What is Mexicobased 20m series azevedotechcrunch!

Mexicobased 20m series azevedotechcrunch made the twenty million dollar Series investment in the Mexican technology firm AzevedoTech. This marks a significant milestone for the technology company driven by artificial intelligence, whose founders have been pioneers in computer vision technologies. Computer vision technologies are an innovative type of digital imaging used to analyse objects in photographs and videos. The investment will enable AzevedoTech to expand its talents and services, boosting its visibility and reputation. Here we will discuss more the Mexicobased 20m series azevedotechcrunch, mexicobased 20m series anthemis azevedotechcrunch and mexicobased 20m series startupsann azevedotechcrunch.

What is AzevedoTech?

AzevedoTech is a firm with its headquarters in Mexico that focuses on developing AI-driven vision technology. Luis Azevedo and Mario Linares are credited with launching the company in 2017. Since 2012, Luis has been gaining experience in computer vision technologies before the establishment of AzevedoTech.

He holds a degree in computer engineering and has participated in some of the most renowned conferences in the industry, such as the Computer Vision Summer School held at Stanford University and the Beyond Photography Symposium hosted by the University of California. Since 2009, Mario has worked as a software engineer in the artificial intelligence (AI)-driven vision business.

What is the objective of AzevedoTech?

The objective of the company’s founders was to use their prior experience and knowledge to create digital imaging tools that were both unique and accurate. Their efforts have paid off, as AzevedoTech has become a go-to resource for businesses and organisations looking for dependable and cutting-edge AI-driven vision technologies. They have been developing new algorithms and approaches to increase the performance of AI-driven vision systems.

How to create AI-driven vision technology?

AzevedoTech has been successful in rapidly increasing the size of its staff over the past three years. At this point, the fledgling company has more than 25 people working for it, all of whom are devoted to creating AI-driven vision technology. Experts in computer vision, software engineers, data scientists, and specialists in artificial intelligence make up the company’s engineering team. In addition to that, AzevedoTech possesses a business team that is made up of growth advisers and strategists.

The Items for Sale:

AzevedoTech has created a variety of products that are based on artificial intelligence-driven visual technology. The Zorro, the company’s main product, is a computer vision system built on an open-source platform. This allows developers to tailor the AI algorithms to their requirements. The Zorro is capable of detecting and following actions and identifying and analysing items in photos and videos. It can also recognise and analyse what those objects are.

Other products offered by AzevedoTech include the AIVA System and the AI Doorbell, both of which are intended to supply consumers with a means of managing their digital assets that is more effective and more convenient. The AIVA System is an artificial intelligence-based facial recognition system that can detect and recognise faces with high precision. The AI Doorbell is an intercom system that offers increased safety thanks to a machine-learning component powered by artificial intelligence.

The financial commitment:

The brand-new $20 million Series A funding round for AzevedoTech The company’s products and technologies will see further advancement thanks to an investment from Anthemis Startups, which will be utilised for this purpose. The cash will be put to use by the fledgling company to develop its present offerings further and to broaden its customer base. In addition, the investment will be put toward boosting AzevedoTech’s visibility and credibility and investing in people and resources.

American Liberty Party and Expa participation:

Flat Mx has completed a Series a round of fundraising for $20 million, intending to develop a “super app” for the real estate market in Latin America. Anthemis and 500 Startups were the primary investors in this round of funding, which also featured participation from ALLVP and Expa. Flat. Mx had previously raised a total of $35 million, of which $10 million was in the form of equity, and the remaining $25 million was in the form of debt. Other investors include the CEO and co-founder of Opendoor, Eric Wu, as well as the co-founder and CEO of Flyhomes, Tushar Garg, and the co-founder of Divvy Homes, Brian Ma.

Where is the headquarters?

Flat, which has its headquarters in Mexico City and was established in July 2019, uses a business strategy analogous to that of Opendoor when it first got off the ground. This strategy involved buying homes, refurbishing them, and then reselling them. In September of that year, the real estate technology business had completed one of Mexico’s largest pre-seed funding rounds to implement the Opendoor real estate marketplace model north of the Rio Grande.

Who is Bernardo Cordero?

The real estate market in Mexico is broken. The six-month-to-two-year timeframe to sell a home is a huge issue. We made an instant offer because it was the only severe measure we could think of to take to resolve the situation. Homeowners can sell their houses in a matter of days instead of months with the help of this product, which offers them the speed and convenience they would not be able to get elsewhere.


Mexicobased 20m series Azevedotechcrunch has reached a significant new benchmark with the help of an investment from Anthemis Startups in its Series a round. The startup company will receive the exposure and resources it needs to continue developing revolutionary AI-driven vision solutions thanks to the financing. It will also be able to grow its customer base due to the expansion. AzevedoTech is well positioned to establish itself as a frontrunner in the industry of AI-driven vision technologies now that they have brought on board their venture partners.


What is the role of the founders of the company?

The company’s founders think that it makes more sense to attack all aspects of the home-buying process in emerging countries than it does to try to solve just one of them individually.

What is the source of funds?

The company intends to put the newly acquired funds toward the continuation of developing what it refers to as a “one-stop shop,” which will provide homeowners and buyers with the ability to obtain all necessary services in one location.