Pokemon go bravest bird ticket, Price, benefits, and where to buy it?

Pokemon go bravest bird ticket is dedicated to Swablu, the Cotton Bird Pokémon. If you live in the time zone where Swablu spawns most frequently, you’ll have more chances to catch it on May 15 from 11 AM to 5 PM. A global audience will be able to watch this spectacle in action. Obtaining a Swablu with great IVs to use in the Great or Ultra League is essential if you want to evolve it into Altaria. You won’t be able to evolve it if you don’t. Shiny ones are preferable. If you evolve Swablu within two hours after the occurrence, Altaria will learn moonblast. Here we will discuss pokemon go bravest bird ticket.

Pokemon GO a Rocky Road Research Ticket:

Trainers who want to learn more about it can check out the Special Research Story that comes with it. It’s only fitting that May’s Community Day’s theme is Alolan Geodude, a rock-and-electric Pokemon that contrasts sharply with its rock-and-ground counterpart. “A Rocky Road” is the name of the Special Research Story for this Community Day, and players must purchase a ticket to take advantage of it. Unfortunately, this ticket is expensive and difficult to come by outside the game.

Elite Charged TM:

Moonblast can only be taught with an Elite Charged TM after the 15th of May. For Community Day, a special ticket called the Cotton-winged Bird will be available for purchase. Players may purchase it for $0.99 from the Pokémon Go store, and it comes with a set of challenges and rewards they must complete during the event to claim them. Players can obtain rewards by completing challenges. Extra Poké Balls and Swablu encounters from event rewards will improve your chances of finding a high-IV Poké Ball or shiny Swablu.

Pokemon GO “A Rocky Road” research ticket:

Since prior Community Day tickets were only available outside of Pokemon GO, Pokemon GO trainers can now purchase a Special Research ticket for the event in May 2022 directly from the game. Trainers who want to take advantage of the Alolan Geodude-themed rewards can do so for as little as $0.99, according to the ticket’s current asking price of $0.99. In addition to the Alolan Geodude encounters and sweets, players that complete the quest will be rewarded with a slew of other goods.

Is What You Need to Know About Pokemon Go’s Strongest Bird?

To strengthen and evolve Alolan Geodude into Alolan Graveler and finally into Alolan Golem, they can stock up on resources. The game’s most robust bird will be the highlight of a new Community Day event that requires tickets to Pokemon Go. Pokemon GO players will soon be able to work together to find and capture a special Pokemon as part of the game’s Community Day in March.

When is the event scheduled to take place?

1: On March 6, 2021, gamers will get many additional chances to catch Shiny Fletchling for the first time between 11:00 and 17:00 local time.

2: Freebies are accessible even if you haven’t purchased a ticket to attend this event, so don’t worry if you can’t make it.

3: Every player should earn a threefold increase in experience points, which can be increased by using a Lucky Egg and incense that lasts for three hours during this event.

4: Another Pokemon Go Community Day event is being planned by Niantic, this time centered on the game’s most powerful bird.

Pokemon go bravest bird ticket price:

You’ll have to pay to attend the Bravest Bird Community Day event, much like every other ticketed event that has surfaced since the release of Pokemon Go. As noted above, even though the event is significantly easier to complete during the Community Day period, the tasks that come with it will still be available after the event has ended.

Research Challenges:

Niantic has not revealed the Research Challenges that will be accessible during the forthcoming Bravest Bird event in Pokemon Go; nevertheless, previous events’ results may give us a more unambiguous indication of what to expect. “Catch x amount of Fletchling,” “Power Up x amount of Fletchling,” and “Transfer x number of Pokemon” challenges are anticipated to be offered to players at some time in the game’s development. As a result, we can make some educated guesses about the awards we will get if we complete these Research Challenges successfully.

For Your Consideration:

If you take part in the Pokemon Go Community Day Bravest Bird event, you may even be able to earn some exclusive moves for your Fletchling. If you evolve your Fletchling into Fletchinder and then Talonflame during the event, you will receive an additional move. To become Fletchinder, Fletchling first needs to be transformed. Incinerate is a fast Fire-type move that deals 29 damage and generates 20 energy for its user at base power. It would help if you kept this weapon handy when fighting Pokémon of the Bugs, Steels, Grasses, and Ice categories.

To which Pokemon Go player do you give the highest honor?

A list of Pokemon GO’s most robust birds The Bravest Bird follows in the footsteps of previous Community Day Special Research Events like Straight to the Top Machop and Stop and Smell the Roselia. Bravest Bird Tickets come with a variety of benefits. Tickets for The Bravest Bird are required to begin the Fletchling Community Day Special Research quest; however, we do not presently have all the duties and awards. However, we can make an educated approximation based on previous ticket sales.

Fletchling Community Day:

In Pokemon GO, each of the most potent birds has its unique research task and reward. You can if you want to participate in the Fletchling Community Day on March 6, 2021, between 11 am and 5 pm. In addition to enhancing Fletchling’s chances of being found, this event will offer other bonuses to players. The Fletchling Community Day event, like many others in Pokemon GO, comes with its own set of research tasks. These missions can be unlocked by purchasing a ticket from the in-game store for $1.09.

Bravest Bird collection:

The Bravest Bird is a collective term for the Fletchlings’ unique scientific activities. While the Fletchling Community Day is in effect, players can begin the series of duties at any time, but they must finish them by the end of the day. The Bravest Bird has four separate research tasks, each with three assignments. The only exception to this rule is the fourth stage, whose primary goal is to give players more advantages.

Benefits of pokemon go bravest bird ticket:

Tickets for The Bravest Bird are required to begin the Fletchling Community Day Special Research quest; however, we do not presently have all the duties and awards. However, we can make an educated approximation based on previous ticket sales. For $1 and your effort, the quest should give you: 13,500 Stardust Fletchling Candy 10 Pineapples. The rewards include three rare candies, two Incenses, two Golden Razz Berries, 3,000 XP, a Rocket Radar, two Fletchling encounters, and a Talonflame encounter.


You’ll have to pay the Pokemon Go bravest bird ticket to attend the Bravest Bird Community Day event, much like every other ticketed event that has surfaced since the release of Pokemon Go. Assuming the awards are similar to prior Community Days, they could be very different. Fletchling Community Day will make it much easier for players to accomplish these tasks, even though they are not required to.


Is pokemon go bravest bird ticket worth the price of admission?

Monthly Community Days tickets in Pokémon GO cost just one dollar, making them a more inexpensive premium product than other premium items. Each month, we wonder if we should pay for the optional event.

What is the worth of pokemon go bravest bird ticket?

You have more than a dollar’s worth of in-game items at your disposal. If you plan on attending Fletchling Community Day and need any of the above, obtaining a ticket for The Bravest Bird is likely advantageous.