Playboy magazine cover template step by step guide.

Playboy magazine cover template that you may modify and customize online. The Playboy cover template is ideal for a unique Valentine’s Day present. The playboy magazine cover template png is available for download. Text, a portrait, and the Playboy emblem appear on Playboy’s custom-made magazine cover. Magazine covers should feature everyone as a star, and it should be the goal of every person. Giving a Personalized Magazine Cover to someone you care about may be a thoughtful, amusing, and one-of-a-kind gesture. Many websites allow you to upload a picture and select a magazine cover template to make a Fake Magazine Cover on the fly. Here we will discuss playboy magazine’s cover template.

What is the playboy magazine cover template?

Playboy magazine cover template is a popular template that is used commonly nowadays. If you haven’t noticed, things have shifted around here at Playboy. After a significant makeover in 2019, the magazine has welcomed its first homosexual male cover star following a new era of more progressive sexuality following the post-Hugh Hefner era.

Online platform to make playboy magazine cover template:

Photoshop can be used to put your face on a magazine cover if you’ve ever wanted to learn how to do it. Alternatively, why bother when you can design one using the correct online tool? You can produce magazine covers with only a few clicks of a mouse using various free and low-cost programs. Following are the best online platform to make playboy magazine cover templates.

FotoJet’s Magazine Cover Maker:

With just one click, you can see your photo on the covers of well-known publications like People, Playboy, Time, and Fortune using the Magazine Cover Maker. There are a variety of templates to pick from, and the site’s interface is straightforward. JPG or PNG images can be saved or shared on social media.


In addition to editing your photos, PhotoFunia lets you create postcards with funny faces and drawings and even put your photo on the front of a magazine. Instead of a generic magazine cover containing your image, this service allows you to merge the magazine into photographs of real-life surroundings, which is much more creative.

Hilarious Image:

You can use Funny Photo to experiment with various photo-enhancing effects, frames, postcards, and collage templates to enhance your image and create a proof of stardom. Using the built-in picture editor, you can fine-tune a photo before uploading it. A wide variety of magazine covers are available, including more recent ones.


For uploading photos, BigHugeLabs gives you two options. Choose from your computer, Instagram, Facebook, or Flickr photostream to upload your images. Additionally, this tool allows you to choose your magazine’s layout, title, slogan, publishing date, and other options. To top it all off, you may create a postcard using this method.


As well as designing the cover of a magazine, Madmagz allows you to create the entire magazine. In addition to customizing your template, they offer a wide variety of pre-made magazine templates to pick from.


Making a magazine, flyers, brochures, posters, invitations, and newsletters is possible with LucidPress. You can select from various pre-designed magazine themes that can be customized to reflect your company’s identity. Using this tool costs money, but if you want to make a magazine cover, you can do so for free.


Fakeazine gives you the chance to be on the cover of one of more than a hundred magazines. It’s possible to upload a photo and edit it in several ways. When you’re done, you’ll receive a code to share this magazine cover on social media, forums, etc.


Canva is a popular application for adding text to images that can be accessed online. You can use your photo, presentation, poster, various social network profile and cover images, blog post images, resumes, and many more to make a magazine cover. It’s as simple as dragging and dropping your photo and text into one of their pre-designed templates.


Using this application, you may have your photo appear on the cover of a pulp magazine if you like. Text, columns, alignment, text size, shadow, font, and more can be customized using the customizer tool. After that, you may use the cover to make T-shirts, mugs, magnets, posters, iPad cases, and more.

How to create a playboy magazine cover template on canvas?

To begin using Canva, follow these steps:

1: Design your next issue’s cover with Canva by searching for “Magazine Cover.”

2: There are magazine cover templates for food, teen, travel, fashion, sports, and weddings, to name a few.

3: Customize your search results based on what you’re looking for in style, theme, and more.

4: You can personalize your design in several ways.

5: Everything from text boxes to color choices and typography should be tweaked to ensure that your magazine cover portrays your content.

6: We have millions of free and paid stock photos, illustrations, and vectors at your disposal.

7: Our photo-editing tools are also available, allowing you to modify your image, apply filters, crop, or resize it as necessary.

8: Save the magazine cover image as a PNG, JPG, or PDF to your computer. To generate excitement for your future publication, post it to all of your social media platforms.

Things to know about playboy magazine cover template:

Spend less time designing the cover of a magazine:

Achieving the right balance between your magazine’s content and design can be challenging if you’re a one-person editorial team self-publishing your magazine. Professional magazine cover templates from Canva make it easier to find time for great content and beautiful design. Whatever the purpose of the magazine you’re making, whether a class project or a publication for your neighborhood, we offer design templates that can meet the bill.

Complete your stunning magazine cover:

In both print and digital form, magazines are very visual. It is why you’ll almost always see a celebrity in the masthead of most commercial magazines. While a Hollywood star isn’t necessary for your magazine’s cover, an eye-catching image is. You may use your app’s photographs or designs to create an eye-catching cover! It’s as easy as dragging and dropping your image file from your computer’s desktop to the uploads tab on the editor’s left-hand side.

Design a magazine in concert with your colleagues:

For the feature piece to seem as beautiful as it does, a few friends or coworkers would have had to help. It isn’t the end of our collaboration! It’s also possible to ask for help from a few willing designers. Alternatively, you might enlist the help of your social network and solicit their input and suggestions. Using Canva’s collaboration function and our extensive library of design elements, any member of your team can put their ideas into action.

Publish your magazine cover online:

Following the design process, you must upload your cover or the entire magazine and save it as a high-quality PDF. To prepare your magazine for eager readers, give the file to a print professional. The publication can also be shared online. It’s as simple as pasting your email guest list into the “Share” feature in Canva after opening your design file.


Typically, photographers on assignment for a magazine are compensated in one of two ways. It is possible to be paid on a daily rate basis, with the first and last travel days often being paid at half the daily rate, or to be paid on a stock rate basis, where each photograph is priced based on the size at which it appears in the magazine as playboy magazine cover template.


Precisely what is required for a magazine cover?

Bold, consistent, socially shareable, and vibrant magazine covers are essential. White space, images, typography, and headlines are all well utilized. In addition to the playboy magazine cover template’s logo and issue number, the cover features a central image or photograph.

How can you get a picture on the front of a magazine to draw readers in?

Using your design editing program, you may quickly submit your photo or image to your magazine’s front cover. Adding an image to your design is as simple as dragging it from your desktop.