Is redbubble legit or safe to buy from, and is it worth it?

Is redbubble legit? Yes, Redbubble is an entirely legitimate, risk-free firm for its customers and contributors. One of Redbubble’s primary goals is to help artists sell their artwork on a wide range of products, including T-shirts, other apparel, and posters. Redbubble requires an artist to upload their work, select the goods on which their artwork will be sold, and wait for their money once a month to arrive. Here we will discuss whether she is redbubble legit?

Is Redbubble a Reputable Company?

Redbubble was founded in Melbourne, Australia, in 2006 and is based there. To date, Redbubble’s primary goal in providing new artists with secure, reliable, and diverse distribution channels for their work has been its core focus. Even though not everyone is willing to spend a significant amount on original prints, customers are inclined to buy stickers or t-shirts that feature designs they admire. Redbubble’s platform, utilized by 700,000 artists, connects customers and artists.

Is redbubble legit a well-known brand or not?

In response to your question, Redbubble is an entirely legitimate organization that is risk-free for its clients and contributors. Despite concerns about the legitimacy of companies like Redbubble, the Australian-based company is the industry leader in its field and offers some of the most enticing price alternatives for clients and creative professionals. Making your products has the advantage of more revenue and more control over your work, but doing so can be arduous.

Ensures the Security of Your Transactions:

Paying for your products and getting paid as an artist is easier on Redbubble, thanks to various secure payment methods. Because Redbubble is concerned about fraud, it must link all orders to a billing address corresponding to a customer’s chosen mode of payment. Redbubble accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal, Apple Pay, and Digital Gift Cards. Afterpay and Clearpay let buyers buy now and pay later.

Customer-region third-party printers are used:

Independent print shops located in the same geographic area as the client who purchased the artist’s work are used by Redbubble for printing services. Upon receiving an order from a customer, Redbubble is in charge of determining which third-party printer is best suited to their location and what kind of product they ordered. Consumers who order numerous product categories may receive them at different times, even if they paid for them all at once.

Continuously checks website security for flaws:

If you have any questions or concerns about your order’s security or the information saved in your Redbubble account, contact Redbubble’s Customer Success Team. When evaluating Redbubble’s products and services, the company understands that its artists and customers bring a unique perspective. Redbubble needs time to investigate a new problem and find a solution. Redbubble asks that you resolve any issues before going public with them.

Has a Solid Social Responsibility Policy:

With Redbubble, social responsibility is taken very seriously by its consumers. Unlike most firms, Redbubble doesn’t wait for problems to be presented to them by the general public before launching an investigation into them. Redbubble knows how its decisions influence the people and communities it cares about. A global firm must consider its local consumers and employees, its marketplaces, and the planet to succeed.

Redbubble Affiliate Program sells official artwork:

One of the most difficult challenges for contemporary artists is dealing with difficulties that may demand a license or knowledge of copyright law. Even if you’re an independent artist, Redbubble is here to help you navigate the complex landscape of fan art. Regarding prospective artists who want to sell artwork based on their favorite topics, such as YouTubers or video games, Redbubble has made it easier to obtain the appropriate licensing.

Templates for a wide range of products:

Even if a design seems excellent on paper, that doesn’t guarantee it will work well in the real world. As a result, Redbubble advises its artists to take advantage of the templates the company gives for various products. Using these templates, you may understand how the finished products will look. Redbubble’s first-time users may be reluctant to use the platform since the product photos on the site are merely digital images and not genuine products.

Semblance of Protection against Art Theft:

Artwork theft has plagued Redbubble and other printing sites that allow artists to upload their creations for sale. Unlike traditional artists, digital artists continually drop sales because art thieves steal their products and sell them at the lowest possible price. Traditional painters may not have this issue, but digital artists do. Redbubble recently added download security. When you right-click a picture, you can overlay a transparent image.

Marketing on behalf of the artist:

Many people assume that Redbubble is a t-shirt or product seller; however, Redbubble is more of a marketing and logistical tool for artists. Because of the platform’s marketing efforts, many inexperienced artists appreciate Redbubble’s ability to free them up to focus on their creations. Using your unique URL and the lifestyle template offered by Redbubble, you may help Redbubble sell your products to clients who are already browsing Redbubble’s merchandise selection. Redbubble’s simple features, like those illustrated, make creating marketing campaigns easy.

20% is the standard margin for artists:

Even novice painters can make money from their hobby thanks to Redbubble, which pays artists a 20% profit margin on all sales. Redbubble’s final sale price includes artist profit and base pricing. You can minimize or raise the 20 percent artist margin as an artist.

Artists determine the value of their work and set prices appropriately. Increasing the artist margin may be done if a design took a long time to make, if additional costs were incurred outside of Redbubble, or if the artist wants to keep a product or design exclusive.

Artists don’t pay return shipping:

The most significant advantage of choosing Redbubble over printing your items is that you will not be liable for any expenditure spent due to the return of a customer’s purchase. Successfully managing reverse logistics can determine the success or failure of a small artist’s career. Distributing products backward through a production line rather than forwards, as is the norm, is referred to as “reverse logistics,” That term refers to it.


When a client wants to return an item to a firm, the company must figure out how to receive the item while also providing a solution to the customer’s issue. As a potential solution, one may give the customer a monetary refund, a store credit, or a replacement item. From the above, you will be known Is redbubble legit?


Is redbubble legit?

Is redbubble legit? Yes! Melbourne, Australia, is home to Redbubble’s corporate headquarters. San Francisco and Berlin also house the company’s offices. Redbubble’s global network of fulfillment facilities allows worldwide shipping.

Redbubble’s Distribution Center is located in which city?

Each sort of merchandise is shipped from a distinct location. However, bath mats may come from Canada or Germany, socks may be imported from Spain, and blankets and gowns are supplied from the United States.