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Old navy cargo pants for guys are making a comeback. It’s not that hard to believe. You already know about this. Unless you’ve already done so, it’s unlikely that you will join us in the future. Designers have been at the forefront of the cargo renaissance for over a decade. Over the past several years, they have solidified its position as the industry’s foremost authority. Pants manufactured in 2022 will have a fit that is superior to anything that has come before it, will be fashioned of more intriguing materials than is customary, and will play with the location and size of pockets in several novel and stylish ways. Here we will discuss old navy cargo pants.

Best old navy cargo pants:

The resurgence of men’s cargo pants is something we have forecasted on numerous occasions in the past and will continue to do so in the future. There is a lot to discuss for those considering participating in this activity, and we are happy to do so. ┬áIt is made abundantly clear by these pairs of pants, which range from the most fundamental cargo pants to the most forward-thinking designer styles. Following are the best old navy cargo pants.

Boys’ olive Todd Snyder cargo pants:

In 2011, Todd Snyder debuted his menswear line under his name, and he did it with items like these cargo pants, which are both fashionable and functional. The reason he did this was to broaden his appeal. The side pockets are more extensive than is expected on a well-tailored dress pant, rather than the loose camo variations typically seen at surplus shops.


The fabric itself isn’t ripstop but a soft cotton herringbone material that has a similar look and feels but is better suited for various uses, from casual Fridays at the office to weekend trips to the cereal department at the grocery store. Like many of their offerings, Snyder’s products appear similar at first glance; nevertheless, the difference lies in the finer nuances.

Dickies regular straight stretch twill cargo pants:

Dickies 874 work pants have been best-sellers since 1967. The sturdy twill fabric and the workwear-appropriate structure of the garment made it perfect for skate parks, and then it made its way into the fashion sector, where it quickly became a fan favourite. Because these cargo-pocketed versions include the same high-quality construction as the original 874s and the always-stylish straight-leg design, it shouldn’t be difficult for anyone to locate a spot in their closet.


In contrast to the Abercrombie-inspired cargo pants of the 2000s that you’re trying not to remember, these cargo pants are sleek and practically minimalist, enabling them to play in any style, regardless of whether you’re wearing loafers, boots, or sneakers.

Large cargo pants by Balenciaga:

Balenciaga’s fearless forays into the fashion world are driven by notions simultaneously Meta and memetic. For the upcoming spring 2022 season, Demna Gvasalia presented a fashion show titled “deep fake.” During the presentation, he re-created designs that were considered to be “ugly” by employing creative and novel approaches, such as the utilization of mannequins.


When it came time for Gvasalia to reinvent the style, it was not surprising that he chose to incorporate Aeropostale’s popular cargo trousers into his designs as part of the look. He did this as a part of the aesthetic since he saw them as an essential appearance component. Customers had the opportunity to buy these cargo pants from Aeropostale when they were available for sale.

Nike’s ACG Smith Summit is a pair of cargo trousers.

As well as being aesthetically attractive, these Swoosh joints are instrumental. Various sound features, such as hidden zip pockets drawstring hems to keep out the weather, an integrated nylon belt, and a crotch gusset for ease of movement, have been tested in the rugged terrains of the Pacific Northwest. The feel-good element is a plus for the water-resistant, nylon-elastic fabric made from recycled material. Like in an NBA tunnel, you could sit back in them with a hoodie and sandals.

Hemp-based Patagonia Iron Forge cargo pants:

These Patagonia cargo trousers are ideal when you need a pair of pants that can resist a lot of physical exertion. It may surprise you that Patagonia also makes quality work pants, even though you are probably more familiar with the company’s outdoor-oriented apparel and gear line. With a relaxed fit and a high percentage of hemp in the fabric’s composition, these garments are highly durable and breathable.


Additional reinforcements and triple-needle stitching ensure that they will successfully perform their work. They are pretty assured of this. It is simple to use these with a denim shirt and sturdy boots for a full-on workwear fit, but you shouldn’t be frightened to veer away from that and put them on with a pair of wavy socks and Birkenstocks. Doing so will transform your appearance while keeping it appropriate for a professional setting.

Buying guides for old navy cargo pants:

Following are buying guides for old navy cargo pants.


The more relaxed fit of cargo pants can be traced back to the fact that they were initially designed to be worn in the workplace. The pockets may bulge at the sides if the cargoes are too tightly fastened. Because of these variables, you should avoid too tight or thin cargo. Straight or thin-cut cargos will provide you with enough room to maneuver. These pants should be comfortable all day.

Style tips:

Regarding clothing, cargo pants aren’t going to necessitate significant wardrobe changes. It shouldn’t be too tough to accessorize cargo pants because they usually come in earthy colours. Black, navy, dark green and khaki are easy to combine with t-shirts and coats. Due to their looser fit, cargo pants should be worn with a jacket or flannel shirt. A tight t-shirt might make your legs look more prominent and your body shorter.


The pants being manufactured in 2022 have a better fit than ever, are made out of more rad materials than is typical, and experiment with pocket placement and size in a wide variety of creative and trendy methods. Cargo pants for men are making a comeback, which we have repeatedly stated and will most certainly state once again.


Is there anything that sets cargo trousers apart from regular pants?

As previously indicated, two on the front and two on the back make up most of the pockets on denim clothing. The additional pockets on cargo pants set them apart from other styles of jeans.

What are the purposes of old navy cargo pants?

Cargo pants often called combat pants or combat trousers, are loose-fitting pants initially designed for demanding work circumstances and outdoor activities. They have many pockets for keeping equipment. Cargo pants are often called combat pants.