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Mike Jeffries net worth is $300 million; he is a businessman. From 1992 until 2014, Mike Jeffries was the CEO of Abercrombie & Fitch, a time that saw the company go from bankruptcy to one of the most valuable retailers in the world and then fall from favour again. During his tenure as CEO of Abercrombie & Fitch (from 1992 through 2014), the firm went from bankruptcy to becoming one of the world’s most valuable retailers. Now Mike Jeffries net worth is $300 million,

Mike Jeffries belongings

Since his departure from Abercrombie & Fitch (A&F) in 2014, more information needs to be made public regarding Mike Jeffries, the company’s former Chairman & CEO. The controversial individual assumed control of the 1892 brand in 1992 and is often credited with its subsequent revitalization. Mike Jeffries’s involvement in many scandals needs to be made public even though he is mostly responsible for the company’s $1.4 billion in annual sales.

Mike Jeffries is a native Californian who was born in Oklahoma. Mike attended Columbia Business School to pursue his Master of Business Administration. He enrolled in a management program. Feminist organizations and the American Decency Association both raised their voices in opposition to A&F when he was in charge. On top of all that, the firm was the target of multiple lawsuits. He has been widely criticized for remarks made to the media. All count in Mike Jeffries’s net worth.

Where is Mike Jeffries

According to Mike Jeffries’ Wikipedia page, he and his current partner, Matthew Smith, are based out of Ohio. The removal of Jeffires was reportedly due in part to Smith. He was a consultant for real estate issues and reviewed Abercrombie & Fitch’s internal documents. But he wasn’t an official in any capacity. Some people criticized his association with Abercrombie & Fitch since he had no official position there. As a result of the ongoing scandals and poor financial results, he was removed as CEO.

The formerly prominent businessman has, therefore, mostly faded from view. According to Esquire, his $20 million mansion in Manhattan was last seen or heard from in 2016, when he reportedly placed it up for sale. Mike Jeffries net worth is $300 million.

Partner Information Regarding Mike Jeffries

Susan, daughter of Charles Henry, was Mike Jeffries’s girlfriend. Charles Hansen Music Publishing was established by Mr Hansen, who also serves as its president. She attended Carrollton Convent of the Sacred Heart in Coconut Grove, Florida, Marymount College in Tarrytown, New York, and Finch College, as The New York Times reported. She attended Boston University and graduated with a bachelor’s degree. They tied the knot in 1971 but eventually divorced. Their only kid is a boy named Andrew Jeffries. After his divorce, Mike moved to Ohio with his new lover, Matthew Smith, and their three dogs.

Developmental History and Early Schooling

On July 15, 1944, Mike Jeffries entered the world in Oklahoma. His father ran the Party Time shop business in Los Angeles, where he grew up. Having completed his undergraduate studies in Economics at Claremont McKenna College in 1966, he went on to the school of business. Mike attended the London School of Economics for a while, too.

After finishing college, he tried retailing for many different companies. He attended Abraham & Strauss’s managerial training program at the New York City department store. As early as 1984, Mike was already running his own business under Alcott & Andrews. After five years, the business collapsed. Mike then started working for Paul Harris, a clothing company in the Midwest.

In the words of Abercrombie & Fitch

Limited Brands, owned by Leslie Wexner, acquired the century-old retailer Abercrombie & Fitch from bankruptcy in 1988. Wexner brought Jeffries on board shortly after the purchase. In 1992, he was promoted to CEO. The brand’s bleak future and recent bankruptcy left management uninterested in operating the firm; as a result, they handed almost all decision-making authority to him.  Mike Jeffries net worth is $300 million; Mike spent a decade revamping the company’s image. Abercrombie’s renewed and sexier brand image propelled it to global stardom among young people. For Abercrombie, hiring only beautiful people was a top priority.


At his height, Mike had held a 3.0% stake in Abercrombie & Fitch. At the company’s current $2 billion market valuation, his 3% stock would be worth about $60 million if he still owned it today. His 3% ownership was worth almost $100 million at the company’s 2007 zenith stock price. Mike’s salary and bonuses added up to the hundreds of millions of dollars he got in addition to his stock.

For 2004–2007, Mike averaged over $30,000,000 in annual income. The $72 million he earned that year was in 2008. Thirty-six point three million dollars in 2009. $38.5 million in 2010. The sum of $48.1 million was reached in 2011. He made $8.16 million last year. He banked $2.24 million that year.

Issues Regarding a Private Plane, Among Other Scandals

A private jet pilot’s lawsuit from 2012 revealed one of the most notorious and fascinating stories about Mike Jeffries. The former pilot alleged in his complaint that he was let go because of his age. While that may be contentious in and of itself, certain revelations regarding life on the Abercrombie flight would eventually cast a pall over the whole legal proceeding. The pilot said in court documents that the Abercrombie jet had a particular set of regulations. In addition, a male modelling agency provided the flight attendants.

Life Outside of Work

Mike Hansen wed Susan Marie Isabel Hansen back in 1971. They only had one kid as a couple. He allegedly tied the knot with Annabel Vartanian in September 2013, albeit this is unverified. Mike was allegedly living with a man called Matthew Smith around the same time as his putative marriage. Mike and Matthew now share leadership of the Jeffries Family Office. Mike Jeffries came from a wealthy background. His dad, Glendale native Donald R. Jeffries, built a successful retail empire in California under Party Time, Inc. That’s why Mike Jeffries’s net worth is $300 million.

Cultural background, spiritual beliefs, and political leanings

Many people are curious about Mike Jeffries’ racial, ethnic, and cultural background. Let’s have a look at it! According to publicly available sources like IMDb and Wikipedia, Mike Jeffries’s race is unknown. This page will reflect the most recent changes to Mike Jeffries’s religious and political leanings. Mike Jeffries, born in the USA on July 15th, 1944, is a well-known business executive.

Former chief executive officer of Abercrombie & Fitch Inc. Before bad press and declining sales pushed him out as one of retail’s highest-paid CEOs in 2014, he was at the top of his game. Mike Jeffries net worth is $300 million. Cancer is Mike Jeffries’ zodiac sign, according to astrologers.


Mike Jeffries net worth is $300 million; he, Michael Stanton Jeffries, was born on July 15, 1944, and is an American business executive. He amassed his estimated income of $71.8 million and $300 million via his business success. The 76-year-old man has one child and is now unmarried (Andrew Jeffries). The city of his birth and residence, Los Angeles, is his home. Mike Jeffries is 5 feet and 9 inches (1.75 meters) tall and probably weighs about 196 pounds (89 kg). Michael Stanton Jeffries has a BA from Claremont McKenna College and an MBA from Columbia University. That’s why Mike Jeffries net worth is $300 million.


How tall, how heavy, and how wide is Mike Jeffries?

Mike Jeffries, at 5 feet 9 inches tall and 196 pounds (89 kg), was last seen (1.75 m).

Is Mike Jeffries married or single?

The single life doesn’t seem to be for Mike Jeffries. Have any idea? If so, please share your thoughts in the space provided below.

What kind of kids does Mike Jeffries have?

Andrew Jeffries is Mike’s one and only kid.

Exactly where does Mike Jeffries call home?

Los Angeles is home to Mike Jeffries.