line to get the card.


In round1 bowling & amusement, there are only five chances to win tickets, so you’ll have to spend extra to participate. Nothing is better than spending 20-30 minutes on Harpoon Lagoon at Dave & Buster’s. It took around three minutes for the first round. Each act had a 30-second run time, even though the game might give you anywhere from one to twenty-five chances every play.


On a single day, we’ve sold well over 1,000 tickets. Dave & Buster’s charges 3.9 “chips” for the first round, while six credits are required for the second. For two reasons, the first round of Monster Hunt was a letdown. The first problem was that the sound was not working. Second, we captured ZERO creatures after six rounds. Despite the game’s name, capturing monsters in Round 1 is next to impossible.

A few creatures may be captured:

Dave & Buster’s typically requires you to capture two or three monsters before offering anything in return. Round one has no monsters. There are usually 20 tickets available for each performance. However, this might vary. Five hundred tickets are possible as well if you’re lucky. The 500-ticket jackpot was won on the third try. It’s a real pain right now. Because they don’t have to refill the machines, it saves money and the environment.

Frustrations round1 bowling & amusement:

At the same pace as producing them, phantom tickets are given out in Round 1. For the better four minutes, Monster Hunt did nothing except add our ticket victories one at a time. There’s no doubt about that. A ticket winner must wait until all the tickets are given out before playing again. Like most Round 1 games, this game keeps track of “tickets” on a game card. There are no tickets available.


With our 798 tickets from Round 1, we went to the reward shop after 45 minutes of play was complete. A ring pop, rubber spider, inflatable hammer, plush toy, crazy straw cup, or mini basketball will be a hit with my 7-year-old kid. Round 1’s reward shop was a significant letdown for my team and me. Halloween goodies from older neighbors were quite similar. D&B is a joy to explore with a massive cup of tickets in tow.

Rolls of Smarties:

Dum-Dums lollipops stuffed with Smarties mini-rolls are available. You could also buy odd Japanese delicacies and culinary utensils (think mini-spatulas and meat thermometers). There’s no joy in this. Prize selection was worse than the games. If you want a product that has the Round-1 logo, you won’t find it here. The ravenous cheapness of Round 1 is to blame. I’m a fan of ticketless arcades to save money and forests, although I prefer real-ticket games.

Fun for the price of a burger:

Five Below isn’t your best option if you’re looking for something cheap and entertaining. A shot glass with Dave & Buster’s logo is enjoyable to win, and it’s an excellent way for the company to promote itself. We departed empty-handed since my kid was not a fan of the incentives. In the event of our return, we’ll use up any leftover credit card credits and hope for better rewards. Since Dave & Buster understands this, they only utilize actual tickets in their games.

Playing the Bowling Alley:

Round1 Bowling & amusement is usually timed. Bowls are often drained in less than ten minutes. A game with five or six players might be over in 60 to 70 minutes. Depending on age, you may play for three hours, ninety minutes, or the whole day. Each game will provide around $4 to each player. It costs $40 for each game. Shoe rental is $20 per month. Up to 2 a.m., I charge $25 each hour. The lane is one dollar an hour.

Expensive to go bowling:

Before it can begin operations, a bowling alley must have immaculately maintained floors, lights, seats, and pins. Investing in any of these options will be expensive. IT means that if the bowling alley closes because of these costs, you’ll be liable to pay for the game you bet on.

Make Round 1 cards void:

There is no value in this kind of transaction, and it can only be exchanged for a limited number of characters and things. Items and characters that may be redeemed are limited. There is no time limit on the validity of Redemption Points; they may be redeemed at any U.S. Round1 site. It is a uniquely American occurrence. It might change at any moment. It costs 25 cents for each credit that is utilized.

Starting cards:

The cost of a single arcade game card is $2. Check the balance on your card before you start playing. Right currently, the APR for credit packages is 0%. For the $30 fee, you’ll need to acquire 50 credits. It costs ten credits to use a large claw machine, whereas eight credits to use a small one. Approximately $1 every day is a lot of money.

Credits for the first round of play:

It cost me $50 to purchase 260 credits by purchasing one “red” Round 1 card for $1. The whole bill came to $50. At 19 cents a credit, most Round 1 games cost you 4, 6, or 8 credits to play with. Seventy-five cents to $1 is the price of what you’re purchasing. The price of each game is $0.50. The venue charges a lot of money, yet it presents many shows.

Spot Cha:

It costs $17 per participant to participate in the event. You may play various sports at Spo-Cha, an indoor sports facility, without ever having to leave the grounds. Playtime may be purchased in 90-minute, 3-hour, or 24-hour increments. You have the freedom to play, compete, and interact in a variety of ways. These include bowling lanes, karaoke booths, video game arcades, and ping pong tables.


Several of our arcades have been reopened as a result of this. Traditional combat games, dancing, music, racing, and redemption are all available. Player 2 should be included on the scoreboards. Everyone’s enjoyment is ensured by round1 bowling & amusement safety safeguards. Bowling lasts around 30 to 45 minutes for two individuals. During the first half of the game, you may add two spinners if both have thrown several strikes. Some amusement facilities provide food and beverages in addition to their activities.


How much does a round one card cost?

I bought 260 credits at $1.19 each on a standard “red” round1 bowling & amusement card ($1) and $50. Round 1 game often has four, six, or eight credits. Each game costs anywhere from 75 cents to $1.50, depending on the retailer.

What are the places for round1 bowling & amusement?

After establishing its national brand, round1 bowling & amusement plans to open 100 locations in Japan by 2021.

What are Expired cards from round1 bowling & amusement?

It is impossible to return or swap redemption points or character cards. There is no expiration date for redemption points; they may be used at any Round1 US facility.