How to fix ps4 black screen Issue?

Ps4 black screen is a broken port in the TV, monitor, or console that is the most likely cause of the PlayStation 4 Black Screen of Death. Occasionally, the PlayStation’s output signal is misinterpreted by the television/HDMI cable and the console, resulting in a black screen on PS4. We can fix a blue PS4 screen. It requires no technical skill. You don’t need to try them all to find yours. PS4 Black Screen is annoying. You’re not the only one who’s had a blank console screen. On a global scale, many ps4 black screen owners are experiencing the same problem, with their screens going black randomly. Here we will discuss ps4 black screen and ways to fix ps4 black screen.

Is your PS4 running, but the screen is completely black?

A software issue, wrong settings, or malfunctioning hardware could blame the PS4’s inability to display anything on the screen or television. After the PS logo, the PS4’s dark screen shuts off. Consequently, we are here to provide the solutions to this problem. To avoid further complications, be sure to follow the instructions strictly. Let’s start with the post on fixing the PS4 black screen.

1: My PlayStation 4 keeps crashing, and I don’t know what to do.

2: Resolving a PS4 black screen problem is far more straightforward than expected.

3: If you cannot see, hear, or record anything on your TV or monitor, the following are the steps you can do.

4: For the PS4’s Black Screen of Death, here are some possible causes.

5: There is a slew of potential causes for the Sony PS4 Black Screen problem.

6: There is a wide range of PS4 issues, from simple connectivity to long-term hardware or software issues.

7: Your PS4’s black screen may be caused by the following:

8: A PS4 black screen of death appears to result from a PS4 hardware issue.

Visually impaired cables:

The PS4’s latest firmware update is causing the system to crash routinely.

PS4 power adaptor malfunction, resulting in little or no power to the system, corrupt update files, or systems files owing to incomplete installation.

A PS4 with a defective HDMI port or a display that won’t power on

Fixes For the PS4’s Black Screen:

At this point, you should know what causes the PS4 black screen death. Whether or not your console has all the above issues, we recommend trying out the following fixes first.

1: Restarting your PS4 is as simple as pressing the power button.

2: Another HDMI cable or port may be the solution to your problem

3: The HDCP feature should be disabled.

4: In Safe Mode, change the resolution.

5: Do a Hard Reset on Your PlayStation 4

6: Perform a Hard Drive Check on Your PS4

Completely reboot your PlayStation 4:

In the event of a black screen, the simplest option is to restart your PS4. In most circumstances, you can select the appropriate option from the PS4’s main menu. However, you can use a simple workaround if your system lacks a video output.

1: Restart Your PlayStation 4 Completely

2: For ten seconds, hold down the power button.

3: Keep pressing the button until you hear two distinct beeps.

4: Once you’ve removed your finger from the button, wait 45 seconds before trying to restart the console again.

5: You’ll see a caution message pop up after a few seconds of the PS4 restarting. It will tell you not to turn off the console while it is in use.

6: If your PS4’s screen is still blank, you won’t see any warnings.

7: Try these other options for your console if the restart PS4 approach doesn’t work.

Rebooting Your PlayStation 4:

Your PS4’s black screen of death issue might be resolved by doing a hard reset. It’s a technique for completely depleting the PS4’s battery. Power cycling is a time-tested method of turning off an electrical device’s power supply. To perform a PS4 power cycle, follow these steps:

1: Press the PS4’s Power Button to turn it on.

2: Ten seconds after the PS4 beeps two times, let go of the controller.

3: Now, unhook your controller, monitor, or TV’s connection wires from the power source and any other devices they’re connected to.

4: For at least 30 seconds, press and hold the Power Button to drain the console of any remaining power.

5: Reconnect all cords, including the PS4 power adaptor, after waiting three to five minutes.

6: Your PS4 blank screen issue is solved if you can get the PS4 menu screen on your monitor. If that doesn’t work, move on to the next item on the list.

Over time, HDMI cables and ports can become damaged. It is possible to remove the HDMI cable from the display and console, clean both, and reinsert them. If the PS4 black screen is accompanied by audio output, the HDMI cable should be replaced. Check the cord with other PS4 and display ports. It helps you identify display or PS4 issues. Before buying a cable, connect the PS4 to a TV or monitor.

HDCP can be disabled:

HDCP is an anti-piracy technology that PS4 owners can use to prevent copying digital content. The black screen of death on PS4 caused by HDCP is well-known. It would help if you connected the PS4 to a functional display to disable HDCP.

1: Open the PS4’s settings menu by pressing the power button.

2: To enable HDCP, go to the System settings and select Enable HDCP.

3: Remove the check from the Enable HDCP box.

4: To see if the black screen is gone from games or apps, reconnect your PS4 to the display.

5: In Safe Mode, change the screen resolution:

Make Sure The PS4’s Internal Hard Drive Is Working Correctly:

The PS4’s internal hard drive can fail, resulting in black screen issues. “Checking system storage status” displays an error message if your internal hard disk fails. After that, you won’t be able to access the PS4 home screen. Alas! No workaround is available. Getting a new PS4 hard drive is necessary.

Repair Your PlayStation 4:

It’s time to get your Playstation 4 repaired if the fixes mentioned above for the black screen of death fail. Contact the manufacturer’s support team if a warranty still covers your product. If you prefer, you can hire a third-party PS4 repairer.


This comprehensive guide to the ps4 black screen addresses all possible solutions to the issue. We are keeping our fingers crossed that you will be able to find a solution to the issue so that you can keep collecting PlayStation trophies.


What is the white light on a black screen on a PS4?

PS4’s dark screen with a white light indicates a frozen console that requires attention. Unplug the console if the indicator light is always solid white or only blinks white.

Who should play this game on PS4?

The PS4’s black screen It’s called the “blue light” because the console’s display shows a blue light when an error occurs. It indicates that the PS4 does not produce any video or audio.

What is the standard error of ps4 black screen?

If your PS4 is on and displays a white light, it may have an HDMI issue or be unconnected. This notice usually suggests a cable problem. A blown IC chip in your PS4’s HDMI port can be as simple as a poor HDMI connection.