List of All Resident evil movies in order for 2022!

Resident evil movies in order have become one of the most successful video game film franchises ever. A hugely popular survival-horror video game franchise has been adapted for the big screen. Based on the video game character Alice, Milla Jovovich portrays her in the movies, with their narratives made for them; characters from the video games also make appearances. Recommendation site Rotten Tomatoes makes it easy for potential viewers to choose which Resident Evil movies to see based on the Rotten Tomatoes rating system. Here we will discuss resident evil movies in order.

Resident evil movies in order- Resident Evil in the Apocalypse:

As she awakens in Raccoon City, Alice is joined by Jill Valentine in her attempt to flee. This sequel was written by the original director, Paul W.S. Anderson, but he couldn’t direct it owing to a conflict with Alien vs. Predator, the sequel to the first film in the series. Many critics agree that the picture is tedious to watch, with a Tomatometer rating of just 19 percent. Zombies in this film have no souls or eyes, according to the BBC’s assessment.

Resident Evil Extinction:

People had a lot of different things to say about the film’s director, Russell Mulcahy, who gave the franchise a fresh start by going in a different direction. The film is said to take advantage of Mulcahy’s well-rehearsed filmmaking approach since it creatively combines the post-apocalyptic and zombie subgenres, as stated in one review. One of the magazines that did not agree with this stance was gone with the Twins, which referred to it as “ridiculous, dumb, and extremely pointless.

Retribution is a video game:

In general, reviewers were underwhelmed by the motion film, and many noted that the skin-tight outfits and high-octane action sequences were par for the course for the genre. The movie has received much positive feedback, particularly its intense parts, although it has several problems. It is fine to indulge in some good ol’ fashioned ultraviolence every once in a while. At least that’s what Fanboys of the Universe have to say about the matter.

Raccoon City is a 2021 Resident Evil game:

The latest Resident Evil film attempted to reintroduce live-action movies to their more conventional beginnings. Using characters that longtime fans may recognize, it sought to reproduce the tales of the earlier games in the series. Even though Rotten Tomatoes gives it a 95% approval rating from critics, the film’s audience rating is a whopping 66%, making it the highest audience rating in the entire franchise.

Live-action Resident Evil:

The movie was met with lukewarm reviews from film critics and only saw a moderate amount of success at the box office. Its emphasis on being more subdued than the other live-action Resident Evil movies may be one reason why many reviews have adopted a much milder tone with this chapter. It can be linked to the fact that many reviews have adopted a much milder tone with this chapter. Rotten Tomatoes assigns the rating “Fresh” to describe a review.

Residual Evil in hit theaters:

Video game fans were ecstatic in 2002 when the first Resident Evil movie hit theaters, bringing the beloved characters to life for the first time. However, new characters were introduced to the universe already established in the games. Umbrella security operative Alice is being chased by zombies as she flees from an underground facility where she works for the Umbrella Corporation.

Solidly decent:

Those who dislike video games were incensed when the first movie in a planned series did not measure up to their expectations by deviating significantly from the source material. On the other hand, the reviews were regarded more favorably by individuals who like watching action movies. According to Hogan Reviews, who deemed the movie to be “solidly decent,” it is a formulaic survival horror thriller starring cliché characters. Hogan Reviews gave the movie a rating of “good.”

Resident Evil Red Queen:

It was decided that the series would conclude with Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, which was released to the public in 2016. To finish the overall story arc, the filmmaker decided to end the film in the same place as the beginning of the series’ first installment. To return to the Raccoon City underground facility and save the human race, the character of the Red Queen, played by Ever Anderson, must be stopped.

Anderson’s best efforts:

Only four characters from the preceding films returned for the conclusion film, leaving many fans and critics wondering what happened to the characters they missed. Despite Anderson’s best efforts to tie up loose ends and handle unresolved issues, only four characters from the preceding films returned for the conclusion film. According to a critique published in the Irish Times, the movie comprises eighty percent action that is even more repetitive and twenty percent tiresome plot discourse.

Rotten Tomatoes rates it 43% fresh:

Makoto Fukami and Takanori Tsujimoto are responsible for creating and directing the third part of the Animated Resident Evil series, Vendetta. In this chapter, which takes place between the sixth and seventh games, Toshiyuki Morikawa and Matthew Mercer reprise their roles as Leon S. Kennedy and Chris Redfield, respectively.

South China Morning:

Many individuals flocked to see the movie despite the poor reviews since they were fans of the video game series. According to several of the audience members, this story had a grey tone, despite the presence of animated characters. According to South China Morning Post, this movie scares more than its virus-infected goals because of its uncanny valley-like animated acting and slurred voice. Others thought it was an entertaining journey through the game’s world, while Lyles’ Movie Files called it “an incredibly dramatic and action-packed thrill trip.

Más Gamers resident evil movies in order:

While the live-action versions of the narrative received mixed reviews, its animated adaptation received almost universal acclaim. There is a “thrilling and bloody story that is remarkably accurate to the games,” according to Más Gamers. For a brief moment, some of the audience thought they were watching a movie rather than a real-life scenario. Many people wonder why it took so long to make an animated film adaptation of the series, as the tone of the live-action movies was so different from that of the games.

Resident Evil Degeneration:

Resident Evil Damnation, a prequel, and sequel to Resident Evil Degeneration, have been out for five days. Rotten Tomatoes has given the video game a rating of 100% positive ratings. Toshiyuki Morikawa or Matthew Mercer portrays Leon S. Kennedy, a member of a group that opposes the use of bioorganic weaponry during a civil war. The 2012 film “Leon S. Kennedy” tells the tale of Leon S. Kennedy’s life.

Resident Evil Extinction ranks:

Because it’s been chosen as one of the series’ finest films by both IGN and fans, we may conclude that Resident Evil Extinction ranks among the best of the series. To put it another way, if you have been looking for the “Resident Evil experience you have long yearned for,” this is it. Since the action begins before the characters are introduced, this may not be a good place to start for individuals who haven’t read any of the other books in the series.


The absurdity that runs throughout each of the resident evil movies in order can be attested to by everyone who has watched one of the films in the series. It has been demonstrated that one can derive pleasure from watching a lengthy movie and eating a large bucket of popcorn. The “Guilty Pleasures” film genre is well-known for its audacity, or brassiness, as well as its loudness and volume, all of which are designed to make the audience laugh.


Are there any Resident evil movies in order screening times?

Resident Evil is just one of many video game adaptations that are loud, violent, formulaic, and corny. And the film series is full of fast-paced action moments that aim to overwhelm you with zombies.

What is the role of resident evil movies in order?

Cinema deserves credit for its vivid picture and fast-paced action, even if we all wish it were a little bit better, even though we all wish it were better. It is a nice example of zombie action before it became popular.