How to get void fiend ror2?

How to get void fiend ror2 and how to get void fiend? The Purple Portal, formerly known as the ROR2 Planetarium, was added with the Survivor of the Void expansion. This is possible in video games since there is always a balance to be struck between staying safe and making progress to higher levels. Gamers in the United Kingdom, the United States of America, and Canada are overjoyed that the teaser for Survivor of Void has finally been made available. Ror2 Planetarium” has dominated the market. If so, read on; we cover how to get void fiend ror2 and How to get void fiend ror2.

What is Ror2?

The second installment in the RoR series, RoR 2, was created by Hopoo Games and released by Gearbox Publishing as a third-person shooter. The game is cross-platform, allowing for solo play or co-op with up to four additional players on systems including PlayStation 4, Google Stadia, Xbox One, and more. The game’s goal is to defend your base against invading aliens while destroying their giant hordes in exchange for prizes.

What are Railgunner and Void Fiend?

The Railgunner and the Void Fiend were new additions to Ror2’s roster thanks to the Survivors of the Void add-on. The M99 Sniper, which the Railgunner carries, is responsible for doing damage over a wide area. However, this monster, referred to as the Void Fiend, has undergone modifications and is now in possession of a weapon that may mutate into a more dangerous form. For players to have access to the Railgunner, they must purchase the Survivor of the Void expansion.

Can I unblock Ror2 Planetarium?

You will not be eligible to receive any funds that may have been reserved for you as a consequence of the settlement if you choose not to participate in it.  This is because you will have waived your right to participate in the settlement. If you do not engage in the payment, you will lose the opportunity to receive any money that may have been put aside for you as a result of the settlement. If you do not participate in the payment, you will lose this opportunity.

Characters in Risk of Rain 2:

There are many playable characters in Risk of Rain 2, and the Void Fiend is one of them, Survivors of the Void downloadable content. The Void Fiend moves more slowly while in his stable condition, and his strikes have less of an impact, but his corrupted form allows him to do more damage in fewer hits, and he can move more quickly. How players handle their corruption is a significant focus of Void Fiend.

There are several viable strategies for constructing a successful run with Void Fiend in Risk of Rain 2, given the game’s extensive item pool; nevertheless, one of the best and most enjoyable is prioritizing a build that maximizes the amount of time the character spends in corrupted mode. This is due to the fact that the court will no longer consider you to be a party to the lawsuit.

Get Rid of the Emptiest Stuff:

Void items are essential to this build, which raises the Void Fiend’s base corruption by 2% for each. As a result, the player’s frequency of transitioning into the corrupted condition will increase and the amount of time spent in the normal state will decrease. Remember that this also implies the Void Fiend returns to his normal condition more quickly but that he spends less total time in his corrupted state. Due to their considerable effects on non-void things, most void items are worth picking up.

Discard any healing items:

Corruption is reduced every time the Void Fiend gets direct healing. This implies that if the player has too many healing items equipped, they will be unable to reach the corrupted condition. While this may seem counterintuitive, there are runs of the Void Fiend when it is the ideal tactic, and healing items should be avoided. Adding a few healing items will only partially derails the structure, and there is some wiggle room.

Invest in Immature Defenses:

Defense goods that prevent harm rather than heal the player are essential to compensate for the game’s lack of healing. Some examples are the Repulsion Armor Plate and the Tougher Times Topaz Brooch. As a general rule, defensive things are rather abundant, so you should be able to track them down quickly. Utilize item scrappers and 3D printers to your advantage and stack as many of them as possible.

Take precautions and think about Transcendence:

The shortage of healing in this build may be mitigated by increasing the number of shields used. Since shields are independent of health, their restoration does not affect the corruption bar. The Personal Shield Generator and the lunar item Transcendence may be used for this purpose. There are better choices for most characters, but the Void Fiend may help make up for healing and make things a little simpler.

Increase Your Ability to Score a Critical Hit:

Critical hits reduce corruption, but healing has the reverse effect and increases it. This implies that critical hits are essential for lengthening stays in the corrupted phase. In boss fights, staying in the corrupted condition forever is simple with a high enough crit probability, which also dramatically increases damage output.

The Lens-Glasses Makers are ideal for this since they improve crit probability by 10%. Since the Glasses stack linearly, players need only 10 to get a 100% crit chance, making it relatively simple to keep the corruption going against a steady stream of foes. There should be easy locating enough of this item to obtain a respectable crit chance since it is a common tier rarity.

Prioritize AOE Items:

Area-of-Effect damaged items are helpful for most characters, but the Void Fiend must rely on them to compensate for his limited attack options. Although the corrupted form of his main strike does tremendous damage, its inflexibility and narrow range make it difficult to deal with groups of flying or fast-moving adversaries. This Void Fiend builds benefits significantly from area-of-effect items such as Gasoline or Will-o-the-wisp. They provide a more excellent range of motion in corrupted assaults.

Gain More Flexibility:

The game has slower characters, so the Void Fiend’s mobility is sometimes positive. His Trespass skill comes in when he has to get out of harm’s way, and its corrupted form gives him a nice speed boost. As a result, more goods should facilitate mobility, as the absence of healing makes movement speed very important to survival. Paul’s Goat Hoof and the Hoopoo Feather are essential since practically all harm must be avoided.

Hardlight Afterburner-equipped magazines:

You may utilize your secondary ability more often with the help of Backup Magazines. In this instance, that ability is a plasma bomb, which may either be charged and fired later or corrupted and fired immediately, but with lower power and range. Any increase in the Void Fiend’s secondary ability’s firing frequency is good since it causes a lot of damage and activates many hit chance items. Hardlight Afterburner lowers the utility ability’s cooldown and adds two charges to its maximum.


The Risk of Rain 2 Void Fiend strategy guide has reached its conclusion. He’s a great Survivor, no doubt about it. Even if the most extraordinary Survivors in Risk of Rain 2 are MUL-T and Huntress, Void Fiend is still quite powerful and someone you can trust against many different foes. His skills are the sort that can speed up the elimination of foes. It’s important to remember that each of his forms serves a distinct purpose.


What steps do I need to take to get the Void Fiend in Risk of Rain 2?

Before we get into the abilities, let’s talk about how to get the Void Fiend perk and how to use it. After finishing the mission ‘Dragged Below,’ he could become available to you.

How does egocentrism work in the second installment of Risk of Rain and how to get void fiend ror2?

In Risk of Rain 2, the Survivors of the Void expansion included a lot of additional content. The March 2022 patch for the action-indie game included a new item tier dubbed the lunar tier.