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Rick roll phone number is 9856552500. Astley’s music video may be seen by clicking on this link. An example of the term used to describe this conduct is “Ha ha, you were Rick rolled!” By the year 2022, the phone number for Rick Roll should be 9856552500. Rick Roll’s phone number is.. Using the official websites listed below; you may get the most up-to-date contact information. An email address is also required. Rick Roll’s phone number is (484) 434-5508. Rick Roll plays just before the call finishes.Obtain here rick roll phone number’s personal contact information.

Sample of music:

Astley’s song “Never Gonna Give You Up” has been dubbed a “rick roll.” it is a hilarious prank. When things go wrong, call the rickroll—the most OK song by Rick Roll. Meme Posting Never Gonna Give You Up only for laughs is known as rickrolling. The phone number 985-655-2500 used to play music when called; however, it is no longer functioning and no longer performs this purpose. It is no longer the case. 985-655-2500 is the new phone number instead of the former one.”

Director of public work:

Rick Roll, the director of public works at High Bridge. High Bridge’s Public Works Director is Rick Roll. Obtain their e-mail address and phone number. Be at ease if our suggestions aren’t helpful. Please provide this phone number to your mother so she may reach Rihanna. To contact us, please use the information on this page or call (424) 235-4626. Please call (424) 235-4626 if you have a question about an upcoming episode.

Phone numbers for Rick are as follows:

Rick roll phone number is (484) 434-5508. Rick Roll plays just before the call finishes. The end.  19, or 92%, of those who cast ballots, have endorsed this initiative. This topic is off the table. The discussion is closed to readers and voters. Best-to-worst. The rick roll may be heard by dialing this number—the use of a large number to persuade people to hand up money.

There are 245 results for “Rick Roll”:

The search term “Rick Roll” produced 245 hits. Get rick roll phone number’s address, phone number, and email using Spokes. It is possible to establish a Rick Astley hotline using Twilio’s webhooks capability. Take a screenshot of the URL and save it to your phone. To Rick Astley admirers, you invest a lot of time. By the middle of 2018, a year’s service cost more than $900. It makes others happy.

Astley’s telephone number is 2484345508:

Call Global Crossing Telemanagement-mi at +1 248 434-5508 to speak with an agent. In 1997, this prefix was introduced. It is possible that the phone number (248) 434-5508 was transferred from a previous owner and is now in use. (09) 886 0565 is the phone number to reach us. The social media platform is used for “paperwork, loyalty schemes, and general fun,” he said in a tweet on Friday. (09) 886 0565 for New Zealand, and (+61) (03) 8652 for Australia.

Find out who called you back:

Global Crossing’s landline services are available at 248-434-5508 for reverse phone lookup. Troy, Michigan, is the location of this phone number. There are 17 comments on this number. When we come up with a solution, we’ll post it here because rickrolling is a worldwide phenomenon.

Transmitted through direct contact:

Hackers “rick roll phone number “Malaysians using Coronavirus Contact. 23 Malaysians were “Rickrolled” by hackers using the Coronavirus Contact Tracing App. Photographer Jens Schlueter of Getty Images Gabriela Reyes. 2021-10-20 On Tuesday, the Malaysian Health Ministry’s coronavirus contact monitoring program was hijacked, enabling hackers to get an OTP through an email address or mobile phone number.

A Homework Tooter with a Practical Joke:

Rick roll’s hotline will play “Never Gonna Give You Up” Instructions if you call the leaflet’s telephone number. Prank fliers were distributed (print on plain white paper or a color of your choice) in a residential area near a school; this is an effective strategy (car windshields, community bulletin boards, light poles, etc.) 3. My phone has been hacked! 2021-09-06: A unique owner is required by 24/08/2021. Since September 6, 2021, this phone number has received calls.

Greg Badge rick roll on Github:

Media attention sparked the creation of Twilio. Effective Rick rolling software requires using Ruby, Sinatra, and SMS.


Ruby and Sinatra are needed for SMS. When using Twilio’s Ruby REST client, SMS messages are sent out. The Twilio Ruby REST client can make a separate call. An excellent phone number is 09062021.

Funny phone numbers:

Funny phone numbers may be found in this area. Joke phone numbers for the year 2021 are now available. It’s possible to make business calls while at home, whether bored or not. Throughout the book, detailed explanations of the statistics may be found. Before discussing the intricacies, let’s analyze the origins of prank phone numbers. Take a deep breath and relax. The number’s genuine quality is shown by the fact that 52 clients have complained about it.

Entry 9856552500 is included in Urban Dictionary:

985-655-2500 when people call this rick roll phone number, they are scared into handing over their money. There used to be a tune that would play when 985-655-2500 was dialed. One of Jamie Block’s books is called “Rickrolling: Now, Then, and Somewhat Later.” At noon on June 1, 2010, just when you thought Rick Astley was safe, Prank Dial came to the rescue.

The personal data of Rick Roll were discovered:

216-612-216 (Feb 2016 – Feb 2021) More specifically, between 2003 and 2020, the following addresses: 1536 8th Ave SE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52403, 6004 Dell Dr. Madison 53718, and #108 Yellowstone Dr. Madison, WI 53505 (July 2001-May 2020) 608-216-0612, (715) 355-2674, (313) 581-0522, (912) 537-1027 are the phone numbers to call. To shorten Ricky Alan Roll, we’ll call him Ricky.

Prank calls from Comedy Calls Rick Roll:

Be Witty When You Send an Animated Message. You must be logged in to use Call Credits’ more sophisticated features. There are no ten-digit country codes. Watch how your friends react when you record them. Please reschedule this call for another time. Meme A rick roll is a person who broadcasts a video of Never Gonna Give You Up to amuse themselves.

The Rickroll song from YouTube:

We’d love to hear what you have to say. The creators publish the developer’s terms of service. Maintaining an air of secrecy, YouTube might try out new features. Instead of providing your actual phone number to a person who keeps asking for it, you may offer them the number 778-XXX-2 389. When they call the number, they’ll be Rickrolled because they’ll be nervous and nervous people get rick roll phone number. Another number you may use to rick roll someone is 98565525000.

Fake news on the web:

“Rickrolling” refers to the practice of sharing a link to Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” music video on social media. Since 985-655-25NN is no longer in use, the music played when someone dialed the number is no longer available. To make it simpler for individuals to contact loved ones in the United States, the United Kingdom, and New Zealand, they have set up a network of phone lines across all three countries.

URLs to fool friends:

Take advantage of this new fad and enjoy yourself. Make sure your number is memorable and unusual to keep your guests engaged. “Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astley may now be heard on mobile devices. Astley’s music video is one of the internet’s most popular URLs to fool friends and strangers into clicking on rick roll phone number.


Prank calls may be made to receivers using the Rick roll phone feature. The song “Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astley is playing on the phone when I answer it. Here’s a sample of the music. Provide 778-332-2389 as a substitute for your actual phone number. If they call, I’ll get rolled. As soon as they see the video, they’ll shout, “Ha ha, I was Rickrolled!” For those who participate in the rick roll phone number craze, it’s both fun and frustrating.


Was a bogus Rick Roll call made?

LOL! Rick rolled! “Rickrolling in the present day gives them 778-330-NNNN if they bug you for your phone number. If they call, I’ll get moved.

What is According to Rick Roll?

The caller’s message is captured after a professional beep and two seconds of silence.

Might someone be Rick-rolled if you use their phone number?

778-330-NNNN is the correct rick roll phone number to give out when someone asks for yours. Rick uses a phone number in this method.