9 best Pixel 3a cardholder cases for 2022.

Pixel 3a cardholder cases Google has just launched for smartphones. As a new Pixel 3a owner, you should know that getting the exact case you’re looking for in the market is demanding. To have a slim and sleek look is extremely important. Wallet cases, in particular, come in handy because they may also be used to store cash in addition to credit and debit cards. As a result, we determined that compiling a list of the best wallet cases for the Google Pixel 3a would be advantageous. You are sure to find something you like and compatible with your gadget. In this article, we will discuss pixel 3a cardholder cases.

What are pixel 3a cardholder cases?

It isn’t to say that you should leave your Pixel 3a out in the open in the middle of the concrete jungle just because it’s less widely available. You can acquire a phone case that protects you from shattered glass and scratches as much as you want. Spigen Thin Fit’s thin protection makes choosing the best Pixel 3a case difficult. This casing is thin. Pixel 3a cardholder cases can withstand 8-foot drops without looking like a tank. To buy a case, click here.

Best pixel 3a cardholder cases:

Following are the best pixel 3a cardholder cases.

1: Case for the Foluu Pixel 3a:

One can tell right away that the Google Pixel 3a wallet case was designed with care. Because it is made of high-quality leather and has a TPU outer shell, your smartphone will have an extra layer of protection. The phone’s edges keep the screen from touching a table or other flat surface. Every smartphone case should offer this feature. Because of the accurate mold, they’ll fit your Pixel 3a. With the case’s kickstand, you may watch media in landscape mode.

 2: AMOVO Pixel 3a wallet:

It is ideal for your wallet if you need to carry a few cards and a small amount of cash. Even though the case is somewhat thick, the maker claims it is compatible with wireless chargers. This wallet case blends leather and thermoplastic polyurethane for durability and style. This wallet case’s more considerable bulk is countered by its larger capacity. No issue. Manufacturer-supplied case colors vary.

3: Chic Pixel 3a Cover:

Although the Chic Pixel 3a case is on the smaller side, it can easily hold three cards and some cash at once. Because of its slim design, which keeps the bulk of the case hidden from view and makes it a perfect smartphone cover for everyone, there appears to be no RFID shielding, which is an evil development magnet and substance that makes it easy to attach as a phone kickstand. Moulded Edge protects your phone from drops. Ours is one of the more affordable solutions.

4: Area Pixel 3A Cases:

High-quality PU leather is used in the construction of this case, which is available in a wide range of colors. TPU, the material used to make the case’s inner skin, is scratch-resistant, enhancing the case’s longevity. Using scratch-resistant materials for this case means your phone will always be in perfect condition. Wallet cases with this feature are prevalent because it is one of the most critical considerations for buyers. In cases of devices with fingerprint scanners on the back, the cutouts are of vital importance.

5: Pixel 3A Cases Feitenn:

A flap covers the phone’s front, but the region holding it together is durable TPU, which absorbs all of the force, should the phone be dropped. ¬†Considering this option is essential for those who prefer darker leather patterns to lighter ones. You can choose between black, brown, and yellow among the three available colors. The case protects your phone from drops and holds up to three credit cards and cash.

This case has a kickstand for landscape-oriented phone use.

6: Google Pixel 3a Wallet Case by Olixar:

It is a newer and more attractive wallet case than the old one. Even though this wallet case is smaller than some of the others, there are certain advantages to its sleek design. Because the Pixel 3a’s wireless charging is one of its standout features, knowing that this case is compatible with practically all other wireless chargers is a comfort. Only two card slots are available on the exterior because of the small size. Faux leather, a synthetic material, was employed in this instance.

7: Pixel 3a Wallet Case by HYAIZLZ:

Despite its outdated appearance, this object is ideally suited to its intended use. It has an extremely roomy interior, allowing you to separate up to two cards and $20 in cash. While the manufacturer highly recommends that users avoid overfilling their onboard magnets by overstuffing their card holder, this is something that should go without saying. The manufacturer will stand behind its product for a year, which is fantastic. Customers can choose from various colors for this item, including Black, Blue, Brown, and Red.

8: Lanmitta Wallet Case:

A leather case from Janmitta will keep your phone safe in every manner.

The leather case’s interior is lined with nice, smooth leather to protect your screen from scratches. The wallet’s interior features three card slots and a large cash compartment. In addition, it enables you to use the Pixel 3a XL in landscape mode, resulting in an enhanced viewing experience for any content you choose to display.

9: Case for your Feitenn Wallet:

The security provided by the wallet case offered by Feitenn is sufficient for use with the Pixel 3a XL. Because of the raised sides of the shell, both the camera and the screen are shielded from the possibility of being scratched. Additionally, this case comes with three card holders and one cash holder, making it simple to carry your cash and credit cards in your wallet. As a direct result, you won’t need to worry about your cumbersome wallet any longer.


The Pixel 3a, the most recent smartphone to be released by Google, is largely considered among the top smartphones of 2019. The Google Pixel experience was made more accessible to a broader audience in 2019 thanks to its streamlined appearance and reasonable pricing. Even though there is now a Pixel 4a, the Pixel 3a is still a stunning phone. The best covers for the pixel 3a cardholder cases effectively communicate the bold design decisions Google made with its first inexpensive Pixel phone.


Is the Google Pixel 3 compatible with 3a cases?

No. Pixel 3 cases won’t fit the Pixel 3a due to design changes such as a larger battery, larger screen, and return of headphone connector. These changes make the Pixel 3a different enough from the Pixel 3 to require a new case.

Is the Pixel 3a made out of plastic?

Everything else about the phone, including the plastic, is acceptable. Performance is above average for a $400 phone, and the display and camera are among the finest. The Pixel 3a has a good display and Google’s latest software.

Is Pixel 3a durable?

Even though Dragontail Glass is used instead of Gorilla Glass, the Pixel 3a’s screen is as scratch-resistant as the Pixel 2. In a throwback to bygone eras, a plastic sheet still protects the fingerprint scanner on the device’s back.