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Longcheer Chinabased Iotwangdealstreetasia Xiaomi Lenovo 100m is offered by Electronic Manufacturing Service (EMS) vendor Longcheer, based in China. Longcheer is a Chinese OEM/ODM manufacturer located in Shenzhen. The company was founded in 2004. Most of this time has been spent by the company developing long-lasting relationships with leading mobile device manufacturers such as Xiaomi, Motorola, and Lenovo.

As a direct consequence, Longcheer has achieved widespread recognition in the Chinese mobile device sector as a leading OEM/ODM service provider. Following the completion of their expansion, Xiaomi and Lenovo each made an investment of one hundred million dollars in Longcheer. This article will discuss more longcheer chinabased iotwangdealstreetasia xiaomi lenovo 100m and longcheer chinabased odm xiaomi huawei 100m.

Overview of Longcheer chinabased iotwangdealstreetasia xiaomi lenovo 100m:

The company known as Longcheer Technology began life in 1995 as a factory producing telephone handsets. The corporation now makes desktops, phones, laptops, and tablets worldwide. Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) services are provided by this company, which is a market leader. These services include product design, engineering, packaging, testing, and manufacturing for major companies like Xiaomi and Huawei.


The Chinese company Longcheer began life in 1995. The business was founded as a factory to mass-produce inexpensive telephone handsets. The company’s size and breadth have expanded significantly over the years alongside the equally rapid development of related technologies. With clients like Xiaomi and Huawei, Longcheer has become one of the world’s major original design manufacturers.

What does ODM/OEM mean?

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and Original Design Manufacturers (ODM) are both manufacturers producing new products from scratch. ODMs and OEMs are service providers that aid other businesses in product development, production, and distribution stages. This can involve coming up with an idea from the start or adapting an existing product produced by another firm. OEM/ODM businesses partner closely with their customers to develop, design and produce goods tailored to each buyer’s unique needs.

What does LongCheer provide?

To name only a few of the many options available to customers, LongCheer provides:

Invention and Design of Products:

To its customers, LongCheer provides professional product engineering services that span the full range of the product development process. They can take an idea for a product and make it a marketable reality because of their extensive expertise and understanding in the field.

Prototyping and tooling:

For its clients, LongCheer may design, build, and test various tools and prototypes. They also create product-specific tooling solutions.


When it comes to production, LongCheer has the expertise to ensure quality. They employ cutting-edge tools and methods to guarantee that every step of production is up to par with their customers’ expectations.

Creation of Software:

To better serve their customers, LongCheer develops bespoke software. They are skilled in creating OSes, firmware, UIs, and more among the many software solutions they may offer.

An Investing of $100 Million:

Both Xiaomi and Lenovo invested $100 million in LongCheer in 2021. The capital injection allowed the firm to grow and improve its offerings. Using the money, LongCheer has expanded its service offerings and opened additional factories in China and Southeast Asia.

LongCheer’s benefits include:

A few benefits of partnering with LongCheer are as follows:

Money-Saving Measures:

You can save money by working with LongCheer since they can process bulk orders and use cheaper materials. Shorter lead periods and faster turnarounds are also provided.


LongCheer can swiftly adjust to new demands from customers and provide them with tailored solutions. LongCheer’s global footprint and ability to serve customers in many locales are made possible by its offices and factories in China and Southeast Asia.

Helping Out Customers:

LongCheer places a high value on providing high-quality goods and exceptional customer service. They pride themselves on employing a team of knowledgeable professionals dedicated to providing their clients with the assistance they require at all times. Longcheer is a Chinese Original Design Manufacturer that designs and manufactures high-quality goods and services for companies such as Xiaomi and Huawei.

Items Sold and Offered for Sale:

Longcheer helps businesses like Xiaomi and Huawei create, customize, and produce their goods by offering various products and services that such companies may purchase. This might include anything from providing advice for product design and engineering services to manufacturing the finished goods.

Construction Services:

Longcheer provides consumers with access to design services so they can develop their bespoke items. This involves providing feedback on possibilities for design and features and assisting clients in selecting the appropriate materials for the product they are purchasing. To ensure that the customer’s vision of the finished product is realized, Longcheer can generate CAD designs and prototypes of the product. In addition, the organization can provide a hand in product development to guarantee that the finished product lives up to the client’s expectations.

The Engineering Profession:

Longcheer offers its customers various engineering services to assist them in the process of product creation. This involves assisting clients concerning their hardware, software, and system engineering needs. Additionally, Longcheer offers assistance in device driver development, the programming and testing of firmware, and product certification.

Packaging and Testing:

Longcheer provides customers with packaging services to assist them with packaging their products. This involves selecting the appropriate materials and methods of handling the packaging and providing support with the package’s design and layout. Additionally, to guarantee quality, the organization provides testing services. This comprises testing for compatibility, regulatory compliance, electrical and mechanical performance, and certification.

Offers of Longcheer:

Longcheer offers its customers various manufacturing services, including product assembly, testing, and production, so that they can focus on other aspects of their businesses. The business is involved in several cutting-edge manufacturing processes, including injection moulding and surface mount technologies. In addition, it is outfitted with a diverse selection of product lines, including 11 assembly lines, 8 moulding lines, and 6 SMT lines.


Regarding Original Design Manufacturers, nobody does it better than Longcheer to their consistent attention to quality and innovation. The company’s design, engineering, packaging, testing, and production have helped some of the world’s biggest firms. Production and shipping of over 100 million units annually establish Longcheer as a formidable force in the international telecommunications market. Xiaomi and Lenovo have invested $100 million in LongCheer, a major OEM/ODM company based in China.


What can LongCheer company do?

This funding has allowed the business to grow and provide more options for customers. The company is capable of producing and shipping more than 100 million units annually and can do so.

What are the benefits of LongCheer?

LongCheer’s benefits include lower expenses, greater versatility, worldwide availability, and superior support for existing customers. For these reasons and more, any business needing an OEM/ODM provider would be wise to work with LongCheer.

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