Mavix gaming chair- The Chairs of Tomorrow for Video Games!

Mavix gaming chair has grown to resemble a slow-motion eruption. For the first time, a company specializes in making gaming seats out of designs initially designed for office use. M9, the company’s flagship offering, makes a good case for a new, non-racing-seat approach to gaming seats priced under $1,000. In a category of furniture that was once dominated by a few well-known names, a swarm of new entrants has emerged to compete for your butt. At the same time, you play video games, some of whom are already well-known in the office furniture industry, while others are brand new companies. Here we will discuss mavix gaming chair.

Features of mavix gaming chair:

The M9 is a product from Mavix, and it’s what we’ll be looking at today. Rather than the racing seat type that many manufacturers choose, this chair, which is now at the top of the company’s range, takes a more subtle and ergonomic approach to the category. It’s remarkable how little the shipping package is for a full-size gaming chair like the Mavix M4. The following are features of mavix gaming chair.


Mavix products appear to be nearly identical from a distance. The seat and backrest shape are almost identical, and the “Dynamic Variable Lumbar” support is included. The bottom of the backrest can flex independently of the top half thanks to this support, which helps support the particular form of each user in a comfortable and ergonomically sound manner. We’ll be comparing the M4 to the M9, which starts at $999 but is more budget-friendly at $444.

An Elegant Position:

Comfortable and supportive, the M9 backpack is a must-have for any traveler. Good news, given its pricing, the Embody’s price was nearly twice as high, considering its feel is comparable. My lumbar region and head are well supported, soft against my skin, and supportive against my back. It’s also lighter than the Secretlab Titan. Even though the chair doesn’t cover my complete back as most gaming seats do, it supports all the necessary places and gives adequate movement.


This woven material, called Advanced Tensile Recovery fabric, is used by Mavix on the M9’s lumbar support. Mavix also employs their M-Breeze cloth in other places on the product. The Emax system can heat and cool more effectively using the ATR fabric’s open pore structure. Compared to other leatherette fabrics, M-Breeze breathes better while having less airflow. ATR mesh supports the lumbar region, cushioned with Cool Gel M-Foam. This material provides support while preventing heat accumulation.

Elegant and Expensive:

According to most other gaming chairs on the market, the Mavix M9 is a high-priced alternative, but it is not like most other gaming chairs. While SecretLab’s chair is a little chunkier and less flexible, Herman Miller’s products inspired this chair’s design. While $1,000 is a significant sum, it is still less than two-thirds of the price of the Embody and provides a similar level of comfort and customizability comparably. It comes with a decent warranty, but it doesn’t quite measure up to Herman Miller’s level of quality.

Installation and delivery:

Some assembly is required for the M9 when it arrives at your door. When the package arrived, it looked like it had been in a very heated soccer match involving several giants, but it was the delivery company’s fault, not Mavix. It was an item that appeared to have competed when it arrived. Mavix gaming chair containers were built of solid materials. Therefore their contents were unharmed. Blister-pack cards with all the pieces, spare bolts, and a T-style wrench hex guide assembly. Armrest slots allow for horizontal adjustability.

Incorporating the additional elements:

Additionally, I should explain how to install the Elemax system and the new FS 360 arms that Mavix gave as optional extras. This section will explain how to add optional features to the standard configuration covered in the previous section. There was no need to consult any manuals throughout the process of switching the original arms for those of the FS 360. The Emax add-on is included with the “Dynamic Variable Lumbar” support, a pad with a semi-firm consistency.


Some features that can be modified include seat height, reclining tension, backrest angle, seat depth, armrest height, armrest depth, armrest angle, armrest spacing, and backrest height, headrest height, and headrest angle. The information shown here is derived from a system that is, by default, configured to meet the requirements outlined by the manufacturer.

Multiple pivot points:

Depending on how you understand the multiple pivot points on the FS 360 armrest, it is possible to elevate those 11 adjustments to somewhere between 14 and 15 by using the FS 360 arms. The exact number depends on how you interpret the pivot points. Because there are so many possibilities, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by even the most trivial pursuits.


Except for the Mavix gaming chair, all current Mavix products fall under the ergonomic category. These features suggest that the chair is designed to help you achieve and maintain good posture rather than offer you a comfortable sitting experience. It’s not the same as floating on a cloud, but that doesn’t mean it’s a negative experience.

Specific height:

If you’re sitting in a chair for eight or more hours a day, this is a crucial feature to look for. To avoid slouching into unhealthy positions, the M9 chair’s ergonomics and those of other Mavix gaming chairs are designed to prevent you from sitting in a soft and cloud-like chair. Thanks to the numerous modifications, you may customize the chair to meet your specific height, weight, and preference needs. It results in a dynamic and comfortable sitting experience for you.


The establishment is both welcoming and sturdy.

Customizable, ergonomic features are available in a wide range of configurations

An eye-catching and minimalist layout


Quite a lot of money for a gaming chair.

A fussy mechanism for raising and lowering the table height


Secret Lab, for example, has established itself as one of the most sought-after racing seats on the market. As a result, most of the surviving market is striving hard to differentiate themselves from the competition by adding innovative visual features. RGB lighting and color schemes based on e-sports teams are examples. Herman Miller and Mavix repurposed office chair designs for the gaming sector.


The Mavix gaming chair stands out for its ergonomics and adaptability. It is expected as the M9 was designed for gamers.


Is the Mavix gaming chair a good fit for you?

It may not be the most suitable chair for gaming, but this one is still excellent. One of the most supportive and comfortable seats I’ve ever sat in is the Mavix M9, which completely departs from the typical racing chair appearance.

Is there a specific use for Mavix gaming chair?

Anyone who spends much time at a computer needs a gaming chair. A gaming chair corrects improper sitting patterns and teaches proper sitting. Racing-themed gaming seats are gorgeous.