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Road trip movie cast for further information. There is a link to Ithaca College at the bottom of this page. There’s a school called Ithaca College. E.L. Persuades Josh to put his attention on Beth Wagner rather than Tiffany.  2013’s television Road trip movie cast A Mother’s Rage. To retrieve an illicit film that was accidentally sent to the wrong person’s girlfriend. He is now a student at Ithaca University, and she is a student at the University of Texas in Austin. When Josh isn’t able to reach Tiffany daily, he feels vulnerable. Let’s discuss more road trip movie cast.

Ancient Philosophy:

The night before Josh’s Ancient Philosophy class, he has Rubin mail Tiffany his most recent recording. According to his lecturer, an A+ or better on the midterm is required to pass Josh’s Ancient Philosophy class. The Philosophy TA, Jacob, feels embarrassed because he has feelings for Beth. The auction of female pupils, including Beth, takes place after some time. To terrify Jacob, she convinces Josh to outbid him. His camcorder captured Josh and Beth having sex in his room.

Beth on the night:

His friends are surprised when Josh admits to sleeping with Beth the night before. Even if his buddies don’t believe him, Josh will assert that he has “proof.” Their investigation led them to Tiffany’s correspondence and music. Josh believes Rubin sent the sex tape to Tiffany. Tiffany hasn’t phoned Josh in a while because her grandfather died, and she won’t be back until Monday on a road trip movie cast. An interstate romance might be strained.

Kyle Edwards:

For Josh to get his car back, he wants Kyle to join him, E.L., and Rubin on a road trip. Kyle Edwards is a shy loner who is terrified of his father, the car dealer Earl Edwards, because of his father’s reputation. They’ll travel 1,800 miles to Austin, where Barry will take care of Mitch, the snake. They’ll be back in three days. Josh’s pals viewed the footage from his camera, hoping to catch a glimpse of him and Beth kissing.

Highway at Bedford:

They took a “shortcut” off the highway at Bedford, but a bridge had collapsed, so they had to go back for five hours. They are persuaded to cross by E.L. and Rubin. Kyle raises a fuss, but they ignore him. Although they manage to go across, the car has been wrecked. They’re on foot and have made a pit stop at a motel along the way. Josh regularly sends Tiffany road trip movie cast messages out of paranoia that Tiffany will cheat on him.

Kyle’s credit card:

If Kyle’s credit card is already at its limit, Rubin will have no way of purchasing marijuana from the motel’s front desk employee. At the school for the visually impaired, a blind woman tells E.L. that her bus needs to be “repaired,” and they resume their journey. E.L. must be transported. Earl, Kyle’s father, realizes the limit of the card. When Earl learns that Kyle was not in the automobile involved in the collision, he begins his search for the missing man.

Kyle’s fraternity:

To Barry’s grandparents, many perils await them along the route, such as Kyle’s fraternity virginity loss and the gang’s visit road trip movie cast. Josh requested a postponement of the midterm because his textbooks were destroyed in the disaster.  He’s convinced he’s been kidnapped and is fleeing for his life. While feeding the snake, Barry tells Beth that Josh is infatuated with her. In Jacob’s opinion, Josh is not doing well. As the professor, Jacob answers the phone and puts the call through.


After Jacob bites Barry’s hand, Mitch rushes on Jacob and grips his neck until he leaves. Jacob falls to the ground. Austin and Tiffany’s room is invaded by Josh just as he arrives and retrieves the recording. Earl storms into the room, enraged over the car and credit card, and threatens to and vows to return to school with his friends. He is tackled by Earl, who infuriates the crowd.

Josh and Tiffany:

As soon as Josh and Tiffany finished their conversation, Beth called to inform him that he had returned to class, maybe expelled due to Jacob’s deceit. Tiffany is watching the video as Josh is chatting. Thankfully, most of the clip shows Barry kissing the camera. She and Josh are steadfast in their commitment to one another. Beth makes a bomb threat for Josh’s sake and the rest of the crew.

Barry reaffirms:

On his visit, Barry reaffirms that the plant is indeed operational. Josh and Beth continue dating, and the road trip movie is cast together, despite Josh’s passing his exam. In contrast to Rubin’s success as a marijuana producer, Jacob’s cult staged a mass suicide. Jacob’s humorous forecasts amused E.L. and Kyle. As the titles roll, Barry offers one of the tour group’s mothers a dry hump. The fictitious “University of Ithaca” was inspired by Cornell University and Ithaca College.


There are 92 reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, and 57 percent of them are positive. Overall, “Even if some jokes don’t work, the film’s comedy is still enjoyable. MTV’s Tom Green has lauded the cast.” According to Metacritic, the road trip movie cast received “mixed or poor reviews” with a 55 out of 100. Beginning on October 16, 1999, scenes were shot, amongst other locations. Old School, a 2003 film, used duplicate footage.


Beer Pong was released on DVD by Paramount Famous Productions on August 11, 2009. Following its 2006 takeover, Paramount Pictures purchased DreamWorks’ back library, which has since been corrected. Rhoda Griffis and Kyle Edwards’ characters DJ Qualls and Quail are the only ones returning for the sequel. Road Trip was directed by the same person who produced the Hangover trilogy and Joker. A desperate search for the footage leads to him taking out a loan for a car.

A one-night stand with a sorority girl:

An Ithaca College student discovers that a friend accidentally sent his homemade porn DVD to his fiancée. A student took a video of the interaction for their class. This film stars Breckin Meyer, Rachel Blanchard, Seann Williamson, Seann Williamson, Amy Smart, Fred Ward, and Tom Green. On May 19, 2000, the road trip movie cast made $15,484,004 in North American theaters in its debut weekend. Both were Green’s.

University of Ithaca:

The University of Ithaca does not exist. Emory University in Atlanta serves as the “University of Austin,” while Broadway in Nashville serves as the “University of Memphis.” At Gwinnett Diner in Lawrenceville, Georgia, they decided to have breakfast. It’s impossible to have the French toast again since the restaurant closed in 2011. In the category of “Oldest Looking Teenagers,” Remember the Titans came out on top.


A college student describes the trip of four companions from Ithaca to Austin in Tom Green’s first road trip movie cast. They’re making their way from Austin, Texas, to Ithaca, New York. They’re trying to track down an errantly sent illegal DVD. Ithaca University, a fictional college headquartered in Athens, Georgia, was modeled on Harvard’s Cambridge, Massachusetts, campus in the opening aerial shot of the director’s Old School film.


Is Tiffany becoming unfaithful while driving?

The videotape was handed to Tiffany by mistake, and Josh learns she wasn’t cheating on him simultaneously. The recording was not sent to Tiffany. Finally, with the help of some of his pals, the video is stolen from Tiffany’s hands in Austin, Texas, before she has a chance to see it.

Which stadium is featured in the road trip movie cast?

At Sanford Stadium on the University of Georgia’s campus, “Road Trip,” which tells the story of four college lads on a riotous road trip to retrieve an inappropriate cassette that was accidentally given to a female friend, was recorded.