Omega moon phase watch step by step guide.

Omega moon phase watches, sometimes known as the “Moonwatch” OMEGA, are the most well-known of these timepieces.  The Speedmaster brand of OMEGA timepieces was launched in 1957 and had a lengthy history. As a part of the omega moon phase watch, there has been a slew of other chronograph advancements that we’ll have a look at, as well as the elements that determine their value. Among NASA-approved mechanical timepieces, the OMEGA Speedmaster is the only one that may be worn during an EVA. Here we will discuss the omega moon phase watch.

The First Speedmaster:

The reference CK2915 was the first watch in OMEGA’s Speedmaster collection. This timepiece was equipped with an OMEGA Caliber 321 movement to keep it running. The Caliber 321 remained the movement of choice for all subsequent Speedmaster clocks until the end of 1968. It was the period when OMEGA first introduced its calibre 861. The layout of its 12-hour triple-register chronograph, domed Plexiglas crystal, and high-contrast index indicators was inspired by the OMEGA Speedmaster model that was first released in 1957.

Watch for Broad arrow hands:

Broad arrow hands were the only distinguishing feature of these versions. Subsequent editions made changes to this. CK 2998, a second version of the Speedmaster with alpha hands, was introduced in 1959. Until 1963, this was the case with all subsequent models. The traditional straight baton hands replaced them. The Calibre 861 was used in the Moonwatch models. On the other hand, the 1967 calibre 321 OMEGA Speedmaster watch worn on Apollo 11 was entirely different. The “pre-moon” version is a typical reference for this model.

Is a “Pre-Moon” Speedmaster valuable?

The similarities between the Moonwatch and previous versions grew increasingly evident as newer models were released. It came out about the same time as the Moonwatch. The CK2915 was the first model to be released in 1957. The watch’s athletic image was further enhanced by its curved lugs, black dial, and oversized arrow hands. There is no doubt that it was built for racing. If it’s in good shape, a CK2915 model can sell for $32,700 on the used market.

Watch for CK2998’s hands:

The watch must be in its original condition, with no alterations, to be evaluated. Purchase of the CK2998 and 105.002 will follow. With a black bezel and alpha hands, these Speedmasters look like the Moonwatch edition model. It is something you can see for yourself if you’d like. The CK2998’s hands were the most distinguishing feature among the several variants. Other than that, there aren’t many differences between this version and the previous CK2998 iteration.

OMEGA Speedmaster CK2998, on the other hand, has a higher price than the 105.002. When it comes time to sell, a well-maintained CK2998 can bring anything from $7,630 to $8,720.

Pre-moon” Speedmaster model:

It was the second “pre-moon” Speedmaster model to be released after the 105.002, the reference 105.003. It was made until 1966 when it was finally phased out of production. The hands are white and baton-shaped, ranging from $3,815 to $4,905 for the least expensive of the pre-moon watches. Similar to the Moonwatch’s hands, these timepieces have a similar design.

Cost of omega moon phase watch:

Moon watches by OMEGA were produced in 1985 in a strictly regulated quantity. Calibre 866 is an updated version of the Caliber 861 movements initially introduced by OMEGA. The primary difference is that the Caliber 866 adds a module for the date and moon phase complications. If you want an original of great quality, you should budget approximately $2,500 for it.

High-quality OMEGA Speedmaster:

A tachymeter scale is engraved on the bezel of the stainless steel watch, surrounded by a black dial and a hesalite crystal. A manual clock can be purchased for approximately $4,500.

Omega Speedmaster Moonphase Master Chronometer:

The Speedmaster is one of the most universally adored watches in watch journalism.  Still, there is room for debate about the enormous number of variants that Omega has built on the Speedmaster before even getting into the Mark series. The rule may use some clarity. The Speedmaster Moonphase Master Chronometer Chronograph, unveiled at Baselworld this year, is the first Master Chronometer Speedmaster. However, it has been certified by both the METAS and the COSC as an accurate chronometer.

Co-Axial of the Omega Speedmaster:

Omega’s use of the Co-Axial Escapement, a new industry standard, is one of the Speedmaster’s many appealing features. Precision, stability, and durability are all enhanced by this method. Allows longer intervals between normal service and maintenance since the Co-Axial escapement has less friction and lubrication. The Si 14 balance spring, a silicon balance spring design, is another exclusive feature. Compared to the Si13, the Si14 is more resistant to electromagnetic fields and shocks.

Features of Omega moon phase watch:

As a result, the timepiece’s accuracy is improved. On the other hand, Omega Speedmaster watches with the Master Chronometer designation have already been certified by the COSC and must now undergo additional testing by the METAS. The Master Chronometer label indicates a daily accuracy of -0 to +5 seconds.

The Daytona is a Rolex Cosmograph:

Even though Omega watches are better known, Rolex has a modest lead in prestige with a brand recognition score of 70% to Rolex’s nearly 100%. Make sure to keep in mind that the resale value of a Rolex is nearly always higher than the price of a close watch. Ultimately, the watch’s value is mostly determined by its condition. They may even increase in value in some circumstances. Resale value is crucial to some people, but for others, there are more vital considerations than how much their watch will go for when it is time to sell it.


For example, the Omega Speedmaster, the first watch to be worn on the moon, is a popular choice for many collectors. When you look for it, you’ll find it on many watch collectors’ and celebrities’ wrists worldwide. It became one of the industry’s most sought-after timepieces. Omega quickly established itself as the brand of choice for NASA’s space missions.

Conclusion of Omega moon phase watch:

Over the years, each of these collections has grown and matured. Most of the current models of this brand include ceramic bezels and improved mechanical calibres, making them far more resistant to scuffs, discolouration from UV light, and corrosion. The tachymeter scale is often imprinted on the bezel rings in a more advanced manner on modern bezels. The sub-dials for the chronograph feature are present on both dials; however, the Omega Speedmaster’s sub-registers appear larger about the dial.


Who wears the Moon Watch by Omega?

Buzz Aldrin, a member of the Apollo 11 crew, was the first person to set foot on the moon in 1969, and he wore a Speedmaster watch. It was the first time a watch had been worn on the moon.

Exactly how much is a genuine Omega moon watch worth?

You should expect to pay roughly $2,500 for a high-quality original. OMEGA Speedmaster models from the past 15 years have been manufactured in various limited editions.