Everything you need to know about Jazzy Distefano!

Jazzy Distefano was born on April 17, 1984, in Brooklyn, New York City’s borough. She was raised by her Puerto Rican parents, Edwin and Liz Canuelas. In 2019, Chris DiStefano will debut his first stand-up special for Comedy Central with the title Size 38 Waist. His devoted following is fixated on his private life. Take a look at this glimpse inside the personal lives of the hilarious guy. Many people believe that Jazzy Distefano is Chris Distefano’s wife. They have decided not to marry since they are already quite close and feel that marriage would not change their relationship significantly. In addition to that, they are relatively close. Here we will discuss Jazzy Distefano.

Chris Distefano Uncle TiTi Jerry:

Chris’ transsexual uncle TiTi Jerry is well-known. She calls herself Jerry or JLO. She knew she didn’t like women, but she admired them. When her mother visited her in prison, Ti Ti realized she was gay. She’s grateful her mother has never judged her and always embraced her.

Chris Distefano’s family includes:

His family includes his parents, his wife, and three kids. Due to her unique lifestyle, his transgender uncle has become a global internet star. Chris and his wife met at a pub and formed a friendship, romance, and marriage. Since 2013, the couple dated, and in 2015, they married. The couple welcomed Delilah Distefano in May 2015. Delilah is Chris’s second kid overall; he already has a son.

Jazzy Distefano teaches Zumba:

Brooklyn, Chrissy D. Her family includes a sibling. Jazzy took an unorthodox career path by helping new mothers with postpartum depression. Others have battled it but failed, while others have had great success. She teaches postpartum fitness. She earns her living this way.

Jazzy’s girlfriend:

Jazzy Distefano is well-known as Chris Distefano’s wife. She’s also a Zumba instructor. She has two children. Together, they make the world more interesting. Podcasts amuse their listeners. Jazzy, as Jasmine and Vinny, shares her distinctive punchlines and comments in the podcast. Jazzy Distefano information is here. Learn some Jazzy Distefano facts from this list.

Jazzy first met Chris:

Distefano Jazzy didn’t first appreciate his skill of expressing delight. Chris tried to impress her by buying her drinks. He won, and they’re reunited. UK Time couldn’t determine her wealth. She makes a good livelihood, however. We can also divide Chris Distefano’s 33 million dollar fortune. This American comedian is recognized for stand-up. He was born in Brooklyn, New York, on August 26, 1984. Jazzy Distefano’s spouse has done observational comedy since 2009.

Zumba instructor Jazzy Distefano:

Jazzy Distefano has famous Zumba lessons. She always looks lovely and promotes healthy living. It also helps women overcome postpartum depression. She helps women stay fit. Distefano began living better after experiencing postpartum depression. She’s helped other moms stay positive throughout and after pregnancy. She created the Jazzymethod, which blends bodyweight workouts with music. Social media followers may obtain his teaching resources to work out and have fun. It’s also on Patreon.

Chris Distefano was funny:

Chris Distefano shared sensitive details about his program. He felt he’d accidentally become pregnant, but his first daughter was a blessing. During the Hey Babe podcast, the comedian said she feels the stars are aligning positively. He met his future wife at a bar. Jazzy Distefano got pregnant then. Their lives were changed. He also stated Jazzy Distefano didn’t know him. She doesn’t like him. He then bought her cocktails to earn her favor. Then everything went fine. Both have the funniest podcast.

Jazzy’s independence:

Chris Distefano admires his wife’s independence. She understands things better than others. Jazzy was independent and did many things while pregnant. She’s also quick-witted and works to improve her skills. She’s also on her husband’s podcasts. Jazzy Distefano refused to name her child after the star, ending the two men’s joke.

Jazzy Distefano’s net worth:

Jazzy Distefano’s wife has $33 million. Its main income source is TV shows and specials. He became a popular comedian after starting at a small comedy club. He’s now a popular celebrity. His intelligence and humor entertained fans on other shows. He offers podcasts. He’s thirty. Jazzy distefano’s wealth is unknown. She’s successful in her job, which is how she earns a livelihood. She’s also a qualified Zumba instructor.

Fitness journey:

Her fitness journey began when she realized it helped ease her postpartum depression. For instance, breastfeeding was not an option in her first two pregnancies since the infants did not want to do it. The fitness-minded lady viewed this as an opportunity to help other parents in similar situations, so she got certifications in spin, group exercise, and other health programs. Jazzy Distefano created the Jazzymethod after that. This program combines bodyweight training with music to promote mobility and pleasure.


Chris Distefano often speaks about the birth of his first child, calling her both an accident and a blessing owing to how quickly everything happened. The comedian revealed on the Hey Babe show that he met his baby mom due to a peculiar celestial alignment. After refusing an offer to a bar or pub with a friend, the other friend told him that one drink wouldn’t change his life. Jazzy Distefano’s pregnancy changed their life a few days later.

Comedy’s creator:

Chris Distefano’s two children from a previous relationship are Jazzy’s. Chris Distefano’s podcasts include them both. Jazzy Distefano, sometimes known as Jasmine or Vinny, adds humor to these episodes. Chris Distefano and Sal Vulcano from Impractical Jokers came up with the moniker “Lent” on the Hey Babe podcast with the notion that the kid would “give it up for Lent” if they ever sought a career in the performing arts.

Jazzy Distefano is independent:

Chris Distefano has said in podcasts that he’s impressed by his wife’s ability to grasp complicated things quickly. Jazzy Distefano is constantly pushing ahead, whether figuring out Sal Vulcano’s coffee machine or building a crib while pregnant. Girl Code and Guy Code are his best-known books. Jazzy Distefano’s life and career are explored in Chris Distefano’s weekly podcasts and online social media articles. She trains others, particularly women, to self-recover.


Jazzy Distefano, now Jasmine Canuelas, was given the name by her parents, Edward Distefano and Liz Canuelas, on April 17, 1984. Her sister Jessica Canuelas is younger; they’re close. Jazzy distefano’s shift as a Zumba instructor has affected her life and those she teaches. The famous wife reveals how her pastime turned business and helped her overcome postpartum depression. She created the Jazzymethod to lose weight. She combines music with her weight loss program so people can exercise effectively while having fun. She’s become a fitness expert by helping pregnant women.


Who is Jazzy Distefano’s sister?

Jazzy Distefano, aka Jasmin Canuelas, teaches Zumba. Liz Canuelas and Edward Distefano are her parents. Jessica Canuelas is her sister. Vinny is her nickname. Jazzy’s work helps her overcome depression and other mental health difficulties.

How did she debut when?

She was born in Brooklyn, New York, USA. Chris Distefano, or Christopher Paul Anthony DiStefano, is his name.

What is Jazz’s method?

She created the program herself. Its main goal is to entertain workout participants. This approach allows bodyweight exercise while listening to music.