How to make money black desert?

How to make money black desert and black desert online money making guide? As most players know, Black Desert Online is a challenging MMORPG, but it can also reward those who put in the time and effort. Silver is one of the most sought-after and valuable items in the game. It’s familiar enough but needs to be more practical, so gamers should aim to earn tens of millions of silver each day. This is due to silver being the primary factor in determining success in the endgame of Black Desert Online, the gear upgrade roulette.

A player will need to be more resourceful or inventive within the confines of the game to get silver. Some of these can be done when the player is away from their computer entirely, while others demand more of the player. Here we will discuss more how to make money black desert and black desert online money making guide?

Black Desert Online’s best moneymaking tactics:

In Black Desert Online, users engage in various activities, from PvP battles to player housing, farming, fishing, commerce, castle battles, and siege events. Players will require a sizable bankroll in order to complete several in-game objectives. Therefore, your top options for making quick cash in Black Desert Online are here.


You can start making money by selling homemade meals. The game provides players with an abundance of food options to prepare. The more uncommon the food is, the more market demand there will be for it, which means more potential revenue. Pickled vegetables and lean meat salad are two meals that only require a little time in the kitchen but bring in a respectable profit.


The ability to gather is a valuable life skill that may be sold for a reasonable sum of gold. You can get money by collecting materials and selling them, such as selling Wolf meat, Caphras, and Dust. These materials can also be used in the kitchen or workshop to produce an item of more incredible rarity. Due to the low expected return, this is better suited for novices.


You can save time and energy by putting the game on auto and focusing on bargaining. Moving products from one port to another for trading only requires using a sailboat. There is no quick buck here, but it does add up to a respectable stream of passive income over time.


Fishing, like Bartering, is a low-effort activity that can pay out handsomely. Since no specialized gear is required, even a novice can get started with a regular fishing rod, making this an accessible method. After acquiring the rod, it can be given to any character and left for auto-fishing. You’re free to move on to other projects, but you should revisit this one every so often to see if your character has accomplished anything noteworthy.

Training Horses:

The plan is to round up some equines, put them through rigorous training, and then sell them for a tidy profit. The town of Duvencrune is a great spot to find horses, as it teems with horses from tiers 4 and 5. Catch some horses; hitch them up to your wagon, then let the vehicle run on auto so the animals can learn while doing nothing. Upon reaching level 15, you can trade in the horses for Imperial Seals. Finally, you can exchange these seals for Black Magic Crystals, which sell for a lot.

Making Money in BDO Is Simple:

We have done the research and put up a list of the top ways to make money online while playing Black Desert Online, so you won’t have to.

1: Finding and processing raw materials into finished goods that sell for a more excellent price on the market is a good moneymaking strategy.

2: If your current rate of profit could be faster for your liking, the best thing you can do is hire workers to use your workbench and gather materials, which will allow you to produce processed goods and sell them on the market more quickly.

3: You may make money in Black Desert Online by selling cooked dishes, even if you don’t enjoy cooking in real life.

4: Trading things on BDO is a simple way to make a lot of money, and becoming a businessman or trader is an exciting profession that helps one generates money.

5: Farming is one of the simplest methods to make money in BDO, requiring little more than a plot of land, some seeds, and some patience.

6: Black Desert Online’s alchemist profession is perfect for chemistry nerds because not only do you get to construct your bombs and weapons out of scratch, but you can also sell your wares for a tidy profit.

Why Invest in Labor and Make Money?

In Black Desert Online, it is quite advantageous to have a constant supply of silver and materials you do not need to earn actively. Employing workers early on can provide a starting player with a welcome stream of passive income and a welcome increase in silver for those pricey black stones. While passive money from workers will never replace active grinding, it will always be an effective complement to any other method of active silver generation.

Staff Advancement:

Don’t worry if all you can afford are artisan laborers at first; they can advance through every level, from green to orange, as they gain experience. They can take a promotion test at levels 10, 20, and 30; if they pass it, they’ll be promoted to the next tier at level 1. It takes time to reach level 30, but a level 30 worker has a very high chance of passing the promotion test.

Humans and Other Worker Races:

Choose the racial background of your potential employees. Human workers have better stats, which makes them my preferred choice. Because of their low stamina but high work pace, goblins are the greatest option if you are rarely idle. The human race has a standard work speed and stamina, but the giant race is ideal if you leave the game on all the time due to its great stamina and poor work speed. Humans can collect eggs and chicken meat from a node, unlike goblins and giants.

Sources of Labor:

You can only start looking for employees if you have a place for them to live. One worker spot is always free in each town, but after that, you’ll need to spend contribution points on houses specifically designed to house workers. Once you have secured appropriate lodgings, the next step is to locate the worker supervisor in the exact location. You can open the worker exchange, where you can buy people or acquire a worker’s contract, which is how you will receive most of your workers if you speak with the worker supervisor.

Strength and Worker Nodes:

Investing in nodes where workers may gather resources is the key to making the workers profitable in their idle state. After putting money into a node, you must tell your worker to start collecting resources from it. To do so, click the node, pick a worker from the drop-down menu, set the desired iteration count, and click the start button. After reaching this node, the worker will continue to collect resources there until you tell him to stop or he runs out of energy.


How to make money black desert?

Among the many ways to generate money in BDO, fishing is one of the earliest and best-known. Anybody can go AFK fishing in BDO from any body of water, be it a river, lake, or ocean. Position yourself in a secure location, such as a city, where lucrative fish are abundant.

Is Black Desert a pay-to-win game?

It’s not a typical pay-to-win model in BDO. The cash shop in this game primarily sells superficial cosmetics and minor gameplay aids.

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