How to get Netflix student discount in 2022?

Netflix student discount most recent student discounts and specials. Detailed information on Netflix student discounts can be found on Netflix’s online informational page. Netflix joined the UK market in early 2012 to compete with Amazon Prime Video, which was already successful service. Online streaming services make it possible for students to watch popular television shows. These are just a few examples. There is a wide variety of films and series to choose from. As long as you haven’t signed up before, you’re free to give it a whirl and cancel anytime. Here we will discuss Netflix student discount.

Pay-per-month or pay-as-you-go Netflix

It is possible to purchase a Netflix subscription for a reasonable price even if the company does not offer any discounts for students. Students living in apartments with only one TV will find the Netflix Basic subscription, which costs £5.99 monthly and includes one TV. 480p resolution allows you to watch an infinite number of movies and television shows. Using any of these media players, you can only watch on one device at a time, whether it’s your TV, computer, phone, or tablet, as with the other subscription alternatives.

The following is a typical subscription fee:

A monthly fee of £9.99 gets you a higher-resolution 1080p video with the Standard subscription. It is an excellent choice for folks who live alone or have one roommate because it allows them to watch content on two different devices simultaneously. The most expensive choice is the Premium subscription, which costs 13.99 pounds a month. This one offers the best video quality and lets you choose between 4K and Ultra HD streaming for some material.

How to Get the Netflix Student Discount?

While Netflix isn’t the only option, it’s typically regarded as one of the finest. No student discounts are available on the program, which has a large variety of TV shows and movies, including many originals and classics. Netflix doesn’t give a student discount, so this bargain isn’t for students on a budget. Students who want more entertainment for their money have a few options. Several competitors offer student discounts and free sites to stream TV shows and movies, helping consumers save money.

You can borrow a friend’s profile or split the cost.”

Netflix’s free trial has ended. Because Netflix no longer offers free trials, the most cost-effective way to get Netflix access is to ask a parent or a friend whether you may join their existing account as a profile. You might even offer to pay the price difference to switch to a plan that doesn’t interfere with their present video stream. Also, consider teaming up with other students interested in opening their accounts to spread the costs.

Netflix alternatives:

Simply put, there is no direct competitor to Netflix because it produces so much original content. Netflix’s exclusive content is not available anywhere else. A handful of popular shows and movies that Netflix has obtained the rights to watch, but this selection is subject to change at any time. Although Netflix has original programs and films, several other services also produce their content, competing to provide the most variety.

Prime for Students on Amazon:

Unlike Netflix, Amazon Prime Student offers a free trial period that lasts the entire semester, whereas Netflix only offers a month-long trial. You have complete control over when and how you end your risk-free trial. Netflix doesn’t offer any of the online-only discounts available. Amazon Prime Video offers an extensive range of movies and TV shows based on the user’s home theatre setup. Available in 4K and HD. Amazon provides many students with free shipping. Students get unlimited photo storage and pre-order discounts.


As of May 2022, the Netflix Student Discount will no longer be available; therefore, you may want to consider Hulu as an alternative. Streaming service, In addition, it provides exclusive access to its original programming. If you pay $4.99 a month, you can use premium services and pay half the amount while still having access to original video streaming online services. Premium services can be accessed through this.

Student discount:

HULU does not provide a student discount, unlike Netflix, although it is included in a bundle with Spotify and Showtime that students can purchase. Hulu and Showtime are included in Spotify’s student subscriptions for free if you’re a student. You can’t increase your Hulu subscription to a paid plan; it’s an ad-supported service.

Upgrade to YouTube for HD videos:

The only method to avoid seeing adverts while watching standard YouTube videos is to have a subscription to the YouTube Premium program, which grants access to YouTube Original programs and films and the YouTube Music streaming service. When you sign up for the service, you will have the option to receive a discount that corresponds to either a student or a family plan.

Subscription’s worth of advantages:

With this package, you will receive an ordinary subscription’s worth of advantages at less than half what it would typically cost. If you graduate or otherwise stop attending the educational institution, you must terminate your student membership or convert it to a normal one to satisfy the annual verification obligation.

The HBO Now:

HBO offers a student discount in addition to many others. It’s worth investigating. Students only have to pay 5 USD monthly to use the service, with a monthly membership subscription of 14.99 USD. A pay-per-use service is also promoted, with the added benefit of being cancellable at any time. To be eligible for the five-dollar-a-month grant, students must first be enrolled in one or more college classes at an institution that is eligible to award Title IV degrees.

Eligible for this discount:

To be eligible for this discount, you must show proof of your status as a current college student. You can use this service for a month before deciding whether or not to pay for it. A special offer is available to all new users. You can terminate the service if dissatisfied with it after a trial period. It’s essential to cancel within the first 29 days to avoid being billed for the subscription. Please respond to the renewal notice if you continue using this service.


We know that Netflix doesn’t appear to provide affordable service choices. It’s as if Netflix is demanding that you pay them all at once. However, there is no need for alarm. You may get the Netflix Student Discount by following the simple steps I provided. If you don’t want to pay a monthly price, there are alternatives to Netflix like TUBI, CRACKLE, and VUDU. Websites like television rely on advertising money to stay afloat.


Is Netflix student discount available?

No. Netflix does not offer any special discounts for students. The free trial period for Netflix or any other services is another option.

Is there still a way to try Netflix for free?

Netflix offers a free month of service to those who meet specific criteria.

Which is better, Netflix or Amazon Prime?

Regarding television shows, Netflix has a distinct advantage over Amazon Prime Video. However, there are some decent Hollywood films and some excellent regional cinema offerings on Prime Video.