Everything you need to know about kokushibo death!

Kokushibo death was the best thing that could have happened for the realm of Demon Slayer because each one posed a danger to the inhabitants of that world. But for us audience members, each death on Upper Moon was a shocking new development in the drama. In this article, we will give you all information you will need to know about kokushibo death in detail.


During the Infinity Castle arc, Kokushibo, the elder twin brother of Yoriichi, demonstrated that he was the second-strongest demon after Muzan by defeating Sanemi, Gyomei, Genya, and Muichiro. It’s possible that this battle was the most exciting one in the Demon Slayer saga. Because Kokushibo felt he couldn’t compete on an equal level with his brother, he turned himself into a demon to get an advantage over him. But it didn’t happen.

During the final battle, Kokushibo was in his ultimate form, and it’s possible that he would have won if he had regenerated, but he decided against it because he looked like a monster. Using this opening to their advantage, the other demon slayers continued their assaults until Kokushibo’s body was destroyed. The passing of Kokushibo was a very sorrowful event since he spent his final moments puzzling over why he could not get the answers he sought. Because of his commanding demeanour and ability to carry himself in a manner befitting a professional, he unquestionably would have made a superior ultimate antagonist than Muzan.

Daki and Ryutaro:

During the battle in the entertainment district arc, Daki was put to death by Inosuke and Zenit. Zenitsu and Inosuke cut her sash, but Inosuke did it from the side because she had already been harmed. Zenitsu cut her sash from the front. On the other front, Daki’s brother Gyutaro was murdered by Tanjiro and not Uzui. This turn of events occurred on the other front.

When the main character successfully severed Gyutaro’s head with all of his strength, he acted in a manner consistent with that of a demon. These two siblings passed away at the exact moment, one after the other. This was a satisfying finale for their characters, but right up until the very end, they continued to argue with one another. At long last, it was a breathtaking moment in which the two of them advanced into the raging inferno of hell.


Kokushibo used his thunder breath to transform Zenitsu’s previous senior, Kaigaku (new Upper 6), into a demon. Kaigaku was a user of the thundering breath. When his teacher, who had been the Thunder Hashira in the past, heard this devastating news, he took his own life. After learning of the affair, Zenitsu desired to engage in combat with Kaigaku.

He engaged the new member of the Upper 6 in a one-on-one fight before putting an end to the conflict with a thunder-breathing form that he had developed all on his own. During a brief flash of lightning, Zenitsu executed the seventh form of Thunder Breathing, known as Flaming Thunder God, and severed Kaigaku’s head. This was the combat that took up the least amount of time during an Upper Moon, and it served as Zenitsu’s defining moment.


Muzan was responsible for kokushibo death of the Biwa Woman, the new Upper 4 when he smashed her head when she was under the power of Yushiro, the sole demon that Muzan did not create. She had complete control over Infinity Castle, making her a precious asset for Muzan. Additionally, it was revealed that she only had one eye, which contributed to the frightening nature of her character design.


Because he was responsible for Rengoku kokushibo death, Akaza (Upper 3) was looked down upon by many people, even though he is often considered to be the most villainous character in the entire narrative. When his history was explained, everything took a 180-degree turn for the worse. After what happened, this guy quickly became the most sympathetic of all the characters in Demon Slayer.

During the story arc in Infinity Castle, Akaza commits suicide by cutting off his regeneration power as he is engaged in combat with Giyu and Tanjiro. The reappearance of Akaza’s cherished memories caused him to despise the actions he was about to take, which prevented him from killing Giyu. He detested the fact that he had to kill a significant number of people to get stronger.

As a result, he took his own life, which provided a satisfying conclusion to his character. When I got to this point in the game, I realized that Akaza would be my favourite character in the entire Demon Slayer series.


Doma, an immensely powerful and literal crazy, may be called “the true demon” because he was a psychopath in both his human and demon lives. Doma was a psychopath in both his human and demon lives. During the battle against the insect Hashira Shinobu, Doma displayed a peculiarly terrible act when he absorbed Hashira Shinobu into his own body. It came as a surprise.

However, he was unaware that it was Shinobu’s sacrifice and that she had to poison him for Kanao to cut off his head maybe. Because the poison had weakened Doma, Kanao could kill him while Inosuke was helping her out. This meant that her sacrifice had not been in vain. Because Doma’s full potential was never explored in the manga, the series’ conclusion may be a letdown to many fans. The author only gave him a brief appearance in the story before taking his life. Thus he was unable to demonstrate many of his lethal skills.


The kokushibo death signalled the conclusion of the Upper Moons and ended one of the most formidable organizations of bad guys in recent memory. As far as the tale of Demon Slayer is concerned, these are all deaths that occurred on Upper Moon.