List of Resident evil games in order for 2022!

Resident Evil games in order and the imminent release of Resident Evil Village it’s the perfect opportunity to refresh you with the series or dive right in. The release date for Resident Evil Village has been set for the near future. This year marks the 25th anniversary of the Resident Evil series, and Resident Evil Village has never looked better. To enjoy the latest Resident Evil episodes, which have a complex plot, you must comprehend the timeframe. I’ll explain with an example. Look back at Resident Evil’s complete portfolio, from its earliest games to its most famous, to see how far the series has progressed since its indie roots. In this article, we will discuss resident evil games in order.

Top resident evil games in order:

Resident evil games introduces two new characters, Billy Coen and Rebecca Chambers, who must investigate a mysterious biological attack on a train. As a prequel to the upcoming Resident Evil 2, this game does an excellent job of laying the backdrop for the events that will unfold in the sequel. While Resident Evil 0 sets the stage for what would become Resident Evil 2, it also performs an outstanding job setting up the sequel. Following are the top resident evil games in order.

Resident Evil 3’s second act:

As events in Resident Evil 3 occurred before and after those in Resident Evil 2, there was no opportunity for mistakes in the series chronology. Raccoon City, where Resident Evil 3 begins, is also the site of a pivotal turning point in the story. Carlos, a mercenary hired by Umbrella, will aid her in her objective. Jill first encounters Nemesis in Racoon City. The metropolis serves as the action’s backdrop. Once Nemesis captures Jill in Saint Michael Clock Tower, she can deliver the T-Virus.

Chris Redfield’s Sister Claire:

Later in the episode, we learn more about Chris Redfield’s sister Claire and new police officer Leon S. Kennedy, who takes great delight in having the worst first day of work of any rookie officer ever. The Chief of Police in Racoon City has been trying to hide evidence of Umbrella’s misdeeds from Leon as he makes his way around the city. Umbrella is being investigated by FBI agent Ada Wong, who will meet with him in addition to this. Claire meets Sherry Birkin, daughter of Umbrella virologist William Birkin.

Resident Evil 3’s second instalment:

Carlos saves Jill’s life after being afflicted with the T-virus for three days. Carlos devised a vaccine as a solution. Raccoon Metropolis will be destroyed if the United States government detonates a nuclear bomb. Thus the two of them must leave before that happens. After defeating Nemesis, the Umbrella Corporation escaped with a vaccine, prompting the United States government to take legal action against the company.

Code Veronica in Resident Evil:

Furthermore, the original edition of Resident Evil 3, initially known as Code Veronica, was rebranded after some backstage negotiations and commercial sleight of hand. Code Veronica’s Claire searches the Umbrella facility in Paris for her brother Chris. It emerged after the T-Virus outbreak on Rockfort Island, where Claire was abducted. Steve Burnside, a former Umbrella employee, helps Claire escape. This one is best from resident evil games in order.

The resurrection of the Evil Dead:

One of the most beloved titles in the RE series and a staple on lists of “greatest games ever,” Resident Evil: Extinction was ranked 30th on Metacritic’s list of the greatest movies of all time, which isn’t a wrong place to be. As a member of the Secret Service tasked with tracking down the president’s kidnapped daughter, who is presently being kept hostage in a small village in Spain, Leon has been working around the clock. There will be a sequel to the upcoming video game Resident Evil 3.

Revelations video game collection on CD:

The Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance, or BSAA for short, makes its first appearance in the RE canon in Revelations. This worldwide criminal organization is the first line of defence against the growing threat of bioweapons worldwide. It’s hard to think we’ve figured out how to combat pandemics in the last ten years alone. The BSAA’s work with Chris and Jill is highlighted, as is the T-Abyss virus, which is explained in detail.

Trafficker Chris Redfield:

Bioweapons trafficker Chris Redfield has been tasked with eliminating BSAA members in Africa. It has been found that Wesker and Wesker have established an alliance and are giving financial assistance for Wesker and Umbrella’s illegal conduct. There are many examples of people violating their trust, and this is only one of them. Those Wesker characters genuinely know how to get a good bargain on their behalf. Wesker is eventually revealed to be a bioweapon owned by Umbrella to kill unprepared humanity in a zombie-infested world.

Resident Evil 2 Revelations:

This time, Claire Redfield is the sole protagonist, taking the reins for the rest of the game. In this case, Claire works for TerraSave, a non-profit aiming to prevent bioterrorist attacks. This short novella has a stand-alone story and can be read in any order. We learn more about TerraSave and Claire and Barry Burton in this episode. Claire learns early on in Resident Evil 6 that her brother has been kidnapped and is being held hostage in China by a group called the Black Lotus.

The Umbrella Corps members:

Despite its reputation as one of the series’ weakest chapters, Umbrella Corp. contributes more to the overall narrative of Resident Evil. You can play through the Resident Evil games chronologically, but you don’t have to do so here. Alternatively, Umbrella Corps is a new section of the organization created to apologise for its past mistakes by working with the BSAA to correct them. I think it’s getting a little too late to do anything if you’re asking me.

Resident Evil franchise’s sixth instalment:

The series’ most important characters as playable characters, and it is also the game in which everything finally comes together. It results in a story that is difficult to follow due to its fragmentation. The protagonist’s efforts to stop the spread of the deadly C-Virus take up most of the available narrative space in Resident Evil 6. In the show, Leon is still played by Chris and Ada Wong. As of this writing, Chris is still working with the BSAA.

Reminiscent of Texas Chainsaw Massacre:

Capcom’s Resident Evil video games deviated from the established story arcs for the first time in twenty years. It’s a “soft-reboot” after two mainline games, but fans haven’t well received it. Instead of being the main adversaries, zombies and zombie super mutants are the series’ secondary antagonists. This time, the series’ enemies are moulded. Resident Evil: Retribution has a home reminiscent of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. He considers his wife died during his hunt. We’re in Louisiana but not sure where.

The inhabitants of the Village in Resident Evil:

In “Village,” Ethan faces new problems. Village focuses more on the franchise future than the BSAA and the BSAA itself. Town, released in May of last year, has much to teach. Because your time is valuable, I won’t go into detail regarding this game. In the first episode of Village, Ethan and Mia go to a remote village in Eastern Europe with their baby. Chris Redfield abducts Ethan’s child after killing Mia. Ethan must understand the situation before continuing his studies.

The Final Chapter:

Since Resident Evil 0, which laid the foundation for all that, came after it, there have been no more entries in the series. The events that occur outside the Spencer Mansion occur one day before those that occur inside. Both persons learn, to their astonishment, that Umbrella is attempting to develop a new biochemical weapon by combining the genetic code of the progenitor virus with the DNA of sponges in order to produce a hybrid virus.


Resident evil games in order: Players of Resident Evil ventured inside the most haunted mansion in the world, which was located on the outskirts of Racoon City. During their investigation into the T-Virus outbreak, the players were challenged by various adversaries and activities. Resident Evil is considered one of the finest examples of a survival horror video game. The most recent iteration features extensive revisions that make the game more enjoyable. There is no question that Resident Evil is the most terrifying survival horror game ever created.


What are resident evil games in order overall experience?

That’s all you need to know about the progression of Resident Evil games at this point. Watching all 14 games can be exhausting, and not everyone is compelled to engage in each activity to the fullest extent possible.

Is the order in which you play the various Resident Evil games important?

Resident evil games in order: Playing through the Resident Evil games in the released sequence isn’t necessary. If you have to play the ordinary games in this series, it’s not worth playing the better ones. Focus on the current work.