Line of duty season 5 refresher — everything you need to know!

Line of duty season 5 first aired its episodes two years ago. Each week on BBC One, we revisit the most significant events leading up to the sixth season. A comprehensive discussion of Line of Duty Black Ops V’s fifth season is presented here. Put down the book and switch off the television because I beg you if you haven’t seen the whole season yet. In the fifth season of Line of Duty, viewers were introduced to the investigation conducted by AC-12: “Operation Pear Tree line of duty season 5 is up for discussion.

Allison Powell:

Alison Powell, who was the officer in charge, was the one who was responsible for conducting the inquiry. As she confessed, it was not Lisa McQueen who served as AC-12’s “insider;” instead, it was Detective Sergeant John Corbett. With the assistance of Adrian Dunbar, Martin Compston, and Vicky McClure, Detective Inspector Kate Fleming conducted an interrogation with PC Maneet Bindra on her cousin Vihaan Malhotra, who was the person responsible for the leak of AC-12 material.

John Corbett gave Lee Banks:

At the end of the first episode, John Corbett gave Lee Banks the order to execute Maneet, and Banks carried out the order. Corbett’s assistance is required for the OCS and AC-12 to go forward. When he takes firearms and poses as a criminal, the Central Police team known as “H” will be sent to track him down and bring him to justice. This line of duty season 5 focuses on the Central Police Department as its primary plot point.

Money from Corbett:

The con has been successful in making money from Corbett twice. Every strategy John employs to get what he wants is unethical. He strongly suggested that Ted Hastings’ ex-wife, Roisin Hastings, find out more about the current state of their former husband’s finances and those of his new wife. McQueen wants Pilkington to remain quiet and complete his exams for the benefit of the Central Police. He also wants to protect Pilkington.


As long as McQueen helps the OCG with their investigation and does not try to cover anything up, he is free to go. As a part of the deal, she agreed to testify against her former employer. DCS Patricia Carmichael has leveled an accusation of criminal conspiracy against Ted Hastings, who is currently on leave due to an administrative matter. To carry out Operation on season 5 of line of duty in Pear Tree, Gill Biggeloe recruited DS John Corbett.

Formal warning:

Despite receiving a final formal warning for his actions, Hastings has the opportunity to return to his post as head of AC-12 since he is a member of the OCG. It is up to you to decide. During this inquiry, they will face their most dangerous foe yet. Pilkington was granted permission to become a member of the Central Police as a direct result of the lies she provided to Fleming and Arnott.

Mind sharing:

There are still great deals of mysteries that have not been explained as the fifth season of ‘H.’ draws to a conclusion. Our investigation has led us to the conclusion that four of H’s workers should not be trusted. H was a group of police officers in the third season, as stated by the dying Detective Inspector Matthew Cottan (Craig Parkinson). Gill Biggeloe, Cottan, and Derek Hilton are the veterans of the group and its three oldest members. The identity of one of the people has not yet been determined.


DCI Journalist Gail Vella is found dead at the beginning of Season 6 after line of duty season 5, and the role of Joanne Davidson, played by Kelly Macdonald, is given the responsibility of leading the investigation. The cast will be expanded to include Martin Compston and Vicky McClure for the following season. During AC-12’s investigation, it will be determined whether or not members of law enforcement were to blame for the murders of their fellow officers who were involved in the drug heist.

Episode 1:

The AC-12 was requested by the authorities to locate the individuals who had stolen a narcotics freight caravan. John Corbett, the cartel’s most powerful member, was in command. Due to their diligent investigation, they came across this astounding information. .” As part of our inquiry, we have chosen to look into whether or not there is any connection between crooked Central Police personnel and the OCS.

Episode 2:

DI DS was tasked with locating an OCG clandestine agent to fulfill its mission. The lives of those people were put in jeopardy by Steve Arnott. Because of this, he was blaming Steve Arnott as quickly as pointing a finger. It is now or never for Steve Arnott to make one last effort to avert certain death and preserve his own life (OCG). The work of the AC-12 eventually resulted in a startling finding that brought to light some unsettling facts.

Episode 3:

The progression of Corbett’s symptoms occurs first, followed by those of McQueen’s. Their expression reveals that they are unhappy with the situation. At different stages throughout the story, they will be required to decide whether or not to place their confidence in Hastings. When Hastings does something that is out of the norm, people start to question whether or not they can still put their trust in him. Due to this, many are taken aback by his actions.

Episode 4:

When an OCG took over a police vehicle carrying drugs that had been confiscated, it resulted in the deaths of three police officers. Line of duty season 5, episode 4’s likely that gaining more knowledge about the history of Corbett may help throw light on the negligence of Hastings. It continues because they know they have less than an hour left. In such an event, it’s conceivable that he’s keeping something they don’t know about from them.

Episode 5:

During the last segment, which lasts an hour and a half, it is imperative that they not only discover the truth but also maintain their allegiance to Hastings. I’m going to embark on a trip that’s not just interesting but also challenging. The audience should be prepared to experience a wide range of feelings. They are the ones who need to determine whether or not they will support Hastings and whether or not they will tell the truth.

Episode 6:

After some time, they will reflect on their experiences and provide their perspectives on the well-known program. At this point, no one can say for sure. Consequently, many individuals have second thoughts about their capacity to have confidence in him. Additionally, she is questioned regarding her provision of information to the gang. Malhotra is the primary source of concern for this lady. In Corbett’s opinion, she will be put to death because she is a spy.


The program participants, including the cast and crew, spoke about their engagement in the project. The scenario description causes the audience member to feel both apprehensive and glad due to the experience. In addition to other matters, this one will be brought to light. This method resulted in the revelation of the secret. The identity of Detective Sergeant John Corbett as Lisa McQueen has been established as fact by AC-12 in line of duty season 5.


Undercover investigators are investigating the AC-12 suspects as their primary target. Line of duty season 5 has been brought forth by the issue of whether or not Sergeant Jane Cafferty will survive. DS Hastings and Steve Arnott interrogate her regarding her involvement in a terrorist plot, spying on AC-12 with her cousin Vihaan Malhotra and providing information to the organized criminal gang for Derek Hilton. Recently, Stephen Graham has been a member of our team of specialists.


What took place in the fifth season of “Line of Duty” with John Corbett and his family?

In the line of duty season 5, the mystery surrounding Corbett and his motivations is solved. In episode 4, Ryan Pilkington puts an end to his life as he is trying to escape with Lisa McQueen and rescue those who have been trafficked.

May you be wondering what happened after the day came to a close?

In the penultimate episode of the fifth season, Lisa McQueen forecasted that Ryan Pilkington would be promoted to the position of a student police officer. It is obvious when McQueen and Corbett are attempting to play two different games simultaneously.