The dreadful Kokushibo Sword, often known as a Katana made out of flesh!

Kokushibo sword featured in Demon Slayer was extremely popular within the cosplay community in the years that followed the premiere of the anime show. The majority of these swords from Demon Slayer belong to the heroes of the anime, such as Tanjiro Kamado and his pals Kyojuro Rengoku and Giyu Tomioka, both of whom are Nashira. There are, however, chosen and unforgettable handfuls that are in possession of those who follow the demon king.

The flesh katana belonged to Kokushibo, and it is one of these swords. Whereas the themes of the other swords in the show are based on different types of breathing, Kokushibo’s flesh sword does not have this theme because it was given to him by the terrifying Upper Moon, which is known for its ability to absorb human and demon flesh. Here we will discuss more kokushibo sword in detail.

Who Is Kokushibo?

Kokushibo is a human who was converted into a demon, and it was revealed in the manga that he was Yoriichi Tsugikuni’s brother. Yoriichi was the first person to practice Sun Breathing. Michikatsu Tsugikuni was Kokushibo’s former alias when he was still human. He was the heir to a powerful house during that time. Their parents gave Michikatsu a lot of attention because he was the older twin, didn’t have any birthmarks, and was perfectly healthy. Yoriichi, on the other hand, didn’t get much attention until he proved to be an excellent swordsman who was able to beat Michikatsu’s own trainer.

Michikatsu’s father disregards him because of Yoriichi’s prowess with the samurai sword, which leads to Michikatsu’s subsequent descent into the underworld, where he eventually joins Muzan and becomes an Upper-Rank demon. Muzan selected him not only for his own power but also to torment Yoriichi with the image of the brother he could not save. Yoriichi was the only one who could have stopped Muzan. Michikatsu, who is now known as Kokushibo, gains the level of power necessary to master all 16 different types of moon breathing.

Kokushibo Katana Powers From Kimetsu No Yaiba:

Kokushibo is notorious for being a hashira killer, and as a result, even powerful hashira like Shinobu Kocho and Sanemi Shinazugawa are forced to take him seriously as a potential adversary. The Kokushibo Sword provides him with a lethal weapon that is capable of swiftly adapting to the fighting style and responses of any opponent during combat. This is one of the factors that contribute to his intimidating presence.

Exhibit A of Kokushibo’s flesh-sucking abilities:

The hilt of Kokushibo’s sword is covered in several eyes, and the blade itself appears to be pulsating with flesh. This gives the sword the most frightening appearance of any weapon in the show. This is because it is made of real flesh and has the power to eat the flesh of other people. Additionally, it has the ability to ingest the flesh of animals. When a person is injured by the sword, they may lose limbs and become weaker, as if the blade absorbed their life. This is because the sword is made of a special material that can absorb the life force of those it harms.

Kokushibo is free to shape:

Since it is presumed that the sword is organic, Kokushibo is free to shape it in whatever way will allow him to achieve his goals in the most efficient manner possible at any given time. Because its length and size can be altered, it is difficult for enemies to simply dodge the swings of the sword, regardless of how swiftly or far they try to avoid them. This is because its length and size can be altered. As a consequence of this, defending oneself against the sword is an extremely difficult task.

Unique capacity to sprout:

The Kokushibo sword has the extraordinary ability to sprout out of its own blade, resulting in the production of numerous blades that are all connected to the primary slicing edge of the weapon. This provides the user with a greater number of cutting surfaces on which to cut. This results in a horrific sword composed of flesh that takes on the appearance of a tree nearly entirely. Its mission is to inflict death and utter terror on whoever comes into contact with it.

Retracted” or “extended:

Due to the fact that the Kokushibo sword has the power to transform its appearance, many replicas of it have blades that can be “retracted” or “extended,” depending on the effect that is desired. This high-quality reproduction is composed of carbon steel, which allows it to keep the classic aesthetic of the original while contrasting with reproductions made of bamboo and plastic, which are more likely to have the appearance of branching flesh blades.

This sword’s blade, handle, crossguard, and saya are all painted with eyes in the same fashion as the original sword that appeared in the anime and manga. This replica sword is an exact duplicate of the original. This gives the sword a negative connotation, despite the fact that, in all other ways, it looks to be traditional. Every person who sees it is immediately reminded of the colour of raw flesh due to the pink and violet details that are painted on both the blade and the scabbard.

  • Constructed from carbon steel
  • Measuring 102 centimetres in length


The Kokushibo sword from Demon Slayer is, without a doubt, the one that stands out the most visually due to its horrifyingly inspired appearance, despite the fact that it is not as popular as the nichirin swords that Zenitsu and Inosuke employ. The fearsome aspect of the sword belies the human connections and humanity that its owner retains, as seen by the fact that Kokushibo appears to feel compassion for his descendent Muichiro, despite the fact that Muichiro severed his hand.

The quality of replicas of the Kokushibo sword is likely to vary depending on the state of the original sword that they are trying to imitate; nonetheless, the alternative that comes highly recommended by our team is among the most useful choices that can be found on the internet.