Reggie julie and the phantoms step by step guide.

Reggie Julie and the phantoms Peters plays a significant role and is a central character in the Netflix series “Julie and the Phantoms.” Jeremy Shada plays him in the show. In 1995, Reggie died of food poisoning after barely 17 years.  It was hinted at in a later episode that his parents may have been at odds over money. In the early 1990s, Reggie Julie and the phantoms Luke, Alex, and Bobby founded Sunset Curve. His passion for country music and ability to connect with kids, like Julie’s brother, is also odd. Here we will discuss Reggie Julie and the phantoms.

The personality of Reggie Julie and the phantoms:

Reggie’s disposition is cheerful and upbeat, yet he tends to act without thinking things through. With the propensity to be an airhead, his personality is endearing and amusing. He’s the guy who makes people laugh and enjoys a good story. He has a keen sense of empathy for the emotions of others around him, making him an excellent listener. He has a muddled memory, evidenced by his inability to recall major events while also paying attention to minute details.

Orpheum in Los Angeles:

A concert by Sunset Curve was scheduled to take place at The Orpheum in Los Angeles in July 1995. The Orpheum is a renowned music venue in the city. The popularity of this venue has been credited with contributing to the rise to prominence of many bands. Luke claims that “I can’t even count how many bands have played here before they become enormous” and that they will be performing at the Orpheum. Song “To Be Added” is played continuously when Julie and the Phantoms are being performed.

Aspects of an individual’s character:

172.72 cm is his official height. Reggie has emerald eyes and short, slicked-back dark brown hair. His most common outfits are his red plaid shirt, occasionally wrapped around his waist, and a leather jacket over a white or black T-shirt or tank top, which is usually pulled in. A crimson bandana is another accessory he often sports. Wearing frayed black jeans and pointed-toe boots, he looks dapper. A few rings, a black and white beaded necklace, and a silver bracelet on his right wrist complete his ensemble.

Who plays Reggie in Julie and the Phantoms?

Jeremy is playing the role of Reggie in Julie and the Phantoms, a new original musical series produced by Netflix. Reggie, the bassist for The Phantoms, is a ghost, just like the rest of his comrades, including the other band members. Seventeen reports that Jeremy has previously referred to Reggie as “a golden retriever in human form.”

Reggie from Julie and the Phantoms:

Julie and the Phantoms have won the hearts of Netflix viewers thanks to its unforgettable tunes and likable characters. In 2020, the show premiered on the streaming platform, portraying Julie Molina, a high school girl who tried to make music after her mother’s death. A broad network of pals supports her. Her bandmates, the Phantoms, always play music and provide emotional support. The Phantoms are a group of talented musicians, but Reggie, the band’s lone star, genuinely shines and makes his mark.

Who is Jeremy Shada?

It has come to our attention that Jeremy Shada, who plays the role of Reggie, has a history of portraying people who continually sing but not in the way you might think. The band’s bassist, Jeremy Shada, frequently plays the role of characters who are always singing in their roles as actors. There is some truth to the assumption that Reggie’s voice sounded familiar but that he did not look to be familiar. Shada’s performance in Julie and the Phantoms sounded effortless due to his singing experience.

Jeremy Shada voiced Adventure Time’s Finn:

When Jeremy Shada was just a kid, he had a natural talent for voice acting. The film Team America: World Police, released in 2004, featured some voice acting from him when he was just seven years old. It wasn’t until his teens that he was cast as Finn the Human on Adventure Time; he appeared in several other animated and real action films and television shows. A flashback scene in Lost has him portraying a young Charlie Pace.

Adventure Time Distant Lands:

Finn’s best friend since they were kids was Jake. With 10 seasons of the show, we can confidently claim that this was Shada’s most major role ever. His voice has been used in various video games based on the Adventure Time universe, including the 2018 release of Adventure Time: Pirates of the Enchiridion. Although he appeared in several show episodes, the actor’s relationship with Adventure Time did not end with the series. Additionally, Shada has re-emerged as a character in the HBO Max revival series Adventure Time Distant Lands.

His brother Jeremy also performs in an indie rock band:

While building a career in the entertainment industry, Jeremy Shada has worked on many noteworthy projects. It includes Zero in Wreck-It Ralph Breaks the Internet and Lance on Voltron: Legendary Defender, both of which he appeared between 2016 and 2018. You may think Shada’s ability to sing and play guitar in Julie and the Phantoms are due to Adventure Time, but it’s not. He was in an indie rock band.

Kicking Cars in 2014:

His band Makes Out Monday, which has him on bass and backing vocals, is one of his favorite pastimes outside work. Two years after releasing their first EP, Kicking Cars, in 2014, the band released their debut studio album, Visions of Hollywood. Two of the album’s songs, “Bullet for Your Sweetheart” and “Kissaphobic,” were released as singles. According to Kenny Ortega, the on-screen romance between Julie and Luke does not need any form of physical expression.


Madison Reyes has given some hints about Julie and Luke’s roles in season 2 of Julie and the Phantoms, focusing on Julie and Luke. This month, Netflix debuted Julie and the Phantoms, and audiences quickly started pulling for Julie and Luke as a romance. First season characters made friends and had romantic moments. “Perfect Harmony” shows that Julie is more compatible with Luke than Nick. In a new interview, Madison appears to have confirmed that Julie and Luke won’t kiss. After fans voiced concern, she addressed the age gap between her and Charlie Gillespie.


In Julie and the Phantoms, what does the flickering of the light mean when it occurs?

Caleb’s stamp on the three of them is still causing them great discomfort, but they have no idea what is causing it. Reggie julie and the phantoms Caleb chats with Willie in the meantime. He inquires about his band’s current situation.

Does Julie have a thing for Luke in Julie and the Phantoms?

Charlie Gillespie and Madison Reyes are aware that Julie and Luke were attracted to one another even though they never explicitly voiced their feelings during season one.

When do Reggie Julie and the phantoms come?

During a webcast with Charlie Gillespie, Madison Reyes, and Owen Patrick Joyner, it was revealed that Luke and Alex had dated back in the 1990s.