Liver king net worth, Biography, career, wife, presence on social media, and more!

Liver king net worth is $1 million by the year 2022. As a result of his insatiable need for raw flesh, which included occasional consumption of testicles, he rose to notoriety and became the most current TikTok internet sensation. He is well-known in the supplement industry because of the nine ancestral tenants that have shaped and governed his life.

As a result, Liver King, a popular YouTuber’s guest on podcasts, would attend the unscheduled broadcast. He has over 1.5 million Instagram followers and over 2.5 million TikTok followers, making him among the most popular social media users. Because of this, we will study Liver King’s whole fortune, including liver king net worth, salary, sources of income, occupation, and biography, as well as his luxurious way of life, training program, and nutrition routine, among many others things.

Who is Brian Johnson?

Known as “The Liver King,” Brian Johnson is a well-known bodybuilder and social media influencer. He does not have a Wikipedia page. We’ve done our best to compile all the information we can find about him, from his wiki to his age, height, and net worth to his relationship with his wife and other social media accounts. Here are some of the things we’ve done.

Liver king net worth real name:

Brian Johnson, a professional bodybuilder, is believed to be between 40 and 45. It is merely an estimate based on his physical appearance, and his actual age is likely different. He appears much younger than his actual age; however, his exact age has not yet been released anywhere on the internet. Due to his competitive bodybuilding career, he possesses a muscular physique that contrasts his standard height.

Biography of a liver king:

Brian Johnson, 45, is a well-known social media personality and a nutritional supplement business owner. The “Liver King” moniker is another one that has been given to him. Brian’s boyhood was spent in Texas, where he was much smaller and lighter than he is now. He claims that his father died when he was a child, leaving him feeling helpless and wretched throughout his life. Brian’s mother moved the family to San Antonio, where he has spent his whole life.

At this stage in one’s career:

There were already some noticeable shifts in Brian’s life after his first few months of working out regularly at the gym. One of his mother’s lovers in middle school asked him to do this. This person’s weightlifting bench was found to be free, so Brian came up with the idea of using it. When his peers began praising him, Brian immediately drew attention to it. When a student referred to him as Mark Wahlberg, everything changed.


Brian Johnson’s life changed forever when he was likened to Mark, a Calvin Klein model and a member of Funky Bunch at the time. A medical school was the next step for Brian after graduating from Texas Tech University in the field of chemistry, which helped him transfer into the field of medicine. He finally walked out after waiting until the end of orientation.

Nutrition and exercise:

When Brian started tweeting about his new lifestyle in 2021, he hired a social media consulting firm to assist him. Because of his TikTok videos showing him eating raw liver, protein smoothies, raw testicular bone marrow, and an egg yolk-drenched pound of beef, Brian has become an internet star.

Liver King’s “primal” supporters:

According to legend, Liver King eats a pound of raw liver daily. Additionally, he reveals the specifics of his workout routines to those who follow him on social media. Most of the time, they are tasked with transporting massive and hefty loads. The Liver King’s “primal” supporters, such as Logan Paul, have also gained a large following, with Logan promoting the health benefits of eating pig testicles in a recent YouTube video.

Reputation and Wealth of the Liver King:

According to Forbes, Liver King’s total wealth will be close to one million by 2022. During the past year, he’s gained an impressive number of followers, making him one of social media’s most influential figures. Ancestral Dietary supplements, which promote his nine principles, account for the vast portion of his net worth. Liver King saw his brand become viral for the first time when he posted his debut Tik Tok video in August 2021.

Liver king net worth and appearance:

Regarding height and weight, Johnson measures 5′ 6″ and is about 86 kilos, roughly 190 pounds. Liver Queen, his wife, and he are now living the good life, and he sings songs like Savage Liver Boys to entertain their guests. As a professional bodybuilder, he earns money through endorsement and sponsorship deals he promotes on his numerous social media accounts. Liver king net worth is 1$ million and has grown dramatically due to his annual salary of around $250,000, which he earns.

Company of liver king:

Brian Johnson, better known as the Liver King, is the CEO of Ancient Supplements, a well-known supplement company. In addition, he is health-obsessed and supplies superior nutritional supplements to both sexes through his company, ancestral supplements. Because they only make one small batch at a time, they can guarantee the best possible product quality. He’s been involved in health and fitness pursuits for quite some time at this point.

Principle of well-being and wellness:

This man is deeply aware of the evolutionary principle of well-being and wellness. Consequently, he had been highly engaged in his attempts to give people superior-quality healthcare. People swear by them because they claim to deliver the highest-quality grass-fed beef liver and bone marrow in their goods.

Brian Johnson, the Liver King, at the Peak of His Career:

Brian Johnson, a professional bodybuilder, is believed to be between 40 and 45. Since his appearance alone cannot be used to determine his actual age, we can only assume this is an approximation. He’s also praised the virtues of eating animal testicles.

Who Is the Liver’s Most Powerful Ruler?

iT jacked, bearded man has taken over Instagram, have you noticed? He eats a lot of raw meat and lifts a lot of weight, which is absurd. Like our forefathers before him, the Liver King prefers to live his life more traditionally, avoiding the modern amenities we take for granted. One of the key reasons the man calls himself the “Liver King” is that he regularly consumes the liver and praises it for its nutritional qualities.

Role of liver king wife:

The Liver Queen” is his wife; “the Savage Liver Boys” are his sons; the “Liver Queen” is his wife. Regarding his personal life, we know that Liver King is the CEO of four different firms. In that they all offer to help you get as chiseled as Liver King, these companies give something that is at least somewhat comparable. Liver King, the person who promotes this way of living, calls it an “Ancestral Lifestyle.”


Known professionally as Brian Johnson, the real-life Liver King spreads the Ancestral Lifestyle as a way to be healthy on the inside and out. The stage name “Liver King” has become synonymous with Liver King. He calls himself “Liver King” because he adores eating animal liver, which is high in nutrients, as a source of nourishment. Even though he may constantly post on social media, there is little information regarding his personal life.


Liver King’s ancestors had what kind of lifestyle, and how did they get there?

“The human body is properly conditioned for an environment that no longer exists,” says “Liver King.” The “Liver King” constructed his Ancestral Lifestyle program on nine traditional precepts.

What is liver king net worth?

Liver king net worth is $1 million. Ancestral Supplements is his most successful nutritional supplement brand. Liver King says they’re for folks who seek “simple and focused aid in keeping with nature.”