Everything you need to know about kokushibo vs muzan!

Kokushibo vs muzan, the creator of the demon realm, is pitted against Michikatsu Tsukiguni, a member of the Kizuki’s elite Twelve. It’s a valid question, so thank you for asking it. The viewers of “The Demon Slayer” were still terrified by these two characters despite the fact that they did not appear on the show very often. I wonder what would have happened if any of the Hashiras had to face either of these two. Naturally, this is your biggest fear. Imagine, nevertheless, if kokushibo vs muzan were forced into a showdown. That is the most pressing issue of our day. Fans may wonder how any demon could stand a chance against the original Satan.

The fact that Muzan is responsible for shaping Kokushibo’s identity begs the question of how he may hope to defeat him. Some spectators may find this to be a silly query, considering the obvious victor. Potentially, they are correct. Possibly, they are mistaken. Some supporters, however, think that Kokushibo may be able to at least make Muzan sweat if not kill him. Maybe we’ll finally get him once and for all. In this essay, we will have a more in-depth discussion regarding the differences between kokushibo vs muzan.

Who is weaker than Yoriichi?

Yoiichi, the youngest brother of Michikatsu, serves as a perfect comparison point between Muzan and Kokushibo. They were both very close to passing away at Yoriichi’s hands. Who was the weaker of the two, given that they were both nothing compared to Yoriichi? Yoriichi used the thirteenth iteration of his Sun Breathing Style to decapitate Muzan and remove all twelve of his brains and hearts in one swift motion. Yoriichi made the demon god look like a fool. Despite Yoriichi’s best efforts to ensure Muzan’s decapitation, the latter nonetheless managed to escape with his life.

Yoriichi was on the verge of passing out when Kokushibo confronted him. Yoriichi was a venerable old man, but Kokushibo was at the height of his powers as a demon even when he was still in his twenties. Kokushibo had a burning desire to outshine Yoriichi, but he was never able to even come close to his rival. The human version of him could never even come close to scratching Yoriichi. Because of this, he became obsessed with embracing his demonic nature in order to gain superhuman strength and finally triumph over his sibling.

However, despite Yoriichi aging and greying, becoming a demon, and facing up against an Upper Rank One demon, he was still defeated. Yoriichi easily reclaimed his victory over Kokushibo with little to no more work required. He didn’t need to employ any breathing techniques to let Kokushibo know that Yoriichi’s next strike could be his last.

Similarities between kokushibo vs muzan:

Yoroiichi, who was already quite old at the time, had to resort to the twelfth version of his sun breathing technique in order to slice Muzan successfully. Because of this, it’s easy to see how much weaker Kokushibo is than Muzan. Yoriichi’s superiority against Kokushibo can be traced back to the vast differences in their respective natures. The only thing that mattered to Kokushibo was beating his younger brother.

His need to win at whatever cost transformed him into a monster. But instead of becoming stronger, he was no closer to defeating Yoriichi. Yoriichi, on the other hand, was never interested in fighting his sibling. He was solely concerned with bettering himself for the sake of serving as a shield for others. That’s what gave him the edge over Kokushibo, who stayed the same.

Comparing Forces:

For once, it’s plausible that Kokushibo could successfully behead Muzan. Though he could maybe give Muzan a run for his money in a fight, conquering Muzan is not exactly his cup of tea. Yoriichi himself was unable to complete the task. If Muzan could escape such a fatal blow from Yoriichi, then there’s no way Kokushibo could defeat him. After all, Kokushibo is Yoriichi’s bigger brother, so he should be able to behead him once without much trouble. But that’s all there is to it. He will never get a second opportunity from Muzan.

Different Ages:

More than 460 years had passed since Kokushibo, the first demon slayer, had turned into a demon. When compared to Muzan, who is over a thousand years old, that’s a significant age gap to take into account. This demonstrates that Muzan has far more practical knowledge than Kokushibo. If a child faces out against his father while the latter is still physically and mentally capable, the child stands no chance.

No doubt about it, Kokushibo is the youngster, and Muzan is the parent in this scenario. Moreover, maturity levels are significant in the Anime universe. Even if the elderly are frail in our real world, in the anime universe, they might be your biggest nightmare. This can be seen in every other anime out there.

Do you think Muzan is affected by this at all?

While still human, Kokushibo battled like a demon slayer; therefore, he was well-versed in the art of demon combat. After he changed into a demon, he learned a great deal about demon combat. Do you think kokushibo vs muzan needs combat IQ to beat Kokushibo? Kokushibo will never be able to vanquish the Demon Lord, no matter how long he spends in a fight.

He lacks Yoriichi’s qualities. There was never any malice in Yoriichi’s battles. He battled solely for the purpose of defending the defenceless. He was surprisingly generous at times. But Kokushiba was never in that position. Since Yoriichi was younger than him, he had often wondered how come the younger man was more capable than he. Anger and resentment weakened him. Yoriichi, on the other hand, was strong because of his determination to keep his loved ones safe.

Moon Breathing Style:

As an antidote to his younger brother’s technique, Kokushibo developed the Moon Breathing Style. Furthermore, as a demon, his blood art technique is the most potent of the Twelve Kizuki. But once again, is it enough to beat Muzan? Since Muzan is responsible for making all the demons, he must be far more potent than Kokushibo. Muzan also possesses the ability to absorb, as evidenced by his comment about absorbing Nezuko after learning that she is the first demon to survive in the light of day.

He might have easily eaten Kokushibo as well. Furthermore, there were indications that Enmu, a subordinate of Kizuki, drank Muzan’s blood in order to fortify himself. Extra blood could be fatal. These results demonstrate that Kokushibo could not surpass Muzan’s strength without consuming his blood. Having them square off is a certain way to ensure that never happens.

What’s more, Muzan has the ability to destroy his work whenever he pleases, regardless of his location. Then, if we ignore everything else and simply look at this one fact, the comparisons become meaningless. In the beginning, no demon survived more than a few moments after merely uttering the name “Muzan.” Therefore, Kokushibo has little chance of winning a fight against Muzan.


Kokushibo vs Muzan triumphs in the end, while Kokushibo falls short. After looking at the data, it’s clear who would come out on top. Kokushibo may have a shot, but it’s about as likely as winning the lottery. We’re not going to waste any more time debating whether or not he has a chance against Muzan. Yoriichi was sufficient evidence that Kokushibo was significantly worse than Muzan. Significant differences in age, strength, and power exist.

kokushibo vs muzan: Muzan had a brush with death because of Yoriichi, but Kokushibo had to kill Yoriichi to ensure his own existence. Anime fans would say that kokushibo vs man is a thousand years premature to have any hope of defeating him.