Krazy 8 breaking bad step by step guide.

Krazy 8 breaking bad is the first meet in Breaking Bad. Having appeared in the pilot and subsequent two episodes, Krazy-8 is inarguably the first big “villain” of the entire Breaking Bad universe, and he is quite intimidating in his introduction. After Walt and Jesse cook their first batch of meth in a trailer out in the desert, Jesse heads to Krazy 8, breaking bad, looking to sell.   Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad are about change. Vince Gilligan’s concept for Bad was clear. “Make Mr. Chips Scarface,” he said. Better Call Saul turned a teenage legal clerk who liked small frauds into New Mexico’s most prominent criminal lawyer. Here we will discuss Krazy 8 breaking bad.

Who is Krazy 8 breaking bad?

While working at his father’s furniture store in Albuquerque, he worked for Tuco Salamanca on the side.

Origins of Krazy 8 breaking bad:

Because of their mental state, these soldiers were deemed unfit for military service. Mau-Mau, a popular German board game, may have impacted the design. According to David Parlett, it is “not so much a game as a core pattern of play from which many different versions might be rung” according to David Parlett. Players, in his opinion, should be able to invent and test new rules at any time.

Tertiary character’s path:

Krazy 8 breaking bad and Jimmy McGill isn’t the only two characters that undergo seismic changes in the Breaking Bad universe.

Krazy-8’s Breaking Bad Backstory:

The Krazy-8 antagonist was originally introduced in Breaking Bad’s pilot episode. The character had a cameo appearance in the spin-off series Better Call Saul when they learned a little more about their history. When Krazy-8 initially appeared in Breaking Bad, it was only in Better Call Saul that we learned more about his past. We only have a few hints about his past before that. Domingo Gallardo Molina’s real name was Domingo Gallardo Molina, and Maximino Arciniega played the character of Domingo Gallardo Molina.

DEA informant Krazy-8:

DEA informant Krazy-8 made his debut appearance in the Breaking Bad pilot episode. With him, Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul’s characters Jesse Pinkman and Walter White became two of the most dangerous players in the meth trade. After receiving threats from Krazy-8, Walt invited Krazy-8 and his cousin Emilio to come over and learn how to make meth.

Krazy-8 to death:

As Krazy-8 had escaped the gas, Walt had no alternative but to keep him in Jesse’s basement until he found the courage to execute him. It was Emilio who succumbed to the gas. With the bike lock tied to a post, Walt strangled Krazy-8 to death. In Breaking Bad, Walt’s first victim was Krazy-8, whose body was dissolved in hydrofluoric acid. During the prequel series, Krazy-8’s journey to being a drug smuggler was explained in detail.

Role of Krazy-8:

Arciniega returned to the role of Krazy-8 in the second season of Better Call Saul. Initially, the recurrent persona was shown to be working with Tuco Salamanca after delivering money at a Mexican restaurant. His early life was depicted in the show Breaking Bad, including the fact that he graduated from the New Mexico’s University of New Mexico with an MBA. Tampico Furniture, the family business, pushed him to work there despite his desire to pursue a career in music instead.

Krazy-8 kept working:

The Krazy-8 we saw in Better Call Saul was probably still employed at the furniture shop where he was observed in the Tampico polo shirt. Krazy-8 kept working in the drug trade under the leadership of Nacho Varga and Tuco’s uncle, Hector Salamanca after Tuco was brought into custody. Krazy-8 paid Nacho cash during Better Call Saul’s third season, but the sum was small.

Krazy-8’s payment blunder:

Nacho had originally intended to ignore Krazy-8’s payment blunder, but after seeing Hector’s reaction, Nacho changed his mind. Krazy-8 was able to pay his employees more quickly due to this incident. By the end of Better Call Saul’s fourth season, Nacho had risen to prominence in Salamanca’s drug trade. As a result, Krazy-8 was made aware of the importance of being trained in the use of physical force in the event of late payments.

Krazy-8 on Breaking Bad:

When Jesse encounters him in Breaking Bad, he will become an independent distributor because of his reputation as a harsher salesman. Season 5 of Better Call Saul, set to broadcast in 2020, is expected to reveal Krazy-8’s role as a DEA informant. Because of Better Call Saul, the death of Krazy-8 on Breaking Bad is all the more heartbreaking.

Domingo Molina in Better Call Saul:

The Breaking Bad speech inspired Nacho Varga and Lalo Salamanca on Better Call Saul. It looks like Peter Gould and the rest of the show’s creative team are not limited in their capacity to use Breaking Bad to develop characters and storylines. It becomes increasingly clear that Walter White was the one who killed Domingo Molina in Better Call Saul as we learn more about him.

Krazy-8’s past on Better Call:

More details have been revealed about Krazy-8’s past on Better Call Saul that only serves to underscore the senselessness of his death in Breaking Bad. Season 5 of Better Call Saul has started, and season 6 will be the last. Things are heating up. Tonally, the show is closer to Breaking Bad than ever before. Lalo Salamanca and his drug cartel gang are in trouble now that Krazy-8 was caught in the last episode.

Steven Gomez brings Krazy-8:

Lalo didn’t let Nacho keep his promise to take care of Krazy-8, so Saul Goodman took care of him instead. Saul’s sudden appearance causes some trepidation in Krazy-8, but he eventually agrees to play along with everything that’s going on. DEA agents Hank Schrader and Steven Gomez bring Krazy-8 in for questioning at this point in the program.

Supposed that Krazy 8 breaking:

A “rat” has been born in Krazy-8, who has betrayed the Cartel.  This episode shows that Krazy-8 is not a spy, but he is only doing what Lalo wants him to do to get a job done. Adult Swim has “The Guy for this.”


The incident Domingo had to go to will most likely wind up with him doing jail time, which is how he’ll become a police informant working with DEA agent Hank Schrader. This known connection has fans eagerly anticipating the appearance of Agent Schrader soon in Better Call Saul. Domingo Gallardo Molina, commonly known by his business moniker Krazy-8, is a drug dealer, meth distributor, and informant to the DEA. He originally worked for the Cartel but later became a solo drug dealer and manufacturer, becoming associated with Jesse Pinkman.


Who did Krazy 8 breaking badwork for?

When we’re first introduced to Krazy-8 in Breaking Bad, we know he’s a DEA informant working for Agent Schrader and his partner Agent Gomez. It’s partly Krazy-8’s fault that Walter White broke bad in the first place.

Was Crazy 8 telling the truth?

However, in “The Guy for This,” it is revealed that Krazy-8 only carries out Lalo’s orders.