Everything to know about Microsoft corporation adress!

Microsoft corporation adress, an American multinational technology business, has its headquarters in the city of Redmond in the state of Washington. The company not only designs and produces consumer items and computer software but also offers licensing, support, and distribution services for these products. Additionally, the company develops and manufactures computer software. Another of the company’s offerings is the Edge web browser developed by Microsoft. The Xbox video game consoles and Surface tablets produced by Microsoft are currently two of the most popular products that can be purchased. In addition, it was one of the most valuable corporations in the world. Here we will discuss Microsoft corporation adress.

Main Microsoft corporation adress:

The company’s headquarters are located in Redmond, Washington. If you need assistance with one of Microsoft‘s products, feel free to send an email or give their customer care department a call. As a final resort, you should try to contact the company’s headquarters. 1 Microsoft Way, Redmond, Washington, is the location of Microsoft’s headquarters. Visitors are welcome at the corporate offices. This country is known as the United States of America.

What is Microsoft corporation address?

Microsoft corporation adress: According to the company’s stock market value, Microsoft is consistently ranked as one of the top five most valuable software businesses in the United States. The corporation faces competition from other businesses, including Alphabet Inc., Apple Inc., Oracle, and Facebook. This page includes information about Microsoft’s headquarters, including the location of the company’s headquarters as well as many office sites around the world. In addition, the article lists the countries in which Microsoft maintains its offices.

Microsoft’s US headquarters are located:

Redmond, Washington, is home to Microsoft’s corporate headquarters, which houses several of the company’s technology and software divisions. Bill Gates, one of the country’s richest men, was a founding member of the corporation. Microsoft is one of the world’s most successful and well-known software companies. Customers can buy Microsoft Office, the Windows operating system, Xbox, and a wide range of other digital items on the internet.

Inside Microsoft’s Redmond headquarters:

Microsoft came a long way despite its humble beginnings as a small software business in 1975. The corporation has grown into a global technology behemoth. Microsoft has invented Windows, Surface tablets, Office applications, and the Xbox console. Microsoft’s products and services are utilized worldwide, and the company’s headquarters must reflect that with huge campuses, a wide range of amenities, and spacious open-concept workspaces. Please tour Microsoft’s corporate offices to get a sense of what it’s like to work there.

Where is Microsoft’s headquarters located?

Even though Microsoft has over 600 offices in over 60 countries, the company’s headquarters are located in Redmond, Washington, which is approximately 30 minutes outside of Seattle. However, in 1979 the firm relocated to Bellevue and subsequently to Redmond, Washington, a little than a month before the company went public in 1986, its current headquarters. Microsoft Redmond’s campus may be found in the southern part of Redmond’s southern area in the northwest corner of King County.

Do you know how many people work at Microsoft?

The United States of America is home to more than a third of the total number of employees that the corporation employs worldwide. More than half of the remaining employees call the state of Washington home, and Redmond, located in Washington, is responsible for nearly half of those jobs. Redmond, Washington, the location of Microsoft’s headquarters, would rank as the 27th most populous city in the state of Washington if it were a municipality.

Where can you find what you’re looking for on Microsoft’s campus?

Redmond’s 500-acre campus is home to 125 buildings, parks, and open spaces. These buildings include workplaces, event spaces, leisure facilities, social areas, restaurants, and shopping areas. It’s not just Microsoft employees that benefit from this network of venues to connect, work, and have fun. Regions are included in this list.


There are treehouses on the campus and more than a hundred different constructions. There are two enclosed communal spaces in the treehouses and the “Crow’s Nest,” which is a high point where people can assemble. By taking advantage of the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest’s stunning landscape, the company decided to build a new type of gathering area for its employees. This decision was made based on the assumption that outdoor spending might stimulate new ideas.

Location on Microsoft’s campus:

Located on Microsoft’s campus, “The Commons” is a 150,000-square-foot area of restaurants and shops that gives Microsoft employees the impression that they own their mall. As a result, the business can attract and retain employees better. The Commons houses an auto-body shop, a credit union, and a music store, to name a few of the services available to employees on campus. Employees can easily pick up or drop off a capo before leaving for work as a result of this.

Shops to gastropubs and vegan:

That is out of the way. Let’s move on to the topic of the pie by noting that the campus is home to an astounding number of restaurants and food carts. Within The Commons, you’ll find everything from coffee shops to gastropubs and vegan and soup bars to an operation based on Pike Place Market. Applicants worldwide are naturally drawn to Microsoft because of its reputation as one of the world’s most prestigious employers.

Places to unwind and enjoy one include the following:

In no way, shape, or form should you be concerned about the health of Microsoft employees? There are numerous options for fun, exercise, and relaxation on campus. Sports facilities on campus include a full-size soccer field and bocce ball, basketball, and softball courts. In addition, the site has two to five-kilometer-long designated walking and running paths for visitors to enjoy. Men’s and women’s teams simultaneously participate in the main soccer pitch.

Work Locations:

Consider that Microsoft’s headquarters is unlike any other business sector workplace before responding with “of course.” As a result of the campus’ seemingly an infinite number of workplaces, employees can work separately or in groups, and they also have the freedom to change their working environment at any time they choose to do so. In addition to the tree houses and outdoor areas, Redmond also includes cafes and other places to relax that is separate from the city’s main structures.

Microsoft’s long-term goals:

As part of the company’s commitment to innovation, Microsoft has decided to apply the same philosophy to the company’s physical surroundings. The Redmond plant’s renovation plans were made public in 2017. To make place for the development of 18 new structures and 2.5 million square feet of additional space, existing structures will be demolished.


Microsoft corporation adress with a central plaza that can hold 12,000 people and a cricket pitch that spans the length of the university’s campus; the designs contain an array of amenities. On three of the four sides of the business, it is limited by 148th Avenue Northeast, NE 51st Street, and Bellevue-Redmond Road. As a benefit to its employees, Microsoft provides Shuttle Connect, a hybrid bus and automobile shuttle service, to help them go around the many buildings on the campus at the Microsoft corporation adress.


In terms of its legal structure, is Microsoft a corporation or an LLC?

As of June 25, 1981, Microsoft was a legal company. It’s hard to believe that this happened exactly 36 years ago. Windows Central is proud of its understanding of Windows, its ecosystem, and Microsoft’s history.

Is there a Microsoft office in New York City?

Microsoft corporation adress: The Microsoft Technology Center in New York City, just west of Times Square’s flashing lights and frantic activity, is home to about 1,000 individuals. More than 63,000 people visit the center each year.