Everything you need to know about Kokushibo.

Kokushibo: Upper-Rank One of the Twelve Kizuki is a demonic member of the Order. The strongest Demon Slayer ever was Kokushibo’s human ancestor about five centuries ago in the Sengoku Era. This demon-turned-demon is also the progenitor of the two Tokito brothers, Muichiro and Yuichiro, and he is the one who turned ZenitsuAgatsuma’s older brother Kaigaku into the Twelve Kizuki Muichiro Tokito, the Mist Hashira, characterized him as exceptionally stately and majestic.

Kokushibo Appearance:

His most distinctive feature is the three pairs of eyes on his face with yellow irises and red sclera with black straight lines extending from each iris. In his middle set of eyes, the kanji reads: “The highest echelon. Additionally, the left side of Kokushibo’s forehead and the right side of his chin is marked with bright red marks that seem like flames.


Kokushibo proved to be the strongest of the Twelve Kizuki and second only to the Demon King, MuzanKibutsuji. In his time as one of the series’ oldest demons, he had faced many Demon Slayers and gained a wealth of combat experience and expertise. He easily discerns at least two of Hashira’s tactics and capabilities and overpowers them in combat.

Total Concentration Breathing:

As a user of Total Concentration Breathing, a marked individual, and a member of the Twelve Kizuki who has the largest concentration of Muzan’s physique enhancing blood in the organization, his physique is one of the most polished and gigantic in existence.

Breathing of the Moon:

Using Breathing Styles, Kokushibo was another Demon like Kagaku. He has one of the most deadly and potent fighting techniques we’ve seen so far. The Moon Breathing combat technique replicates crescent-shaped moons with each sword slash, creating a crescent moon effect. When slicing with his Blood Demon Art, he can make a variety of crescent moon blades of varying lengths and sizes. Since then, Kokushibo has been refining his breathing techniques, creating over a dozen new ones in the process.

Moon at Dusk, Palace in the Evening:

Slashing in a single horizontal motion, Kokushibo creates several chaotic crescent blades with his sword.

Moongazing with Pearls of the Sea:

Crescent-shaped slashes protect Kokushibo from incoming strikes, sending a barrage of crescent blades in his direction.

Chains, by Loathsome Moon.

Two massive crescent slashes from Kokushibo’s sword cause a massive storm of smaller crescents to spread, resulting in massive destruction in a tiny area.

Eddy the Calamitous Moon Spirit:

In the style of a rising vortex, Kokushibo creates several layers of curving slashes, each one somewhat different. Sami saw that Kokushibo did this attack without swinging his blade.

Lonely Moon, Perpetual Night:

Kokushibo unleashes Crescent-shaped cuts in front of him. The Wind Hashira Sanemi Shinazugawa was overwhelmed by this technique, which was powerful enough to slice up numerous Hashira around him.

Yoriichi and kokushibo:

Kokushibo was killing members of the Demon Slayer Corps. Since Yoruichi and kokushibo were brothers, everyone despised him and kicked them out. However, Kokushibo was shocked to learn that his brother, dead for sixty years, was still alive and carrying the demon Slayer mark. The first thing Kokushibo questioned his brother when they finally reunited again was how his brother was still alive after all this time.

Kokushibou brother:

Kokushibou’s brotherMichikatsu, as a young man, was a calm and nice human being who cared for his younger brother, Yoruichi. He felt sorry for his brother because their father preferred one over the other. When Yoriichi’s father was abusive, Michikatsu was there for him and gave him many gifts. Then, after he watched his brother Michikatsu defeating someone he hadn’t even touched in a sword duel, he changed his outlook on life.

Kokushibo real name:

Kokushibo real nameis MichikatsuTsukiguni, and he is YoriichiTsugikuni’s elder brother. Because of his abilities and the fact that he established his breathing style, Moon Breathing, which is directly derived from Sun Breathing, he is assumed to be a member of the Breathing Styles User.

Kokushibo death:

Decapitated later by two marked Hashira, afterkokushibo death, Kokushibo recovered his entire head and defeated death by beheading after being decapitated by Nichirin Swords, a feat previously thought impossible for demons and only done by two others: Akaza, the Demon King.

Kokushibo human:

Over 500 years ago, a great demon slayer named Kokushibo was known as MichikatsuTsugikuni. YoruichiTsugikuni, Kokushiba’s twin brother, was said to have admired his human sibling with envy. You were shocked to learn that kokushibo human was not a normal human being at the time. The Demon Slayer was during the Sengoku Era. Given his longevity, it’s fair to say that the Tokito brothers who converted Kaigaku into a demon and compelled him to join Twelve Kizuki can be regarded as his descendants.

Kokushibovs. muzan:

Most of his activities were performed solely to further the ideals set forth by MuzanKibutsuji, demonstrating a deep devotion to the samurai. Despite his outward humility and reluctance, he was frigid and harsh in his comments, especially when disciplining others. He required complete compliance with his ominous warnings, which came across as cruel and ominously seriouskokushibovs. muzak.


As an antagonist introduced in Kimetsu no Yaiba, he has now grown in stature to match the series’ main protagonists. When Kokushibo appeared, it was an extremely powerful demon tied to the Twelve Kizuki. He goes by MichikatsuTsugikuni, a five-century-old human boy in some circles. Like many of Muzan’s army demons, his human form had long since expired after being transformed into the one.


Is Muichiro’s brother Kokushibo?

Kokushibo,the former Demon Slayer, became Upper-Rank One. Muichiro is Kokushibo’s great-great-grandson when Muichiro encounters his ancestor for the first time in the Infinity Castle.

WhatKokushibo changed his name?

Michikatsu became a Demon, taking the name Kokushibo, after being convinced by MuzanKibutsuji to do so because he feared the fated death of those who awakened their Demon Slayer Marks.

Kokushibo was defeated by whom?

“The battle with Muzan’s most powerful demon servant, Kokushibo, is done. While Himejima and Sanemi vanquished Kokushibo, the Demon Slayer Corps has paid a heavy price.

How did Kokushibo become a Demon?

We know that Kokushibo was driven by a desire to be better than his sibling in every aspect. As a demon slayer, he has a greater yearning to die than his brother, a priest.

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