Indonesiabased halodoc 80m series temasekasia!

Indonesiabased halodoc 80m series temasekasia, is a firm specializing in medical technology and offering digital health services. Dr. Jonathan Jusuf and Dr. Andrew Lin are credited with establishing the company in 2014. The phrase “halo-doc” is a portmanteau that combines the words “doctor” and “halo.” The company provides its customers with a mobile app and a website where they can obtain medicines, examine their medical information, and make appointments with their doctors. Users of the app can interact with medical professionals by posing questions and receiving responses via the app. In this article we will give you all information about Indonesiabased halodoc 80m series Temasekasia.

Astra international and temasek holdings:

Seed money for one million dollars was provided to halodoc by east ventures and sequoia capital in 2015. As part of its Series fundraising efforts in 2016, the company was able to secure funding from astra international and temasek holdings totaling $3 million. 2017 is the year that halodoc began offering its services in the countries of Indonesia and Singapore.

Since then, the business has opened offices in several new countries, including the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam. As of 2020, the halodoc network includes more than 30,000 medical professionals and has assisted over 10 million customers.

Astra Digital International:

The Indonesian health tech platform Halodoc was able to secure $80 million in a Series C fundraising round, which was headed by the subsidiary of PT Astra International known as PT Astra Digital International, according to a news release issued by another investor known as Novo Holdings. It is also joined by investors who had previously invested in the company and new investors. These investors include Novo Holdings, Temasek, Telkomsel’s TMI, Acrew Diversify Capital Fund, Bangkok Bank, UOB Venture Management, Singtel Innov8, BliBli, Allianz X, and Openspace Ventures.

The funding will be utilized to expand Halodoc’s presence in significant healthcare verticals across Indonesia, with the end goal of enhancing patient experiences through implementing technology-based solutions to the country’s most critical healthcare issues.

What is Halodoc?

Halodoc is a digital healthcare platform consisting of a smartphone app and a website. Customers in Indonesia can use this platform to conduct live consultations with any of the more than 20,000 licensed doctors in the nation, regardless of where they are or what time it is. Customers can place an order for in-home laboratory testing directly through the company’s website. Additionally, they may use the app to order prescription drugs from any of the more than 4,000 participating pharmacies. In most cases, the drugs will be delivered to them within an hour.

In 2020, Halodoc introduced an appointment service that links over 2,000 providers to patients in over 180 locations around Indonesia. There are just 4 physicians for every 10,000 inhabitants in Indonesia, as reported by the World Bank in the year 2018, although the average number of physicians per 10,000 people across the world is 16.

PT Astra International Tbk:

Today, Halodoc, a health tech firm based in Indonesia, announced that it has successfully raised US$80 million in funding. New investor PT Astra Digital International, a PT Astra International Tbk subsidiary, spearheaded the funding.

What is the mission of Halodoc?

The mission of Halodoc is to ensure that everyone has access to high-quality medical treatment. The organization’s goal is to enhance both the standard of treatment and the speed with which it is delivered by utilizing various technological advancements.


Since it was first introduced, halodoc has been recognized with several accolades, including the Google Play Award for the Best App in Indonesia (2018) and the Google Play Award for the Best Social Impact App in Southeast Asia. In 2020, Forbes magazine ranked halodoc as one of the top 50 most promising new businesses in Asia.


To this day, halo-doc has been successfully accumulating $41 million in funding from various investors, including astra international, temasek holdings, east ventures, and sequoia capital, among others.

Future Plans:

Halodoc intends to extend its service offerings to an even more significant number of Southeast Asian nations and to create other capabilities that will enhance the standard of medical treatment. Halodoc will use the money raised from this fundraising round to increase the number of services it offers and the number of technological solutions it offers in Indonesia. In this country, access to medical care is still limited.

More than 20,000 medical professionals are available for remote online consultations through the use of the digital platform known as Halodoc.

What is the ability to order laboratory testing?

Customers can order laboratory testing and drugs from more than 4,000 different pharmacies. In December of the previous year, it began offering an appointment service that links 2,000 physicians with patients in 180 cities around Indonesia.

Later, bookings for COVID-19 testing and immunizations were added to the service after it had already been established. Recent events have seen the Indonesian Ministry of Health make use of the firm’s capabilities to facilitate coronavirus vaccinations.

Snapshot of the market:

Since its inception in 2016, the company has received a total of US$180 million in funding for its most recent investment. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Allianz X, and Prudential were among the prominent investors who participated in the company’s most recent fundraising round. Another big contender, Alodokter, successfully raised capital in November, this time from investors led by indonesiabased halodoc 80m series temasekasia, the venture arm of Telkom Indonesia. The nifty app for healthcare has more than 27 million active users on a monthly basis.


What is Halodoc?

Halodoc is a digital healthcare platform launched in 2016, and it consists of a smartphone app and a website. Customers in Indonesia can conduct live consultations with more than 20,000 licensed physicians at any time of the day or night because of the platform’s capabilities.

What is an investment of Halodoc in health?

The Indonesian health technology company Halodoc has completed a new investment round in which it raised approximately $80 million to extend its services in major healthcare sectors.

Which group are investors of Halodoc?

The investment round for Halodoc included participation from a variety of investors, including Temasek, Bangkok Bank, Novo Holdings, and TMI, the venture arm of Telkomsel.